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  1. The idea was that my character is a criminal running from the cops. In a desperate attempt to get them off his ass he hides inside what he thinks is a cargo ship. It's not however but instead a space pirate ship. Even worse it's an all female space pirate crew and they don't take kindly to male stowaways. Instead of giving him up to the law, have no idea why they would do that, they decided to keep him aboard and use him for labor. Meanwhile he's trying to find a way to escape or hijack the ship. Although that's not going to happen without some sort of crazy epic adventure happening in the process. If anyone's interested let me know.
  2. LOL! You just got yourself an RP buddy! XD And heck yes! It will an adventure!
  3. Sweet. I'll have my character up later today.
  4. Sounds good! I'll start writing the ladies up! >w<
  5. Well here's my character.

    Name: Axel Graves

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Here

    Personality: Axel can be a pretty laid back guy when he wants to. Other times he rude, stubborn and a complete asshole. He usually a loner as well only trusting a few people that he knows close. Axel's not afraid to give you a piece of his mind weather you want to hear it or not. Doesn't like to work with or work for women since they're too much of a headache for him.

    Bio: Axel is pretty much a thief. If sees something he wants or thinks it's worth something he'll find a way to steal it. Of course that doesn't go well with cops. He's wanted on three different planets for stealing massive amounts of valuables that he has sold on the black market for ridiculous prices. Axel is basically doing all this to repay a debt. Doesn't mean he doesn't take some profit for himself. As he was planing his next job a local citizen recognized him and told the cops in the area. They chased him into a ship docking area where he hid in a cargo ship. Too bad for him it wasn't a cargo ship, but a space pirate ship that is run by only women.
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  7. Lol! XD Don't wanna jump in?

    And here my ladies are!

    Name: Ethaldra Estella
    Age: ??? (appears in her early twenties)
    Race: Cthulu
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Captain
    Appearance: Her hair is stark white, long and adorned with beads and a few dreadlocks. Her eyes are a dead blue (that illuminate) and her skin is a greyish-green, as she is Undead. Her breasts are quite large and often teased about behind her back.
    Personality: She is a very cunning highly passive aggressive and playfully cruel and places women high above men. Her bite is much worse than her bark, as tormenting others is her favorite pastime. The only things that please her are a fun ransom and violent interrogating tactics. Her voice is mostly a coo and an enticing one at that—minus the flavor of death in her words.
    History: ???
    Extra: She has a twin pistols named Bloody Bones and Poison. She also has talking sword strapped at her side that goes by the name, “Omen”.

    Name: Nira
    Age: 22
    Race: Drow/Mecha
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Assassin
    Appearance: Nira’s hair is a light green, long and usually pulled back into a braid. Her eyes are pure shining white and her skin grey with a soft tint of brown. She is rather short for an elf and tiny chested. She usually wears light, highly advanced armor that manages to cover her chest and hip area.
    Personality: Nira is quiet, reserved and obeys whatever her mistress tells her. The only male interaction she’s had was with a young twelve year old boy and it was only a passing of few words during a ransom job.
    History: N/A
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Mink (AKA Milky) Rosen
    Age: 16
    Race: Super Strength Cabbot Humanoid
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Technician
    Appearance: Her hair is long, pale pink and curled at the ends. She has bright red-violet eyes and milky skin. Because of her thin stature, she looks to be the shortest, but is in fact taller than Staria. Her boobs are quite large for her thin, all leg figure. It is common to see her in short dresses, skirts and high heels.
    Personality: Her personality suits her sugary looks perfectly, of course, that is as long as you don’t make her angry. She tends to be very shy about her chest size and about her cooking. Like Nira, she’s had little contact with males, but unlike her comrade, she’s very intrigued with them. Shy, but intrigued.
    History: N/A
    Extra: She’s also the chef (and a two-star one at that)

    Name: Lucien Cross
    Age: 21
    Race: N/A (Appears human but with pointy ears)
    Gender: Gender
    Rank: Nurse
    Appearance: Lucien has long, multi-colored hair: Her bangs are a steel ice blue and the rest of her slowing hair is jet black. Her eyes are teal but glow red when she’s angry. She often wears a futuristic nurse outfit and white coat. When she’s relaxing, she’s usually in shorts and a tank top; no shoes. Her breast size is average, about a C, but her booty is packing some junk in the trunk.
    Personality: Lucien drinks. A LOT. So she’s either aggressive or flirtatious, failing to be anywhere in between. Most of the girls can all heal on their own and Lucien was originally brought on when there were more ladies on board. She’s the most accustomed to men aside from Staria and often prefers their company—but would never say so.
    History: N/A
    Extra: Her weapons are twin pistols designed to work with syringes. She also has a fun mechanical scorpion-looking device that stays wrapped around her left wrist and sprays acid.

    Name: Staria Farrow
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Intelligence
    Appearance: http://moonlightalchemist.deviantar...755?q=gallery:moonlightalchemist/3005799&qo=9 (old pic, but it still works :3 )
    Personality: Staria is stoic, calm and dark. She generally keeps to herself, but in spite of her antisocial appearance, she would defend another person with her very life. She is trust worthy and passionate once you get to know her. She also appears taller than she is—Staria is the shortest of all the ladies on the ship.
    History: N/A
    Extra: She wields a giant mallet that was invented to slay zombies.

    Their pasts will be discovered the more Axel gets to know them. *face plants in palm* Sheeesh, I feel sorry for this dude! XD
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