Space Marines and Tanks

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  1. ¯\_(ಠ_ಠ)_/¯

    I guess?
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I must say, I'm surprised all the shitposting wasn't Gwazi this time.
  4. It's not shitposting if there's a topic and a purpose! 8D
  5. A purpose...? Oh, shit, ahm...

    D-did you know, uh, we're doing this for charity? Yeah! Every time you like a "X and Y" post, money is donated to charity.

  6. -squints- I thought the purpose of this topic was space marines and tanks...
  7. *Cackling Maniacally*
  8. We're going to fight third world illnesses with flamethrowers and heavy battle tanks.
  9. That sounds like a great idea! 8D
  10. If this counts as having purpose then I'm the most contributing member that Iwaku has ever seen.

    (Love you @Grothnor, but we're both shit posters and we both know it. :P)
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  11. Where the hell did you find Regular Marine at?
  12. It's on their Tumblr site now. Some loophole allows them to avoid the legal shitstorm GW threw their way.
  13. oh nice, and here I thought it was dead forever, goddamn GW
  14. Games Workshop tried banning a fan comic? >.<
  15. Yeah. They've become over zealous of their IP, going so far as to change the names of elves and dwarves in "Age of Sigmar" (renamed warhammer fantasy but not) to make them liable to be copyrighted.
  16. *Uses Public Domain*
    *Complains about Copyright*

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  17. Not just a fan comic.

    Which is kinda why this is such a big deal: they managed to get GW support to make it, so it's going to come out eventually.
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  18. That makes more sense if the Movie is intended to be sold for cash...

    But if this is just a free online movie? I still don't see the issue. XD
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