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    I just noticed I have a worn spot on my space bar from my right thumb. I constantly strike it with just that thumb.
    What do y'all do? Do y'all switch off thumbs? Use different fingers?
    Tell me.

  2. In certain lights, when you look at my keyboard, you can see the worn patches on the keys, especially the ones that I used most often. I alternate the thumb that I hit the space bar with, so it's a little less worn but at both ends.
  3. My space bar actually doesn't have any worn spots at all. The only key with a worn spot is my right shift key.

    When I do use my space bar, however, it's usually with my left thumb. Even then, it's usually a light tap, and I don't rest my thumb on the space bar.

    Can't explain the right shift key. While it is my go-to key for creating capital letters, I really don't use it all that often.

    This keyboard was bought in 2008, so it's held up very well for its age.
  4. I must switch off thumbs regularly, cause my whole spacebar is worn. XD
  5. I type like a weirdo. :D But I type super fast too. Here.
    So, I don't lay my fingers out on the keyboard like you're suppose to.
    My fingers hover over the keys, and as I'm typing right now I can tell you I am using from my left hand my index and middle finger, and from my right hand, I use my index and middle finger as well. Most from my left hand my index is used. So I use like three fingers to type.
    Then as for the space bar, it seems depending on which hand is hitting the keys right before the space, the OTHER hand will hit the space bar. So, if it was my left hand before the space, then my index finger on my right will hit the space bar. And if it is the opposite, my left thumb will hit the space bar.
    Now, how do I do caps?
    I do not hit shift.
    My ring finger on my left hand hits the CAPS LOCK button quickly to toggle caps on and off and that is how I type caps.
    I'm not kidding.
    You should watch me type. Maybe I can do a video sometime somehow in the future.
    It is some effed up stuff.
  6. Let's see I think I mostly use my right thumb. This is a pretty new keyboard so I don't see any wear and tear yet.

    My typing style is basically a glorified hunt and peck yar.
  7. Oh dear God...
  8. Hahah I just tested to write some sentences to test what it is I use, and I only use my right hand forefinger. xD
    I tried to use another finger but it just didn't feel natural xD The forefinger is closest to the space bar (except for my left hand thumb but I don't use any of my thumbs to write on the keyboard.) So that's probably why I use that finger xD My finger have their special places even if I don't think about it, every letter have one special finger that I only use on them when I write fast x9 It's a bit funny when I think about it xD So even though I haven't notice it before now my fingers have made themselves get their own positions on the keyboard.

    I just noticed that my left hand middle finger is always lying on the E button if I'm not using it to write other letters to the left of or under E xD My hands have their own life and have decided their place themselves xD

    Poor thumb, it never gets to work out :o Maybe that is why I feel pain in my thumb when I am texting on the phone for to long xD My friends always complains about that I don't text with them. And I complains because they aren't online often enough x)
  9. My keyboard is in pristine condition.

    Guess you guys should go out more.

    Just sayin'
  10. Mine is fine. I type weird so I use my index finger. :/
  11. The real problem, Darkness, is that we use ours for typing lengthy things. My poor keyboard has endured four years of high school with all the essays, reports, etc. that this entails as well as the things that I type for Iwaku. Plus college application essays... Poor thing.
  12. Well I just use mine to troll people and write dirty messages, really.
  13. I came here for zero gravity beer....

    My keyboard is too new for worn spots.


    Now we're both happy.