Space Adventurers Needed!

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    Adventure awaits on the outer colony of Alphatron Prime!

    If you love America (or whatever your country you're from), there's no better way to uphold the ideals of freedom and endeavour!

    On Alphatron Prime you can make a new start and explore the frontiers of science and knowledge!

    But all is not well in this dark corner of the galactic federation! Aliens! Killer robots! Time-travelling masterminds! CRAB-PEOPLE!

    They hate our freedom and envy our good looks!

    But luckily, the StarGun Defenders are on-hand to keep Alphatron safe from all threats, day and night! Made from the greatest, sexiest, most square-jawed and clear-voiced heroes of our time, Squad StarGun is our last line of defence against the unpatriotic horrors of space.

    Join the StarGun Defenders today!

    Great pay! Great benefits! The latest in alien tech! And the finest waffle iron in the Colony!

    (Martians need not apply)