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  1. I was thinking of an Apartment building that held a bunch of weird secret doors and tunnels and such. The apartment should be for Unusual people, whether a big Otaku, or a cat lady, a buff dude who is obsessed with only working out, or a creepy palm reader. Its up to you how they are unusual.

    This is to have quirky people (Maybe a few normal people) come together and figure out what the crazy landlady(Meh :D) is up to. Not to be mistaken as a Mystery...

    The apartment will have a couple features, and ill give the setting and what not later.

    I think ill make it like a grand opening, so every one are new tenants.
    I can offer 3-4 jobs
    -Front Desk Clerk:
    -Bartender: Feadur, Lupine
    If you want one of those jobs, go for it...
    (They will have housing at the apartments as well)

    Ill also split it up by price ranges, the higher the floor, the more expensive. Landlady is in the Penthouse...
    A class: "Rich"
    B class: Moderate
    C class: "Cheap"

    Character Sheet:

    Special Quirk:
    Room picture(optional):

    I can get you a nice room if you cant figure out how it should look :3
    P.s. I Will post a ton of pictures :D

    Name: LandLady Jessabelle
    : 21
    : Female
    The LandLady
    Class: A+
    Special Quirk: Loves to dress in several Costumes each day
    Personality: She is extremely flirty, but she keeps it tasteful and classy. You almost always see her in something new. She loves to shop for clothes and costumes of course. Highly educated and cunning. You see her mostly in the night time, but if you do see her in the day she most likely is working. Yet she hardly works. She can be very sneaky and suspicious, she hides this as well by being social and friendly. With a costume on, she always feel bolder and does something related to her costume.
    History: Jessabelle was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she recieved a well education and hardly worked for herself. Her parents owned a chain of fashion stores, which kept them too busy for their chirldren. Her older brother couldnt take his lonely uptight life and ran away, leaving her sister by herself. She felt that the only thing she could do was to play alone. She started to dress up, being accostumed to clothes in her life, and took it as a hobby even as she got older. She finally felt that all the people she dressed up as were there with her. She kept this hobby under wraps from her parents and if in public, she dressed slightly eccentric. By 20 Jessabelle finally moved away from her parents and went in search of her brother. She was unsuccesful, but she still tries almost everyday. After her search Jessabelle bought an apartment building, it was small and abit shabby. So she fixes it up and builds on top of it. She had found her own place were she was free to be herself.
    Room Picture:
  2. I just had to say that I LOVE THIS IDEA. o.e Not trying to be creepy or anything. Ox But I will definatly be in this, prolly just a guest because having a job there seems like one of the less fun things, since the guests have more freedom. :P
  3. oh really??

    i was thinking maybe the custodian would be in on some of the secrets... a creepy custodian would be AWESOME.
    damn, i need to actually add another job...
  4. I like custodial jobs....
  5. Had to edit my character last minute. I know it's not that original, but it might be a bit more fun that way =)

    Name: Asten Reis
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: A typical Norwegian metalhead. Long blonde hair, darker clothing, jeans, etc. A bit of a rip off of this guy from Metalocalypse.
    Class: A
    Special Quirk: A hardcore drinker that's always bored. Also occasional drug (ab)use.
    Personality: A bit of sociopath, Reis utilises his advanced drinking techniques to overcome most of his problems. Those that cannot be drowned in the ocean of spirits, he rolls 'em up and smokes them. Or burns. For now his methods haven't failed him. He also considers himself to be one of the last few true metalheads remaining on this world and is trying to bring about the change that would cast the world into the darkness' brutal embrace.
    History: Reis would have us know only that he was born on the foothills of one of the Norwegian fjords. He travelled the world in searh of the most metal and brutal bands of all time, that would help him on his quest for the dark! It is also unknown to the world, how he has managed to become a godzillionare, surpassing in wealth every other human being alive or dead or zombified.
    Other: Dildoes!
    Room picture
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  6. fëadür, I wanted the bartender(or can there be more than one?) I will throw a character together and submit it either tonight or tomorrow.
  7. Well i suppose two bartenders are fine.
    You two can do shifts, and if you cant do it yourselfs and equal it out ill make a squeduele or something >.>
  8. I will sit on this thread until I type up my charrie. -_____- *Determined look*
  9. I can change char, if you really want. Or we can go for duality..I can have the asshole bartender character and you pick something that can complement it. O f course I can also change some stuff, if anyone has any problems with it =)
  10. I just wanted to be the bartender, it is not a huge deal though. I can have him just be a resident if you want to be the bartender. It is just a small detail change.
  11. If this keeps up, ill have a reverse harem XD
    Not that i would complain...
  12. Dude, decide, pls. 3 options. you the bartender, me the bartender or we both the bartenders =P
  13. I'll be the bartender. I don't think my character would work otherwise though I don't know many drinks or cocktails ._.
  14. Well then we could make it work by you being the apprentice =P
  15. Name: Richard "Richie" Samuel Morrison

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Appearence: A tall man, around 6" 5', with short, dark blonde hair and turquoise eyes.

    Class: He rents rooms in A, B, and C.
    Special Quirk: Richard has multiple personality syndrome, and unwittingly becomes different people throughout the day. Even he is unaware that he is paying for three rooms.

    Personality: His default personality(Richie), is an outgoing guy who tends to party and drink alot. He is often flirting(his subtly depends on how sobre he is. The more sobre he is the more obnoxious he is) with women in bars and at said parties. He's a bit irresponsible, and is the kinda guy who "Forgets" to pay his rent. Because eventually, it gets paid for. [He lives in the class C apartment.]

    "Sal" is a bit of a loner. He paints, sketches, writes slightly odd stories, and hangs out at the movie theater by himself. He has silky brown hair that is short and swept to the side, not hanging any lower than his forehead. He makes decent money selling his paintings and having his stories in local magazines. He is a loner because he is shy, especially around women. [He lives in the class B apartment.]

    Edward Stratmore Phillips, as he is sure to repeatedly remind you is his name, is a filthy rich business man. He attends lavish parties and social events. He is the kind of greedy manipulative guy that pays for his sex(Though there won't be any of that in here) and his other silly whims. Basically he gets whatever the hell he wants because he has a seemingly endless river of gold flowing his way. [And he lives in the class A appartment.]

    History: [Is too lazy to write the requested information at this time and will do prolly tomorrow. Dx]

    Other: None...

    Room picture(optional): [TOMORROW PLZ. Dx lol]
  16. Name: Benjamin Spring
    Age: 21
    Gender: male
    Appearance: 5'9 185lbs
    Class: B
    Special Quirk: Gets random adrenaline rushes and has to flails arms and/or act out what is going on his head.
    Personality: Ben is generally a nice, benevolent guy. With some hyper tendencies, he grows through life with an aura of determination and optimism. Internally, it might be a different story.
    History: Ben spent most of life in an average family. He played sports and did well. However, there was always a underlying passion for music. More specifically, it was a feeling for the microphone. Working up from chorus, to his current job of lounge singer, his hunger to move onto better things still lingers. Waiting for his big break, Ben passes the time by keeping up with sports, playing xbox, and of course practicing his musical craft.
    Other: What?
    Room picture(optional): ​
  17. Name:
    Kiki McClain
    Kiki (open)

    Special Quirk:
    Has to read at least one romance novel a day or she goes though 'romantic withdrawal' where the symptoms are very...interesting.
    Kiki is a calm and quiet, though also very kind and friendly. She is always carrying around a book so it takes a bit to pull her out of the story and into reality. She also has a bad habit of actually going back to her book in the middle of a conversation if the story is good enough. Whenever she an keep her eyes out of her book though, she is a very good listener and will do anything she an to help someone out in need.
    Kiki moved into the apartments because of work, now working for one of the most famous hotels in the city as the pastry chef of their personal restaurant. Originally she was living with her parents, but with gas being so expensive and her parents started to push for being empty nesters, she decided that moving into the apartments was best...though not exactly what she had wanted to do. Though with little choice and her parents offering to cover the first months rent, Kiki started her newest chapter in life.
    Room picture:
    Room (open)

  18. i think ill start the thread tomorrow at some time... you can still make a tenant here if you havent already and just join in on the rp.
  19. Name: Brandon Grant
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Class: B
    Special Quirk: Tends to use any electonic device and has to have his hands occupied
    Personality: He's a nice guy that loves to make everyone around him happy, he's outgoing and hates to see lazy people. He is always moving about and when he's not he is either texting or reading a favorite book of his.
    History: He used to live with his younger brother and share an appartment but after getting ffed up with his brother not helping to pay the rent he decided to head over and rent out his own appartment, paying for the first months rent just to see how it goes or if he's planning on staying in the appartment.
    Other: None
  20. Name: Dorian Michael Corbin
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Class: B
    Special Quirk: Slight Pyromania, must have a lighter on him as it keeps him calm or help calm him down when things get hectic
    Personality: Dorian is a relaxed guy most of the time(as long as he has a lighter on him). He is a caring, fun bartender who will listen to his patrons' problems. He can be serious or funny depending on what the situation demands. He loves fire and might be considered a pyromaniac. As long as he has his lighter on him, Dorian will act normal or rational. He has also been known to drink shots of vodka, tequila, or any other spirit white it is on fire for the enjoyment of the customers. When he loses the lighter, that is usually where the problem begins. Rational thought goes out the window and Dorian will begin to freak out.
    History: Dorian grew up in a lower middle class home. Since he was a kid, he was always amazed by fire. It started with his first birthday when they lit the candle on his cake. His eyes watched the fire till it was blown out for him. Since then, his love of fire grew into almost a compulsion to see it. He began to play with matches when he was younger against his parent's instruction. His dad would begin to teach his son how to be safe with fire(as much as you can be) after catching him playing with matches so many times. When his dad could not teach him more, Dorian was signed up for boy scouts.

    As he grew, Dorian love of fire did too. He began to host bonfires at his home and attend some with his friends when he entered middle school and high school. He was fairly popular though no one who knew him had seen him during one of his break downs. During his senior year, he began to carry a lighter with him. It would help him get over the stress of finals and graduation. When he left for college, he would always keep a lighter on him while studying criminal justice. He never finished school and dropped out to start bouncing at a local club. He was going to start bartending but the club would have a financial collapse and close down before Dorian learned everything.
    Other: Bartender
    Room picture(optional):