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    I am disappointed that star did not come out red and yellow enough.
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  2. Interested.
  3. Well, it's my first whack at doing it here, but not my first whack at doing GM'ing, so I suppose just letting me know what character concept you're doing is good, and if you want to throw me a sheet somewhere so I can go over it, that's cool too.

    Characters will basically be starting around the first time the local guerrillas come face to face with the Warsaw Pact. Extrapolating what an East German army trooper might have for weaponry and equipment in 2013-2016 will be interesting.
  4. I'll have a sheet up soon. I'm not sure what concept I'm going for yet. I can't decide between cowardly national guardsman, old patriotic coot or hopeful kid.
  5. Old patriotic coot or hopeful kid sound good. People that were big fans of international communism/che guevara fans and so forth might well make interesting characters for their perspective. I just thought an action movie star would be ironic.

    Edit: Military academy student, like from VMI or the Citadel or, particularly, Norwich University in Vermont, would be another interesting option here.
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  6. Interested.
    Character would probably be a disgruntled ex-American cop, who, when the Soviets took control, enlisted in their military, but found that American rule was more effective, so he joined the Resistance as a double agent. I could probably do a much more detailed explanation not at 1 AM.
  7. Interested. Still thinking about a character. Torn between an ex-Soviet soldier who deserted, or a former ex-American soldier who's in hiding, both female.
  8. I think I'd want to go light-to-not at all for ex-Soviet military types. As for a former cop, I think that the Soviets haven't quite been in long enough to start organizing collaborationist police forces. I hope that doesn't crimp the plans too much.
  9. That's all good. What about something like -- a former highschool female teacher, who's in the resistance.
  10. Actually, that would be great. Since the timeline is basically Vermont and just as the invasion is spreading from the initial points where the Warsaw Pact hit and into areas like Vermont, there is organized resistance, sort of, but it's not long standing and it is inexperienced. Vermont has a lot of gun culture and good terrain, for guerrillas anyway, as well as a military university and Fort Devens in Massachusetts nearby; Devens is the Cold War-era home of 10th Special Forces Group and there is a reserve company stationed in Western Mass but I have yet to decide how thinly spread the Green Berets are as stay-behinds -- odds are, there might be an A-team. I don't want to overwhelm the RP with them, but they'd probably be the command structure of a number of insurgent groups operating out of the Appalachians, especially near the Canadian border. (Canada is neutral per treaty, but favors the US in practice with selectively inefficient border patrolling and because they've gotten a number of US refugees from the invasion-- they are, in fact, bolstered by US military equipment that made it over, like the Iraqi air force into Iran in 2003. I would also say that Hawaii also has a strong US Navy presence. US Atlantic Fleet has probably shifted into the Caribbean and North Atlantic and is making life hard on Soviet Naval assets.
  11. Ah, cool, cool. So, do I just PM you the character sheet?
  12. Yeah, you can PM the sheet or post here if you feel comfortable; I'm flexible about that part.
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  13. Name: Alex Toverich
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Height: 6'1"

    Bio: Alex was raised in Texas. By default he was incredibly patriotic. When war broke out many of his friends enlisted. He, however, did not like the worlds political climate and elected not to join the military despite his love for his nation. Soon, his fathers work moved them to Vermont. Alex was fine with this. It was a smooth move for him and his two younger sisters. But he wasn't very happy in his new life. Vermont was incredibly boring. Mostly it was just school and occasionally he and his father would go hunting. It wasn't enough. He wanted some excitement.
    He should have been more careful what he wished for.

    Psychological Profile:
    Alex is very calm and calculating. He considers his options carefully and when he chooses a course of action he sticks with it. He is quite reasonable and doesn't want to end up a stick in the mud. His morals are also quite strong. He's willing to do what is necessary to protect his nation and family but he may not be ready.

    Current occupation: Handyman for local business. This gives him basic skills in repairing minor things.
    He also used to be in the BSA, where he learned many skills such as wilderness survival, shooting and CPR.
    He's also taken some TaeKwonDo classes.

    Alex has prepared a large backpack of supplies for an upcoming hunting trip. It sits ready in his closet. (I am assuming this will start during an average day so equipment may vary.)
    This includes:
    -Compass (He doesn't know how to use it, though.)
    -Basic first aid kit
    -Remington .22 bolt action rifle with scope. (One box of ammo.)
    -Sleeping bag
    -mess kit
    -solar charger

    He also has access to most things in his families home.
    Items of interest:
    -Bushmaster AR-15 (Locked in a box.)
    -Ruger GP100
    -personal water filter
    -various electronics
    And other households items.

    Relationships and Acquaintances:
    Mother and father
    Sisters aged 16 and 14
    Two friends.
  14. Interested!
  15. Sounds good; I posted Alex up on the cast list.
  16. Hi, is there anything I can do to help people get their sheets done for this? If you're no longer interested, please let me know. Thank you kindly. :)
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