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  1. Soup Kitchen's Marvelous Request Thread of Wonders

    Who am I?
    In the flesh I'm a young male homo sapiens with too much free time on my hands. English is not my main language, thus the sentencing might be awkward at times. But I like to think of myself as, if nothing else, an aspiring adept in this foreign language. Although my posts may vary in length, I am confident enough to say that I will always deliver well written ones. The characters I write tend to have roots in reality, but are of course limited by being fictional people. I'm very active in out-of-character conversations, but my post frequency in role-plays may vary. I often have to wait until I'm in the mood to write fiction, but I will never leave you hanging for long. Predominantly male, I don't shy away from taking on female characters. In fact, I enjoy playing both genders, and like to alternate between them. In nearly all of the plots listed below, I will be very flexible on genders. And although this is the one on one role-playing section, I very much enjoy including multiple characters. Also, I'm fine with including romance.

    Who are you?
    I haven't a clue, but I'd like you to be someone I can cooperate with to create a fun and functional role-play. I often find myself the one dragging the whole story along while my supposed partner is just along for the ride. Thus, this time around I'm going to be careful to only partner up with people who I can share an equal responsibility with, as partners should. Your level of writing should preferably be on par with mine or better, but I'm not going to be strict about the length. As long as you deliver words with thought and heart behind it, I'm not going to force another paragraph down your throat. 2-3 paragraphs is perfectly adequate, and I will range about the same. Also, communication is a wonderful thing, and if we communicate well out of character, the role-play flows all that much easier.

    As a side-note: I don't care about who you are in the flesh at all, and whatever gender preference you might have in role-plays is fine with me. This is an intellectual arena, and it's about the story and the characters, not about either of our miserable love lives.


    MS Phoenix (Horror/sci-fi) (open)

    As a part of humanity's desperate attempt to map the universe to discover new habitable planets, hundreds of space vessels are sent out in all directions. Neither their safety nor their return is guaranteed, but the need to colonize foreign planets outweighs any possible casualties. One of the vessels, the MS Phoenix, has been drifting into space for years. Its entire crew has been in stasis for this duration, which is set to wake them up when the automatic controls of the vessel land on a potentially habitable planet. However, when they wake up they find that it's not an earthly planet they have landed on. They seem to have docked on an enormous, hulking space station. It wasn't built by men, and it seems long abandoned. Who could have built it? And are there any signs of life to be found? With these questions in mind they begin a tentative search of the station in hope of uncovering its secrets.

    Troubled Wastes (Dark fantasy) (open)

    A small group of highly trained mage-hunters travel on a mission to put an end to a source of evil that rests in the northern Wastes. They know not what they are hunting, but it's clear that whatever it is, it's polluting the world. Otherworldly creatures are emerging from the north, rivers are turning black, freak storms occur and the skies change color from one hour to the next. These are but some of the strange happenings which plague the lands. It seems to rest on them to rescue the world from certain doom, thus they travel stalwartly on through the barren wasteland in search of the source, battling the elements as much as the foul beings they encounter. Usually solitary individuals they are united by this unholy quest and gradually develop close relationships. What they do not know, however, is that what they're hunting cannot be defeated by the hands of men.

    Darkness Underground (Dark fantasy) (open)

    After a group of travelers are ambushed by dark elf raiders, those who survive the attack are taken as prisoners. They bring the prisoners with them to their home deep beneath the earth's crust; the underground city of Svartalheim. Connected to countless sets of tunnels, its maze-like structure is a prison unto itself. The prisoners are sent into slavery, starting at the bottom by digging for ore with crude tools. The labor is strenuous, The only way out is through dark, cavernous pathways that only the dark elves can navigate, making escape an impossibility. The surviving travelers, however, are intent on finding a way.

    The dark elves are lithe and slithering creatures, grey-skinned and stoop-backed. They are notorious thieves, raiders and slavers whom prey upon the weak and undefended while they cower beneath the earth's surface, digging themselves ever further from the sun. However, as they abhor manual labor, all of the digging is done by their slaves. In Svartalheim there are nearly three slaves for every dark elf, and they are controlled mainly by fear. They are treated harshly, live in poor conditions and receive the bare minimum of nourishment. Troublesome slaves are quickly made examples of.

    One-liner Plots
    The plots in this category are deliberately vague and need a lot of work.

    Profitable Rivalry (Low fantasy) (open)

    During an open conflict between two kingdoms(or noble Houses), a band of mercenaries find a way to profit from fighting on both sides of the war.

    Bloodied Wheat (Modern) (open)

    An FBI agent is sent to a small, rural village to investigate the murder of a young girl, which he does in cooperation with the local sheriff.

    Tables Turned (Western) (open)

    A renowned bounty hunter is paid well to bring home the run-away daughter of a railroad tycoon, but when he finds her it's she who gets the drop on him.

    The Next Messiah (Modern) (open)

    After a failed writer miraculously survives a terrible plane crash unscathed, the Christian community believes that he was saved by God for a good reason and labels him the next Messiah. (Other character is up to you, e.g. friend, girlfriend, brother, or anyone else in his life circle which would be closely impacted by this)

    Internal Intrigue (Low fantasy) (open)
    When the life of a princess/prince is threatened by internal intrigue, she disappears together with her loyal knight guard and goes into hiding in the country.

    Gold Rush (Historical Fiction) (open)

    During the Klondike Gold Rush, a ragtag stick-up crew is covertly tracking the movements and labors of a group of excavators whom they believe are quietly sitting on the wealthiest spot of land in the region.

    If you found anything which peaked your interest, or if you think you'd like to role-play with me and have your own plot ideas, send me a PM. I will not respond to comments to this thread or wall messages on my profile.
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  2. Hey! I like the Ms Phoenix plot! PM me to plot it out
  3. This is not a bump. It's an informative post. And the droids you're looking for are in another thread.
  4. I would love to take on Troubled Wastes with you, if you are still interested in taking on partners!
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