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  1. Are there any specific sounds you find pleasing? Not talking about like, favourite songs. Here's some of my favourite sounds as an example:

    • Acoustic guitar
    • Rain on windows/roofs
    • steady typing on a keyboard
    • fountain pens
    • Electric guitar
    • Autumn Leaves
    What about you guys? 8D
  2. I second the typing of a Keyboard *mashes buttons furiously*
    The only other sound I'd say I have a strong preference for though is the drums.

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  3. Running water. Specifically running water through a brook, and is slow and calming. But rushing water is just as soothing.

    Trains I like the sound of trains because it tickles a sense in the back of my head and I can almost imagine the trains gears.
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  4. The sound of thunder in the distance and close.

    Also, the trophy sound on PS3/PS4.
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  5. tires on gravel
    The tardis
    cats purr
    babies laugh
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  6. Rain, rain, rain, rain.

    Also, crackling fireplace, that is really nice!

    Wind rustling through treeees.
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  8. All of these, but also rain pattering against the roof or window sill, specifically.

    I also find roaring, even violent thunder, very calming.

    The soft purr of an idle engine.
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  9. Thunderstorms. They are just so calming.
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  10. Seconded. Especially if I'm standing in it. Few things feel better than that. It feels like the earth is crying life unto itself.
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  11. Silence....not exactly a sound, but after 8 months of listening to neighbors cussing and carrying on, being able to sit in my house and hear nothing at all is the best thing in the world.

    Howling winds
    Thunderstorms, heavy on rolling thunder especially.
    My cat purring. She has a really soft purr, and it's rare to hear.
    The really quiet sound of snow falling.
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  12. Woman orgasming
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  13. My man!
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  14. The sea, thunderstorms, irish accents like Dave King, and some dark/hoarse/raspy voices.
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  15. Ohh, baritone/bass voices ❤️
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  16. I forgot to mention thunder, and rain. Also wind through the cracks on a winter evening. Or even the sound of a snow flurry.
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  17. Viiiiiinyyyyyylll.....!!

    I know this thread isn't supposed to be about music -- but this has nothing to do with the music I listen to. I'm just talking about how music sounds specifically coming off of vinyl.

    It just has a different sound to it than digital music. It's hard to explain, but it's a lot more... atmospheric.

    When the disc is in really good shape -- holy shit there is just this presence to it. I can't even describe it. It's just... wonderful to hear.

    And when the disc isn't in really good shape? Well, then you get a lot of that fuzziness and that cackling sound that's often associated with vinyl, which would normally be considered a flaw -- but, there are times when I actually kind of enjoy listening to that sound. Again, it's an atmosphere thing. There are even a few albums that I sort of think sound better because of it, like the soft vinyl static sort of compliments the rest of the sound. Oh, and this is especially nice when it's raining outside. I'm not even a huge fan of the sound of rain in general, but, like, just hearing a soft and steady rainfall in the background while you've got vinyl playing, especially if it's old, cackly vinyl... man, there's quite an aesthetic to it.

    So basically, vinyl's kind of a win-win situation for me -- whether it's mint condition or old and worn out, there's still something enjoyable about it. XD
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  18. Crickets, wolves howling, nails against a blackboard, a guy's sleepy voice.
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  19. Rain. A crackling fire. Those early morning owls.

    I used to go camping a lot, so natural sounds are incredibly pleasing to me.
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  20. Natural Sounds (open)

    • Thunder
      • It's on everyone's list for a reason, double points if it's extra loud and accompanying a light-show outside.
    • Rushing Water
      • I've been fixated by water since I was a kid, just setting up by a stream or waterfall puts me in this happy place.
    • Loon Call
      • I'll hear this at my family's cottage, usually in the evening just as the sun sets over the lake.
    • Wolf Howl
      • Been out on a hunting trip and hear this, I'll get goosebumps knowing that I'm not the only hunter in the woods that night.

    Human-Made Sounds (open)

    • Air-Raid Siren
      • It's just a haunting noise, I like it for the same reason some people enjoy horror movies.
    • Jericho Trumpet
      • Used by Nazi 'Stuka' dive-bombers, they were horns attached to the wings to induce a psychological effect on the enemy. This is another one that gives me chills, mostly from all the war documentaries my dad would watch.
    • Jet-Fighters
      • If you ever get a chance to go to an airshow I highly suggest it, it's the kind of noise that you feel inside your chest.
    • Artillery Thumping
      • I couldn't find a clip that would properly describe this, but it's the sound of artillery hitting the ground in the distance. A solitary "THUMP!" you feel through the ground, it's like man-made thunder.
    • Bagpipes
      • My third-favorite instrument, they were actually originally used by the Roman army, later picked up by the tribes north of Hadrian's wall in hopes to exhibit the same invincibility that the pipes seemed to lend to the Legions that fought against them.
    • The Organ
      • Something overwhelming about it, my second favorite musical instrument.
    • Gregorian Chanting
      • Something really ominous and chilling about it.
    • Throat Singing
      • Just how beautifully coarse it is.
    • Native American Music
      • The tribes in my state have Pow Wows all the time and it's always great just to listen to them and watch the dancers.
    • Digeridoo
      • This is actually one of the few things I can actually play.
    • Jaw Harp
      • This one's just for fun.

    Fictional Sounds (open)

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