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  1. It was pouring rain through the late October night, not a place for a young teenager like Angel Burnhart to be.

    The streets lights were gleaming against the water off the sidewalk. Clubs and restaurants were opened late at this time.
    Suddenly, a whisper was heard in the young woman's ear.
    "I know Aileen..." Angel breathed as she shuddered from the unforgiving cold. "I dont know how...but we will find a way out of this mess..."
    All the poor girl had was the wet sopping clothes; a sweater and jeans with worn out shoes and her entity, Aileen, who was powerful and growing stronger by the minute.

    Another whisper and Angel rolled her eyes and continued on.
    Suddenly, she saw a cop car drive by and she cussed under her breath as she started walking faster, keeping her head down.
    The cop car slowed down next to her and a police officer rolled down the window and poked his head out, "excuse me...miss?"
    Angel gritted her teeth and ran into the nearest restaurant where a hostess greeted her.
    "Hello, Ma'am, table for one?"
    Angel looked at the girl, "no, wheres your restroom..." She asked.
    The woman pointed and the girl ran into the bathroom.
  2. (Guys, Angel's the main character and Aileen is something else)

    Angel sighed as she sat on the toilet seat, she knew if the cops had gotten to her and found out who she was then she was completely and utterly screwed.
    Whispering filled Angel's ears who only rolled her eyes and scoffed,
    "I know Aileen! We are out of food, we have no home...and now completely screwed over! I get it, now leave me alone!"
    Nobody was in the room with her however.

    Knowing that Angel was sad, Aileen decided to try and cheer her up.

    Two girls were laughing at a table by the restroom where Angel was.

    "So, what did you do?" One girl said to the other, trying to hold back her sudden shock of something her friend just told her.
    "I told him that...I wouldn't date him in a million years!" the other woman said, smirking.
    They both laughed, then suddenly one of them stopped and their head jolted back.
    "Jessie? Jessie are you okay?" The other girl asked.
    Jessies eyes were rolled to the back of her head, without a word she stood up and grabbed her plate of steak with mashed potatoes on the side.
    "Jessie?" the girl asked again, but Jessie stood up and walked to the bathroom with the plate.

    Jessie opened the bathroom door and knocked on the stall Angel was in.

    "Aileen!" Angel sighed, "just because your an entity dosen't mean you can-"
    She stopped mid sentence when she smelled the lovely aroma of steak and feeling bad for doing this she opened the door and took the plate.
    The entity (Aileen) stood there in Jessie's body as Angel started stuffing her face, not caring if she had proper utensils.
    "Go bring her back where you found her," Angel said in mid bite.
    Aileen walked away, still in Jessies body and released her grip on her once the woman left the bathroom.
  3. a young boy sat alone at the table next to the two girls, he looked up as one of the girls strangely walked into the restroom with a plate of steak. But he just ignored the weird event and went back to his meal.

    He was wearing a black hoodie that covered his white hair, his cold blue eyes shone from the lights in the restaurant. covering his ears were a pair of red beats headphones. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the police car out side, and another boy get up and move to the bathroom. The boy did nothing but turn up his music and try to ignore what was happening
  4. Yum, dinner. Shasha grinned as she was served her food, a burger and fries. No onions, extra cheese. It was a good night, despite the rain. She gobbled up her food fast, drinking not two or three but 4 full glasses of sweet tea before finishing. After she paid she decided to make a trip to the bathroom, where she found a girl eating a steak meal with her bare hands. It was obvious she didn't pay for it, but the hunger she so clearly had made Shasha frown. Someone their age didn't need to be starving and wet.

    "If you want," She decided to say to the girl(@LifeAsALittleSister). "I can get you some food from my apartment, maybe dry your clothes?"
  5. Angel turned to her, scanning the woman with her eyes.
    Sasha suddenly felt cold all around her body, so cold that she could see her own breath. The entity was teasing her and the only way she could stop it was if she left, now.
    " thanks..." Angel finally said and breathed before she began her long web of lies.
    "I uhh...i paid for these friend didnt show up and well...i was so hungry i decided to eat in the bathroom..." She smiled akwardly up at her before looking away.
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