Soul's Guilty 1x1 Partner Search

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  1. Hello Iwaku world.
    I'm soulserenity20, just call me Soul.
    I like ice cream and spending time outdoors at night....

    Lol K but seriously, I'm here because I need a partner for a 1x1.
    The thing is, I want some romance. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY RL SINGLE STREAK.
    Ha. Seriously though, I want something on the side that's very different from my main RP which is a medieval dragon tamer roleplay.

    I want to say that I will not set boundaries on how far things will go because A: I'm an adult, and I'm looking for an adult, and we can do what we want, as adults.
    and B: We have this thing called communication. If things get uncomfortable for an adult, they do this thing called "talking" and usually it clears up problems.

    So, that being said, here's the fun informative section:​


    Players must be adult players. Hence the section I'm posting in.
    Players must provide me with a sample of their writing. I don't want to start planning and find out I don't like your style. No, not everyone clashes well.
    I'm looking to roleplay in the age range of 20-25. I will not RP with a character who is younger. Not for this.
    Players must pm me or post here with the following form filled out:


    Writing example: (1 small paragraph will suffice)
    Preferred gender to rp:
    What I want from the 1x1: (This isn't about just me!)
    Plot ideas/preferred plot suggestion:
    Posting consistency: (once a day? Once a week?)
    Level of comfort in the romantic area:

    OKAY: Here are my ideas so far, there aren't many, I like to use other people's brains for these because I find if I use my own ideas I don't go out of my norm.

    College Romance w/ Twist
    Two people meet, do the whole "social dance" as they try to get each other's attention. Dating, character development, and an underlying plot which can be decided together.

    New Guy/Girl in Town
    One plays a local, the other plays the new guy/girl. We could be neighbors, co-workers. Whatever works.

    Stranded Romance
    You know the deal, lost in the woods or something and a romance sparks out of a sympathetic need for comfort. I mean... out of love. Yes.

    Travel Partners
    Meet on the plane/train and decide to go on their backpacking around the world journey together. Lots of shenanigans to get into.

    Royalty and the Commoner
    Pretty self explanatory. In something like this is could be any type of royalty, from Sultans to elf kings.

    OKAY. So, I think that about covers it. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, feel free to post here or PM me.

    Thanks loves,
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    *Struggles with a grin* Ohhhh, noooo, help meee
  4. *gags and drags off to Pillow Mountain to disappear and RP quietly*


    If only I had gotten on a half hour sooner....*shakes head* None of this would have had to happen.
  5. Writing example:

    Aya sat in the back seat of the car her head leaned against the window when the rain first started. At first only small drops doted the window as she stared out into the stormy sky over looking the coast line, so dark and gray it seem to yell doom. In only minutes the storm hit full force raging wind slammed the car and her younger sister jumped at every flah of lightning.

    Preferred gender to rp: female

    What I want from the 1x1: To write an interesting story

    Plot ideas/preferred plot suggestion: travel around the world, college romance.

    Posting consistency: a few times a day but every now and then due to reports being due I have to wait a day.

    Level of comfort in the romantic area: fine with any level.
  6. Writing example: They were beating him again. His eyes where covered as usual but he had become quite adapt at discerning what weapons they used. Wood broke too easily nowadays but he could tell at least three of them were all using some type of wooden bats. It was an easy trick actually; metal had a higher pitch smack when it collided with the human body. Differing metals had differing pitches in the high range. Iron rang the lowest and aluminum the highest; though sometimes they'd get creative and try something new. Those days were the worse. But today they used wood. Wood had a sharper yet lower pitch to it and it was blessedly softer than metal. Blow after blow rained down on him at all sides. There was no protecting himself as his naked body hung by the wrists from shackles attached to the ceiling. It occurred to him though that today they were taking care not to hit him in the head or genitals. That could only mean one thing, he thought to himself as his heart sunk just as he heard one of his ribs crack. She was here, in the room, watching.
    Preferred gender to rp: Male
    What I want from the 1x1: Great plot, Great sex scenes, and more than decent writing.
    Plot ideas/preferred plot suggestion: Stranded Romance
    Posting consistency: Once a day usually. Frequently more, sometimes less.
    Level of comfort in the romantic area: Fully Comfy