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  1. Since Dark Souls 3 has been announced, I thought I'd start a discussion thread for all the Souls games (Dark and Demon's, and Bloodborne).

    So, first conversation starter: What do you like best about Souls/FromSoft Games?​
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  2. I've only played Dark Souls 1 and 2, neither of the Playstation exclusive one because I lack a Playstation and don't care about enough other games exclusive to the console to go buy one. The thing I like best about them is the combat. I haven't really enjoyed most action combat games I've played because they tend to boil down to just mashing through enemies like they're nothing or just spamming your best combo to destroy everything. I like the fact that in Dark Souls you can't just flail and spam against most enemies because that'll get you murdered. You have to play it smart even against normal enemies because they can absolutely kill you if you're not paying attention, and that interests me far more than "berserker rush your way through the level to get to the boss that might actually make for an interesting fight." Murdering monsters by the dozen without breaking a sweat just doesn't feel all that fun for me in these sorts of action games, which of course isn't an issue in Dark Souls.

    As for the trailer, definitely gonna get and play Dark Souls 3. I'm hoping the fact that most of the bosses they showed were rehashes of things we've seen before (like that giant knight guy that crawls around on all fours that's clearly using the Sif model/AI, or the bigger guy that looks like it'll be similar to the Old Iron King) is just because they wanted to keep new things secret until later. Still gonna play it either way, because I like the game enough to play through the same boss type many times and can still have fun with it, but my one major complaint about Dark Souls 2 was the number of bosses that were just reskins of bosses from the first game.
  3. Well I'm planning on grabbing the game eventually when it comes out.

    Maybe not right on release, because Dark Souls 1 and 2 I've done co-op with friends, so until that co-op results in finishing 2 with them my incentive to bump up to 3 won't be that high, unless if 3 revolutionary changes the gameplay for the better.

    It definitely looks like they're borrowing from Bloodborne a bit though in regards to animations, a lot more blood is visible in this game.​
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  4. How have I not seen that video? I am fail.
  5. It's a draw for me between Ds1 and blood born. There booth well crafted with webbed and thick lore. Smooth and wonderful combat, areas that I remember after not playing for a few years. A sense of re playability allowing me to come back to them over and over. A real challenge to make it worth it. There booth wonderful.

    Demon souls was really hard for me, I have up on it for a while but eventually beat it.

    Ds2 was to easy, fun adventurer, but it was to easy to get the weapons you wanted, rolling was to easy making pretty much every attack it the game doge able. And the bosses were kinda push overs. New game + made the game more of a challenge but the initial play through was to easy.
    Anyway all the souls games are true master pieces, they raise the bar for all RPG's. they're all full of challenge and lore making it all worth it.
    I love all the games and can't wait for Ds3
  6. Demon Souls was great. The community really shined through when it came to helping. Though it was often times brutal.

    Dark Souls was a step in the right direction. Community was split between Xbox and PS3 for a long time, PS3 being smaller but more cooperative, XBox being far more competitive and relatively nasty. PC upped the ante and it's expansion was spot on.

    DaS2 went full retard. Soul Memory. Dodging mechanics. Shockwaves. While a pretty game and still holding onto that Souls feeling (sorta) it felt empty and maybe rushed.

    Bloodborne. A leap back in the right direction when it came to rapid combat and new mechanics. The story, while vague keeping with From's usual, was pretty out there. Though not a bad thing.

    DaS3 I've not even looked at after Souls2. I just don't give two shits.
  7. My personal favourite is Bloodborne, since it's not medieval fantasy and more akin to old classic horror and gothic stuff with crazy eldritch abominations and cthulhu shenanigans. I eat that kind of stuff up like a Brainsucker.

    I mostly look at the music and Lore of DS1 and DS2, not a huge fan of gameplay honestly, a little too clunky for my liking.
  8. To answer my own question, I mostly like the Lore and Music (Particularly DS2's DLCs and all of BB's).

    I'll give a more detailed answer later, but right now I am pooped, so I'll try to keep the conversation going with another question prompt:

    Who/What is your favorite Character and/or Boss? Feel free to list them per game.

    Also, to respond to some comments on DS3;
    All the youtubers who have played the DS3 demo have said it feels a lot more like DS1 than 2.
    Gone. No longer a thing. (Praise the Sun for that!)
  9. Do I even need to say? :P

    Being honest I'm rather neutral on that. I enjoy both of the games gameplay a ton.