Souls Forbidden: The Remake - A Three-P RP

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  1. Very rough concept, but this is a three-person RP. There will be a love triangle of grand proportions - MxMxF with or without Yaoi, and possibly BDSM; more plot than smut. A somewhat deep, dark concept, possibly set in some futuristic city that's mixed with technopunk concepts.

    It's about a new angel who has returned to earth for a mission to save a human, but in her mind she's wanting to find the person who murdered her.

    A demon murdered her in order to have her for himself, because it's easier to live life in eternal hell with someone you love. And he's loved her from a far for so long... Even before his own death. It was just easier to bring her to him this way. But her soul was saved by another angel before he could snag her.

    The human the angel is suppose to save is a depressed homeless guy who needs to return to life, for the work he's potentially going to do will change the world. They met at a church outreach program, and as she slowly helped him rebuild his life, he slowly grew a friendship with her, which turned into trust - then infatuation.

    When the angel begins to help the human find the true meaning of his life, they soon begin to fall deeply in love - something that's forbidden by the Authorities above. Regardless of how hard she tries to pull back, the human....just his presence and pure love for her alone draws her back. And all the while, her investigating into her own death slowly leads her down dangerous paths towards her killer. In order to keep the human safe from harm, she keeps this a secret from him; not wanting him to get involved... or to learn that she's more than she appears to be.

    The demon sees the angel helping the human and decides to uses the human as a tool for himself in order to get the angel he wants. When the human's alone, the demon manipulates him; steals his soul, his heart, his mind, his body. Eventually, everything about the human belongs to him. The angel doesn't notice right off the bat what has happened, but she does realize that the human has changed for the worse. The demon also realizes that the angel is getting closer and close to revealing the truth about her death. It doesn't matter to him if she learns of it or not. All that matters is that the human doesn't get in his way when he reclaims her soul again.

    What will happen when fate finally gives in:

    Will the angel learns about her murderer and finds out that the same demon has taken control over the human she loves.

    Will the demon unleashes the new monster within the human he's cultivated and uses him to reclaim the angel before ending their forbidden love for good.

    Or, The human - will he follow his new master's commands, or will the love he has within him for this angel take over to save them both?

    I will be playing the angel, Naomi Scott. I will need two willing and able bodies to manage the demon and the human.

    I have a piece of the original Souls Forbidden that I've based this RP concept off of. (Six chapters of it.) I'm so hoping to find such potent writers for the second conception there of. Not looking for perfection, just those who wish to create something just as marvelous the best way we know how.

    Just...take a look; taste as see. Let me know if you agree.
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  2. I like this, it sounds like a really interesting story. And if you're still looking I'd like to throw my name in the ring as a volunteer to manage to demon. Or the human, I guess, but my first choice would be the demon.

    My RP resume has a bit on my style and whatnot as an example; if you still need someone and think I might be a good fit please let me know. :)
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  3. Awesome! I'll check you out and see.
  4. Well, @Maniacal Magpie, if you want the demon, you've got him!

    Now, who wants the human? We've gotta have a third here to make this fun.
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  5. For everyone that might be interested, keep in mind that my little outline above is just something to work with. It may change throughout the duration of the RP, depending on how we actually run this thing. I like having some sort of story goal in mind, but I don't always stick to it. Instead, I like to see what happens with the charries within the story and find out - surprisingly so - what new sort of story can pop up.
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