Soulmate RP?

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  1. Summary: You see, when everyone is born they get a charm that is half of a unique shape. You’re ‘soulmate’ also wears the same charm. People wear the charms as a necklace, a bracelet, or they just carry it around. The charm gets warmer when your near your soulmate and colder when you are not. Also, your soulmate doesn't always end up being the opposite gender.

    Anyone interested? (Not my original idea...)
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  2. I love this idea!
  3. Thanks! Wow that was fast.
  4. I get notifications when something new comes up for this forum. But I really like this idea
  5. That is amazing! :D
  6. Interested!

    Would the charm be colder than 0 Kelvin if one is on the North pole and the other on the South pole? What about if a soulmate dies/they don't have a soulmate? Only romantic or can be platonic etc.?
  7. Thanks for the mention, but I don't really do romance-centric RPs unless they're set in a school (cos such a setting means anime antics :P).
  8. I just thought you'd like it didn't think to ask sorry.
  9. No need to apologise, no one expects you to read anyone's mind XD You were just being considerate, which is perfectly reasonable.
  10. Yeah I'm in!!! Thanks for tagging me!
  11. The charm would just be the normal temperature of metal jewelry when it hasn't been touched in a while I guess a little colder if they were that far apart. Umm I don't know what would happen if one of the soulmates died.... I guess if someone was destined to die before meeting a soulmate, they would just get a full circle charm... Idk. You guys can think of something.

    Thank you guys for joining and tagging people!
  12. I thought about there being a place where THOUSANDS of half charms are thrown away... And how about they turn black or you can't feel the temperature if your SM died?
  13. I... Yes, may or may not be interested. I believe we all know that we must make a fan fiction about Ripley's soulmate from Alien being those facehuggers... Heh heh no.

    BUT YEAH! This sounds really cool... I've seen versions of it but... This one is a less "Impossibru to find srrlmrrt." Because in most it's just you looking around and around for someone with the other half with no easy way of determining if you're close or not so... This sounds like all of those others just upgraded with an Uber charge. DM or reply to me if you wanna do this. *^*
  14. Welcome here... this is going to be a group roleplay... your post is unclear so if you could clarify, that would be great.
  15. The idea of a soulmate is that you're destined to be together, if you can loose your soulmate (which would be going against destiny), what happens then?
  16. Sure, but I will probably only make one or two characters. Lately I will be busy a lot
  17. I will join with only a single character and I claim one of shayla's characters as mines soulmate since she was so wonderful as to tag me
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