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  1. In the city of ' Stratton ' there were no war, no fights, no problems. It seemed like a peaceful place but there lies a deep secret that only the government are meant to know about, and the people who were currently involve in the matter of life and death. Their technologies were pretty much advance although sadly, the upper beings wouldn't allow anyone to know about it. In their city a dark soul lies at night, something that no ordinary human being would know about. Something that could cause the city to end. A place where chosen people were born to have a partner, and destroy the dark soul that would soon, be extraordinary than the government had thought.

    ~ ~ ~

    " What are you planning to do idiot! " Vianne yelled at her partner Jace who was currently running to the man who had no soul. " You'll hurt yourself! " "Just trust me on this! Golden...strike! " Jace ran forward to the man and strongly punched him in the chest with unbelievable speed. He laughed praising himself, " See that, i just beat him to pulp. " he began talking much about himself for winning the fight, or so he thought.

    Not even knowing about it, the man behind him got up and quickly lunge himself towards Jace. A sudden arm came pushing Jace away blocking the man's current target. " Dammit Jacve, can't you do anything right, " Vianne lifted her arm targeting it to the man coming nearer, " Got you, " she said as the bracelet from her arm began transforming into a machine, her skin began to reform as a metallic metal arm with metal sharp rods around her arms. Before making sure that she wasn't gonna miss this shot, around the corner of the street there were 2 girls and 3 men coming towards this way, " Impossible.. that can't be... " Vianne said eye widen. The man from early came running towards her, his arm turned into a blade then sliced her right arm without her paying attention.

    " Owwww! Bas...tard.. " Vianne said while kneeling down, her right arm was on her right laying on the ground helplessly bleeding, " Dammit... " Jace said then turned into his watch, " Code Red, Code Red, they're everywhere... we need more officers! " the watch showed a blury picture of a man saying some words but couldn't come out, " What? Can't you hear me? " the watch displayed a black screen as he punched the ground. " Fine, Vianne! " he saw the man already near her about to slice her into half, he got a small ball from his pocket then remove the little string on it, " Vianne, duck! " he yelled then threw the ball towards the soulless man. It attached to its clothes then exploded, he looked back at the corner and saw the 5 already coming near, he got Vianne's right arm then her left arm and began running, " We'll fix you again later, right now we have to go, "

    Souless, that's what the people are called. Like the term it was someone who had no soul, but in this city they were death makers. Recently the number of Souless men have been increasing rapidly at night, you might be wondering who those two were. They were part of the government sworn to secrecy to never tell anyone about the Souless Project. The government knew that in the nearer future the world would go Souless and until the last person's soul would be sucked up, the entire world would be destroyed. But they created an abnormal dna for following representatives or chosen ones to have. Even though they were working together none of the workers knew each others names, it was part of the rules there in the government.

    Not knowing who is part of the protection, once someone knows about their identity to the others it's either they would keep a secret to it, or either kill them and have their positions, although when it comes to your partner it's natural to know who it was, after all you'll be working with each other for a long time. But the following days, months and years the representatives had run low, they were even grabbing children from their family to train them into their forces, after all everyone would work hard to keep the Souless Project from happening. Why do they keep this a secret? To prevent anyone else from being hurt.

    This is Stratton City.
  2. This was Stratton City.

    Words that Alice barely registered when she was hauled to this maggot-ridden pit of double-faced politicians and monstrous enemies. She drove her knife straight into the woman's body and tore open her chest. Blood arched above her in a brilliant spray. "This is Stratton City, your new home," The man had said to her, "Be grateful that it isn't like that rat-infested hell hole we found you in." She whirled around and plunged her second knife into a male Souless, catching him right in the throat. 'Be Grateful', huh? Wolf danced around her own battle, his knife making quick work of the slower Souless. They were black stains in a sea of crimson. "You work for us now, ya snot-nosed brat! We /own/ you and you /will/ do exactly what we tell you! If we tell you to kill someone, you kill them!" Her knife found a place in a younger man's heart, quivering as it struck home. "If we tell you to tear them limb from limb, you do it!" Alice yanked the knife from it's resting place and ripped apart a teenage girl. "If we tell you to die where you stand, you will count yourself lucky to be spoken to by someone so above you." She threw both her knives at once, sucking in ragged breaths. They stopped midway through the last Souless, a mere child that could hardly walk. Wolf placed a hand on her shoulders to show he was uninjured, hardly haven broken a sweat.

    "Be Grateful", huh?
  3. " My arm... "
    " I know you're hurt, professor's gonna fix you la-- "
    " You're an idiot you know! How are you sure we're gonna arive there alive, "
    " Wait for the sun to come out duh, "
    " Yeah, let's wait for the sun to come out and people walking around and see a girl carrying her right arm bleeding badly and a guy beside her having bruises and such, "

    Just a few minutes ago both Vianne and Jace found a dark corner and hid there from the Souless, she was carrying her right arm which was bleeding silver blood, an odd color perhaps, but she was made this way because of the DNA that she had took from her creator, most likely called the professor. On the other hand Jace was barely hurt, well a few cuts but he was alright. Just few weeks ago he found out about the Souless and was told to work under the government, he was taken away from his family and was sent to work with Vianne, his new partner.

    Usually they would come back fine and relax but this time they weren't even fine. More Souless were coming out, time was running out.

    " Let's just stay here, i could reboot but it's gonna take about 40 minutes. " Vianne said placing her right arm on the correct place, the skin was slowly attaching together again while Jace coughed, " That's just.. disturbing. " he said about to loose it, even though they were partners he still wasn't used to this yet. " Right now we just have to stay here and quite.. " she said, and she was right. With his protecter being injured who knows what could happen to him.
  4. Wolf and Alice moved from sector to sector, finding more and more Souless to fight. It was becoming harder to remain uninjuried and they were slowly running out of stamina. They rested in an alleyway, panting heavily. "Do you think the other fighters are having as much of a pest problem as us?" Alice asked, both of them bending over as they caught their breath. Wolf didn't answer, fixing his eyes on the ground. "I think think they would be long dead if they were," He said quietly, after a minute of silence. Alice nodded in agreement, glancing at the mob of Souless that were still stumbling in the streets.
  5. " All that i wanted was a normal everyday life, now i got to be stuck here waiting for those ' things ' to go away, or maybe fight it for them to disappear! "
    " No one asked you to be here, besides don't you think i'm also having a problem here! "
    " Great, coming from a person-- wait i'm not even sure you are one. "

    Smack, Vianne slapped her partner Jace, " Just shut up or they'll hear us. " Jace stood up and began walking up to the open, " I'll just punch a few of them, stay here. " he said calmly and began running. She tried moving her right arm a little and it was perfectly fine already, although there were still some adjustments with the veins inside, Jace on the other hand was walking around with two playing balls on his hand, there were two Souless coming towards his way until, " Not happening. " he threw one of the balls and watched it explode in front of him. " Got two. "
  6. Wolf and Alice heard the loud explosion, as did the Souless that they had just been about to ambush. The creatures began a slow, stumble run towards the sound, moaning and groaning as they did. Alice swore quietly, knowing they would have to chase after them. Wolf joined her from his ambush point across the street and they set off at a steady jog. For being 'souless', these freaks moved pretty fast.
  7. Jace already knew that there were more on the other side, he chuckled and faced behind him, there they were and moving fast. He played the other small ball on his hand waiting for them to get to the target destination, once they reached that place, boom, they're goners. There were others coming from the sides, pshh, this was nothing for him, until he realizes that there were more than he expected, just one more ball, one more time, that's all he had. That couldn't even fit in all the Souless that was coming in,

    " You idiot! " a voice yelled from afar shooting down the Souless coming on the sides, the person he despise the most was the one who was always there at the right time to help. Her arm was already fully loaded yet there were still some errors, she ran towards him, he expected she was gonna hug him and say sorry yet a punch came to the picture, " Why'd you attract all of them here! We're gonna die you-- " Vianne sighed, arguing won't work if she knew better.

    The Souless were coming nearer and Jace threw the last ball and it exploded in a matter of seconds, after that blow more would come, that's when they had to run their asses off this place.
  8. Wolf pulled Alice to a stop as they covered their eyes in the wake of another explosion. The Souless were in a frenzy and there was no telling what was happening, but it was important to stop them now. Alice and Wolf plunged into the Souless crowd, using both their knives and whatever odd fist or foot they could to beat down the Souless.
  9. " No weapons, no bombs, no knives, " Vianne said almost chanting it as a wish, then she looked at Jack who had a dark smile towards the Souless.
    " Just like old times, " most likely he meant last week, once he was about to go run and maybe punch one of the Souless in the crowd he saw something moving, and it was fast, wait two of them. " What the... Vianne there's-- "
    " I know, i can see it. " she said staring onto the crowd, " Well we better check it out, right? " she said lifting her arm, the bracelet on her hand seemed to have formed and covered up her whole hand, she moved her fingers gently and smiled, her hand was covered up with silver metal, the tips were a bit sharp but not that sharp as it used to be but she didn't mind.

    " Let's go, " Jace said then began running punching out some of the Souless on his way, on the other hand Vianne was there walking calmly laughing at Jace's reaction, " Jeez, can't he stop being all that. " she said to herself, one of the Souless was about to grab her arm although she scratched it's head, or should i say cut his head with her silver metalloid arm, " Too easy. " she said to herself. But the thing that bothered her the most was what her partner had said earlier, he was right, she wasn't human anymore.
  10. Alice was tired, her muscles ached, unused to endless slaughtering for hours on end. Needless to say, she still put a lot of effort into finishing this group of Souless off. As they group she noticed, with suuprise, and perhaps a bit of bitterness, that she and Wolf were not the only lives lost in this sea of creatures. She couldn't see them, but she saw their work. Just as easily as they must see her own. Maybe a small part of her hoped that they would be killed by the Souless, she didn't know. She just wished they weren't there. She didn't want to see other slaves of this land. It was bad enough to look in the mirror and see the same chains on herself.
  11. Vianne was able to catch up with Jace and punch him from behind, " What was that for! " he yelled complaining, Vianne on the other hand kept scratching or actually slicing the Souless from head to toe, and smiled at Jace, " Just to warn you i'm not a Souless, since the last time you punch me on the head, and i didn't like it. " it was quite funny when that did happened before.

    Jace showed both his hand together, " On three? " he asked Vianne as she nodded, " 1, 3! " she shouted and jumped off his hand, she was floating on the air as she extended her left arm a bunch of needles came out, once she reached the ground she slice the nearest Souless, " Needles?! Really?! They were better last time! " Jace shouted, it wasn't her fault since her arm still wasn't fully functioning, but if she would say that they'd start arguing, and that wouldn't do any good at this time.
  12. Alice danced out of range when a shower of needles almost hit her. There weren't many Souless left to kill, and the more they thinned, the more she saw flashes of the other two fighters. Wolf hadn't been in range of the needle rain, but he gave no quarter to the Souless in front of him. She was probably the only one even worrying about it. She ducked under a Souless' swipe and dug her daggers into his stomach, well, no point in worrying.
  13. Once Vianne was about to slice another Souless she felt a short pause then actually backed away from the Souless, " What the-- The point now is to attack not run! " Jace said yelling while knocking out a few Souless in front of him. He grabbed his partners arm and pushed her away punching the guts of the Souless that was in front of her, " You're insane! What are you thinking! Go on and attack you-- " he stopped once he saw her not responding, " God dammi-- " he grabbed the arm of the Souless near him and lifted it up letting it land on the other side, a Souless was hit but was still moving. This time, they really needed help.
  14. Wolf moved forward like black lightning, carving into the Souless' back with his long daggers and severed hundreds of nerves along the spine. The Souless dropped like a rock and laid on the ground twitching.In the mean time, Alice had been spending some quality time with the last of the Souless, which now lay as still as the rest of them. Wolf backed away from the other two fighters until he was next to Alice. They stared at each other silently for a few seconds, unsure of how to react.
  15. Jace stared at the other two who were right in front of them, they were the ones who he saw moving fast just a while ago, and there they were standing there. Lucky thing was they didn't attack them or anything like that. Vianne on the other hand looked up and stared at them both, then stared at her partner. It was clear. No one said a thing.

    She stood up straight, her right arm was still hurting, a little while ago she couldn't feel a thing, she couldn't see a thing, and now when her sight lifted up there were others who were there attacking the Souless, never once did she see them before. " Vianne, no. " she heard her partner say, by his glance she knew that he knew that she was about to attack them as well.

    Sighing she clenched her fist glaring at them both, " Wh...Who are you? " Vianne asked with a determine stare, as if she was watching their every move, even a tiny muscle she was ready for defense. Jace knew this was a bad idea, but he couldn't help but just watch and see how things turn out. Hopefully a good one.
  16. Alice shook her head slowly. It was taboo for any fighter to know another, with the exception of partners. They had only seen each other so far, other than the man saying 'Vianne'. They still had a chance to get away clean without Alice and Wolf having to kill these strangers. It'd be best if they just left things as they were and pretended they had never seen each other.
  17. Vianne was clearly losing her patience, when she was about to thrust her arm forward Jace immediately chopped her head with his hand, " Owieeee! " she exclaimed like a little child, " It's fine if you don't say your name but.. " Jace sigh then looked up at the both of them smiling a bit, " Isn't it not fair that you knew her name? Unless you don't want to get hurt by my partner here... you could at least be kind enough to say your name. I'm just saying, after all you do work for the good guys right? Unless.. your something else " he said almost like a threat.

    He knew any moment they might kill him or actually run away, but he still took his chances. If there was anything that concerns about their identity or protection of his partner, he would really take it seriously.
  18. "You're the one who gave her name," Alice protested, annoyed, "Idiot! You're also the one threatening us! How the hell does that make you a good guy?"
  19. " She is right ya'know. " Vianne said glaring at Jace as he just laughed nervously. " Fine fine, it's all my fault but if we weren't the good guys, we could have got you-- or mostly the word hurt you. " he said still nervous, the girl was right it was kind of his fault. His watch began blinking a blue light over and over again, obviously he was trying to ignore it since his priority now was to figure out who they were and what exactly are they. Quickly Vianne punched his back roughly then clenched her fist annoyed, " Let's just get this straight, we're not here to harm you.....sadly. " she said sighing a bit, " But we do want to know WHO you are. " she said with a look. Her partner was complaining about back aches and something but like him she wanted to know who they were.
  20. "The choice isn't yours," Alice said quietly, "You have no authority in the matter. You also know that names are not to be given. Friends or enemies are not to be made. And so on. I will not risk myself, nor my partner to satisfy you curiousity. Of course I could tell you and then kill you, but I'm trying to be generous." Wolf shifted, a bit impatient. Their job was done and the sun marked the end of their time here. It was time to leave and restore what they had lost in the long battle.