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  1. Aiden Soulcry was his name.

    A successfull test subject that had escaped the hands of humans, that is. His goal was to reach happieness, but something within him simply can't alter. His stature itself has been corrupted and it seemed though everything he once knew was completely changed.

    It's been a good 5 years since his escape and he spent those years seeking a pack that would be able to contain his corrupted soul. His last pack had been brutally murdered by his very own claws and left for dead in the badlands. Aiden has never found it usefull to listen to a mere alpha. No, he took the time to slowly kill him; eat away at his soul and tear him apart one by one. Then, it was the pack that suffered for their dying alpha. Now, Aiden spent his time wandering the edges of the badlands waiting for that special pack. One that wouldn't be afraid to challenge his existance.

    The world was said to all come to an end. The normal would fal and the supernatural would rise is what they all said. Aiden was said to be one of the first supernaturals to conquer his bzrk form. There were more out there. Many other supernaturals lingered off past the badlands and remained hidden from their enemies. Unlike Aiden, he went out to introduce his existance. When the world corrupted, the only remaining beings were said to be the supernaturals. The corrupted. The wandering. The victor.

    Off the the East lay a pack known as the Dokusei; the poison to the land. Their interest lay within the young hybrid and it seemed though their intentions on bringing destruction to this land grew. This pack consisted of four males and three females; all possessing tainted souls. Aiden had met one of them before. One of them might've not remembered him well, but he was sure that there was a childhood friend within that pack. He intended on joining, but did she trust him the way he already trusted her? Before they had been taken from their pack and put into a test lab, they had spent most of their childhood together. It was as if they had met not by choice, but by fate. They would either die together or die for one another. How was she now? Was she a weak peasent or did she fight for herself and rebell against the pack rules? Now this was something he had become interested in.

    --- destruction upon the badlands has only begun. It was only a matter of time before the supernaturals had completely taken over. Time was not on the normal's side. Sooner or later, they'd all be corrupted. --


    ~ Aiden Soulcry ~
    --made by a dear friend of mine--
    --interested? Shoot me a pm and we'll get started--
    --Like gore and intense battles? This is most certainly the rp for you!--
    --Only rule here is to have fun, stay sharp, and let your imagination go loose!--
    --if you're too lazy, like I am right now, simply make your character sheet here and I'll pm you--

    Name: Aiden Soulcry

    Age: unknown

    Personality: mostly quiet. He'll usually never take orders from someone much weaker then him. He's got a blunt but sarcastic personality. Most of the time, he'll be straight out with someone. Cross him wrong and he'll be sure to end you slowly and painfully. He won't say much about himself but he'd love to know much about someone else.

    Likes: walking around, chasing around bunnies, the moon, the night sky, cool but warm air, blossom trees --
    bzrk form:: he'd most likely watch others suffer, he'll enjoy taking the life of the weak, known to take out a great number of pack members in one night, torturing a beings soul would most likely satisfy his anger.

    Dislikes: spiders, bugs, know it alls, alphas, wolves that are much bigger than him (not that he's run in to many at all), the sun, hot humid air, pups, newcomers, lemons, and just about anything that is 'too happy.'

    Ability: Aiden has the ability to possess others. This is why he wears a blindfold. It prevents him from overusing his powers. When possessing another, it gives him a limited amount of time to do what he wishes with it. His original body will remain in place, but due to his absence, his powers and corrupted soul will slowly collapse into himself. The first sign of his dying self will result in bleeding eyes and loss of blood itself. The aftermath of his powers are deadly and he will only use his powers when needed.

    Bio:: Not much said about him. -- revealed through roleplay. --
    ---alright, that's about it---
    ---I hope to run in to many great roleplayers!!---
    --so far, I've only met a little amount of roleplayers that were able to keep me interested---
    --I'd love to meet many more great roleplayers out there ;v;---
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