SoulCalibur Origins

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  1. Have you ever played SoulCalibur on your DreamCast or Xbox360 and wondered; "Wow how cool would it be to be like Nightmare and just beat everyone up?"
    Well hey guess what now you can my friend. Come join me and I will show you what blood taste like and what pain feels like.
    There's OOC to discuss everything about the game and you could add each other on your games then there's RP, killing is fun isn't it? Though don't worry if your weak and can't fight, you can RP stories too. But if you thought that was Are....wrong...
    Weekly, there are tournaments! Want to prove how good you are? No better time then now!
    So... What are you doing? Go kill your nemesis!
    *Contains Mature content including blood and gore, violent and rude commentary along with perhaps a few sexual scenario. Only for ages 16+

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