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  1. So this is both an interest check and a plot discussion thing. Since I have a concept but no real story.

    Ankle:You're born with a tattoo around your ankle, every time you've fallen head over heels for someone their tattoo would appear somewhere on your body. This isn't controlled, it could show up from being a tramp stamp to a sleeve. If your soulmate doesn't have an anklet tattoo a substitution matching what they would have gotten would appear on your body instead.

    Timer: Wrist, forearm, collarbone, where ever. This tattoo is a count down until you meet your soulmate, once you've spoken to them, your count down will hit zero turning into a faded red color and absorbing into your skin, the first word they said to you will take the timers place.

    Sight: You're colorblind until you find your soulmate, once that soulmate has died the world will revert to the black and white you're use to seeing.
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  2. This sounds like an interesting plot!​
  3. I thought so too, but the idea seemed a bit thin (if that would be a good explanation).
  4. It it certainly new. :)
  5. Sounds pretty cool so far
  6. Hm- I have one question though- how would the soulmate thing work exactly? Would we create just one OC and find someone else to match with or would we play both soulmates?​
  7. I'm crazy over these kind of things. Soul mate things like this are my weaknesses. I'm in!
  8. I have no particular preference, usually with ideas like this I discuss it with the other person and see what would fit best. I prefer story over just raw romance. If you (for example) prefer playing two characters because you feel it would fit your character better than all means.
  9. Opposites attract.

    Soul mates do not have to appear compatible to belong together.

    I personally would like my character's soul mate to be played by another rper.
  10. Hey there. I've been lurking around this for a while and I'm just so undecided as to whether or not I would be truly willing to commit myself to this ... so I hope you don't mind some questions on my end, just to get a feel for the direction this'll be taking off.

    1. So we have timers - that eventually give way to that one special word [or phrase], and also a more colorful sight once we meet our soulmates ... but our ankles don't have any association with our soulmates? I totally dig the idea where strong crushes also get to show up somehow on our character's bodies despite them not being the character's actual soulmate, but there wasn't any mention of soulmates 'exchanging' their ankle tattoos ... do they not go through that since they already have the word exchange and zeroed out timer? Does this mean that in the society/world of the roleplay not meeting or missing your soulmate is an ok thing, and the ankle tattoo is a good enough substitute?

    2. Is this going to be just for hetero pairings? Like, will there be a need to balance out the male and female ratio to make sure everybody pairs up, or is it also LGBT+ friendly? [Essentially, is this just a romance, everyone pairs up, kind of thing, or will there eventually be story or plot to loosely follow?]

    3. What is the writing expectation for this? Will there be like a 6 paragraph minimum, once/twice a week detailed kind of thing, or will it be a more casual kind of rolling along?

    Story Suggestions? (open)
    4. Not exactly a question, but since you've mentioned at the top how this is just a general concept to be applied into a story - which doesn't exactly exist at the moment - this could just be a suggestion of sorts. The concept is a really ... I want to say like stereotypical, but it's something that I love as well, and the amount of fluff that could be generated is obviously immeasurable ... I'm getting off topic: I just think that with a concept that's already kind of well used, that something like your usual day-to-day high school [with powers or not] should be avoided. Something like Survival-Apocalypse could work I guess, but people might not like the idea too much ... and it doesn't have to be so dark and gloomy either, it could be like a .. two struggling bands [ or three who knows ] who are competing together and their bands go off for each other, a certain fan, an actor maybe, whatever. The general point I'm trying to get at is just that the concept shouldn't the main dish to serve, the priority should definitely be on something else, which would make the soulmate concept that much more sweet and yearned for, from both the readers who might follow along and the writers who push the whole thing forward.
  11. I probably should have added more detail! So I'll try to explain to the best of my ability (my writing in general is messy and I think difficult to understand at times).

    -1. In this world there are three types of people, some have tattoos, others have the timers, and then there's colorblind. It's all depending on the person's personality since this is probably some light hearted magic thing in my perspective. So for example your character could have a timer and mine has a tattoo. I also think strong crushes would be considered some form of soulmate, you have a strong attraction to them like you would to someone you think is your soulmate, right? Also, yes, missing your soulmate would be an OK think.

    -2. LGBT Friendly! Although I'm not sure if people would want a group or one-on-one. All up for debate!

    -3. Again, it depends on the other person, I don't mind if you want it to be casual, or some kind of detailed once a week kind of thing. I usually roleplay casually, writing expectation is expected to mirror the other persons response, although I get we have those slow days.

    Accepted (open)
    -4. Feedback is always welcomed! I'm an amateur writer/roleplayer, so tips would be useful. I had no intention of incorporating powers or highschool kind of themed, those (with a few passes) make me cringe. The OC I intended to use for this was in her early 20s, the mood of it is still up for debate, but it being not to gloomy is something I'm aiming for. Struggling bands though sounds nice. I actually never gave that one a thought. [/spolier]
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