Soul of the Jungle (Peregrine x Prince Ruffles)

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  1. If there was one thing that everyone who had lived in or near the jungle had learned, it was a place that was never silent. There was simply too much life in it for that. The leaves rustled, small animals moved, insects and birds continually sang their passionate songs of life, and occasionally the larger animals would remind all else of their presence with a shriek or cry of their personal strength. However, there were variances of noise, and that was what Cynric had learned to listen for. The base chatter of animals and leaves faded into the background, becoming a familiar but static white noise. Those things that rose above the noise seemed to become even more potent for their difference.

    That was the reason Cynric knew people were approaching his home long before they drew close enough to see the double-bent tree that served as both floor and roof for the Allmage. He beckoned to a beautiful bird that was perched near his window, and a gossamer ribbon of light slipped from between his fingers and drew the bird closer. He stroked its feathers as its eyes half closed in appreciation, before it flew away into the woods. Cynric's eyes closed, and through the eyes of the bird he watched the people approach his hut.

    He rose as they came into view, slipping out from between the branches that made up his walls. He dropped down to the forest floor, before rising with a smile. There were only three of them, two people of the jungle and a rather stressed looking young human. Cynric waved to the two people as they turned to leave, having seen that Cynric had already spotted his guest, and they nodded, eyes averted out of a mixture of politeness and fear, before vanishing into the woods.

    Cynric approached the young man before him. It was obvious it had been quite the harrowing journey for the young man. Then again, that wasn't surprising. The jungle was a remarkably hostile place for humans. The whole place seemed to release an air of murderous intent. Such sensation would have faded as soon as the young man stepped into the rich clearing that surround Cynric's home.

    It was a beautiful place of perpetual twilight, full of the soft, filtered light that managed to make its way down from the high branches all the way to the forest floor. Glowing flowers grew out of thick beds of verdant moss, which in turn clung to the half-buried forms of branches that grew in every direction. His house did not seem so much building as it did enclosed nest, but there was no denying that it looked like a warm and comfortable place, from what little could be seen.

    Cynric beckoned the young man forward, using a small trace of magic to detach the angry looking thing, half plant half bug, that had silently attached itself to the back of the young man's neck. "Been a long time since a human's so boldly ventured into these woods," he said, friendly smile still in place. "Even longer since one's survived this long. What brings you to my abode?"
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  2. Gilbert pushed past the brush, walking in between the half naked men. They wore fig leaves as cover for their lowers parts, long twigs poking through their noses from each side. It was a display of sorts. Well, they could keep their half nakedness! The man that had come from the city had khaki everything on. He looked like a real tourist, honestly.

    Except, tourists weren't usually terrified of the places they were visiting. The long two mile walk had opened his eyes up to the beauty and ferocity of the jungle. There was a low, shaky sigh as he waved to the men that left. "B-bye..." Gilbert gulped and turned to the Allmage, green eyes unblinking. He felt a small pop on his neck, the green bug quickly zipping off.

    Entering the man's area of living brought a slight calmness over Gilbert. "Uhm, well...I'm seeking guidance...Not really guidance, but I need a strong sorcerer of your stature to accompany me on my mission." He had to think of what else to say. "I'm trying to find the heart of the jungle. We need to stop the spread of the jungle before it envelopes our cities and buildings. Our people will be left homeless..."

    "Please..." He pleaded softly. "I need your help...You know almost everything about this jungle, and if you help me, I'll...Nghn, I'll give myself to the jungle. I'll give my body and soul to the jungle and become apart of it. I just want to save my people...They don't deserve to die..."

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  3. Cynric didn't mean to laugh. It was obvious from both the face and tone of this young man that he was deadly serious in his request for aid. It was rather rude to laugh in the face of such determination and Cynric desperately hoped the young man wouldn't take it the wrong way. "What good would sacrificing yourself to the jungle do? I don't see any reason that would help me, and I don't think the blood of a single human would do much for the jungle, either." Cynric softened his words by stepping forward, gently patting the distraught young man on the shoulder. "Good to see you have such dedication, though! Why don't you come inside?"

    Cynric led Gilbert inside the branches, winding up through a couple dimly lit corridors before they came to a halt in a pretty green room. It seemed brighter in there, somehow, as though rather than blocking out the sunlight the rich green leaves somehow drew it in. There was a single table sitting in the middle of the space with two chairs next to it, and all three items looked as though they had simply grown from the tree.

    "Would you like some tea?" Cynric asked as he took a seat on the chair. Two pretty wooden cups floated their way over to the table. Lazy tracts of steam drifted above the cups, although there was no sign of any fire to have heated the water. The tea was perfectly heated, and seasoned with a tangy, fruity flavor that was hard to identify, but was vaguely reminiscent of lemon and berries. "Now, why don't you tell me in a bit more detail why you are here?"
  4. When the other male laughed at him, Gilbert couldn't help but get a little heated. His already short temper grew shorter throughout his trek in the jungle and he had the audacity to laugh at him? "It wouldn't do any good..." He muttered softly, nodding at the request to come in. Ugh...This was going to be awhile.

    The young man made his way over to the table and slowly sat down, gazing around at the inside of the 'nest'. A very colorful lizard scampered across the wall. It was very...Pretty to say in the least. "You want me to tell you in detail of why I'm here...?"

    The man sat down in one of the seats. "How about we start, then, with my people. They are very kind, quiet persons. They only attack when threatened and your jungle is threatening our lives. It is destroying buildings, growing over house, and killing humans." The young man cupped his own hands together. "This madness had to stop, yes? So, we sent in troops to the jungle and, what happened? We have no idea...So when we noticed one of the people in the woods, we thought that your tribe killed him. I stalled some people from coming in and killing these indigenous people just long enough to enter the woods. It's been about two days now...But I see...I see that it's not your people. The shameness told me that the jungle had a mind of its own...The only way to stop it was to find the heart and either destroy it or calm it down. I don't want to cause tensions, so I wanted peace. She told me to come to you and ask you to help me in my travels..." He let out a low sigh, tapping his foot. "Uhm...I'm pretty sure that's all...What else do you need to know?"

    At the end of all of this, he took a sip of tea, slurping it softly.
  5. "I'm not one of the people of the Jungle." It seemed a small matter, in the face of what this young man was asking, but it seemed an important one to make. "They don't accept me any more than your people would. That's why I live out here." Cynric wiped such thoughts away from his mind, choosing, as he had done countless times before, not to dwell on an unhappy past. Better to enjoy the good things that had come out of it than to dwell on the bad.

    There were many things Cynric could ask at that point. He could have asked what exactly the young man planned to do in the future, whether he had considered what would happen to the people of the jungle if the forest stopped actively protecting itself, where he expected to start looking for something that had eluded all detection for as long as human life existed. Cynric didn't ask any of these things, and not just because he wondered if his unexpected guest would even have an answer to most of them. No, he didn't ask them because, ultimately, the answer would have been irrelevant. The Allmage had already decided to help him. It had been a long time since he had reason to leave this little clearing he had built, and the temptation of a grand adventure was far too much to resist, no matter the consequences.

    "I can think of one more thing I'd like to know, yes." A mischievous grin spread across Cynric's face. "Who are you, exactly?"
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