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Tuxedo Mask

Original poster
So I've been working on a logo for a bboy crew that I cypher with during the week and I wanted ya'lls opinions on your personal favorites and or suggestions.

My personal favorites are the ones on the black background.

I assume the easiest way to explain which logo you like would be by using letters and numbers. So going down is A,B,C,D and across is 1,2,3,4,5,6


Thank you!


White background is way more eye catching, me thinks.
C5 is giving that bboy attitude and it isn't muddled with any extra details. Good job on using the Jolly Roger motif as a way to meld "mechanic" and "soul" but I gotta say Tux, watch your ass otherwise Nintendo or Atsushi Okubo will get your ass for copyright infringement.

Personally I like that black ghost over gray wrenches-- it gives it a boldness in design that the blue on gray doesn't have. Probably because that type of blue contrasts a little too much with that gray and creates a hard-to-see element to it much like pairing hot pink with cerulean blue in a small space. I'd keep the mouth line to tie up the expression problem since just eyes on the ghost takes away from that, "You wanna battle?" slant to bboying.
Thanks again all!

Koori: Copyright Infringement is certainly something that I want to avoid, that's just a pain and the last thing I want to deal with. I'll have to push the logo more to make it more unique so then that isn't a problem.
As for the black I like the black on gray as well however If one would want to put the logo on anything black it wouldn't work.

Anyone feel free to suggest ideas to add so we can avoid me going to court XD

I don't know how this affects copyright infringement if at all but I am doing the logo for free.
Just stay away from the ones with pupils. I'd pick D1.

And eh...I guess you could try to draw inspiration from anything that has to do with this crew(name, location, any theme from their individual names, whatever might work).
D: FOR FREE?! Give them a discount if anything, but not completely totally free, especially if I'm thinking they're going to be putting this on shirts for the whole crew to wear when they dance, yeah?
I'll leave you with this other bit of a tip:


graphic design
is not CHEAP

Helvetica, Myriad Pro, Garamond were here. Papyrus, Comic Sans and Vivaldi are losers.

Noted Torsty thanks.

I think the biggest problem really to to avoid copyright shenanigans is eyes and the overall shape. That may need to change somehow.

I generally do stuff for free because I enjoy it and I don't get jobs so it's one of the only ways I can get my name out there so I can actually get paid work. You are right though graphic design isn't cheap. They never asked for a logo but I felt that they needed one. Since they just have words and that's it.

Technically money wise it's free but for me it gives me an in if I would ever need to use them for any dance films that I have planned in the future. So sort of like a favor I guess.

I would think they be putting it on shirts and such but to be honest I can't completely know. I would think it would look sick on a hat though.
Alright use the same system to rate which one you like best with the A,B,C going down and 1,2,3 going across deal.

I included the most similar logo being the one from Soul Eater as something I am trying to AVOID. This being the yellow one so if you think it's too similar mention it.

On D6 the point on the head is supposed to represent a mountain because we live in Colorado. Just an idea!

A3, that cat loooks daaaaaangerous son.

Like the way the fair looks like a punk rocker.