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  1. Name: Wraith
    age: 18
    Sex: male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weapon form: [​IMG]
    Bio: he is his masters protector no matter what he will be there for her. Thats all his life is.
  2. Name : Grace
    Age : 17
    Sex : Female
    Appearance : 7739a9e59e40367a4d6c5bfd27283b47.jpg
    (except she has freckles on her face too ^.)
    Bio : Shibusen is her life and she loves everything about it; it's the best opportunity she has gotten in her life. She's a dedicated worker and just hopes that she can get Wraith to where he wants to be.
  3. Wraith was walking up the long stair way to DMWA, He let out a deep sigh of desperation. The reason being was be overslept and had to walk into class late while Grace was sitting in class with the rest of the students. Wraith put his hands with in his front pants pockets hunching his back over just a bit to let his head roll down staring at the ground as he took his let step. "That didn't take long...." Wraith let out sarcastically, sadly it wasn't very funny to the teacher standing in front of him.

    It was none other then the undead teacher. "Hey, your late, i expect you to give a 2 page essay about why you were so late to class today." He let out in his military tone of voice.

    "I over..... slept." Wraith let his words slip as he walked into the building not caring a single bit about what punishment was dished at him. Wraith is a go with the flow kind of guy and if he didn't want to or care to he would do it, unless it came to Grace.
  4. "Where is he?" Grace mumbled to her friend next to her, her eyes shifting towards the door. Her friend simply shrugged her shoulders and said something about how she thought it was odd that they lived together, as most meisters and weapons did after being partners for a few years, yet she could never keep track of him. Grace rolled her eyes at her comment. She did wake him up before she left, she just guessed that he went back to sleep.

    It seemed her suspicions were true and were confirmed when he walked in about ten minutes late. "How could you sleep in that late?" Grace whispered to him as he slipped into his seat next to her. Grace, unlike Wraith, was rather particular about everything. She supposed they contradicted each other in that way, as they did a lot of things. That was what made them great partners.
  5. "Hey dont get mad at me, I wanted to sleep some more and that's all now I can actually handle classes today." He responded back with a whisper. It was just starting with class so,Wraith gave Grace a smile which stated 'told ya so.' He then put his arm underneath his chin keeping his head up as he elbow rested on the table.

    Once homeroom had finished Wrait looked around. "Ok, were to now?" He asked Grace never taking the time to memorize the class schedule for each day unlike Grace.
  6. He asked her where they were going every day, and every day she would smile and give him the same answer. "We're practicing sparring with other partners after this." Grace stood up from her seat, smoothed down her skirt and started towards the door with him. "So, when should we do some soul searching next?" she asked, looking up at him.
  7. "So, i got to be man handled by someone else, oh this will be fun." He said letting of a small sigh come from his mouth. He then look at his miester yet again. "Ok lead the way, oh hey." Wraith said as he looked at one of Graces best friends. He then looked around the room, waiting on them to lead the way.
  8. "No one is going to mess with you," Grace laughed. "It's basically just me practicing me practicing some combat skills." Her friend strolled over to them and Grace gave her a warm smile. "Hi Rin."

    "Hey guys!" Rin was another meister, a girl who was both loud and sarcastic. She practically dragged the other two out of the classroom, heading towards their next class. "What's up guys?"
  9. "Just needing to get to class i guess." He said, now it was time for there next class. "So what now?" He asked his miester as he looked around at all of the other miester and weapon pairing. He held out his arm and, His hand slowly change int a small sickle blade and his arm started turning into a small chain. "Hey, guys i could really use a hand." He said them all rolling there eyes at the joke.
  10. Rin thought that was hilarious and started laughing loudly enough to the point were people on the other side of the school could probably hear her. Grace was more caught off just by her laugh and jumped, grabbing onto Wraith's other arm. Grace was much more softer and sweeter than her friend, a girl who kept her head straight and priorities set. "My ribs hurt from laughing now," Rin mumbled poking at them and Grace giggled.

    Rin was actually silent for a moment then practically started bouncing when she remembered something. "I almost forgot! Did you guys hear we had new students!"

    "New students?" Grace looked at her curiously.

    "Yeah! They're some people in the other class! I have no idea who they are but I guess we'll see them while sparring, huh?"
  11. "I head one of the new guys has two Weapons, instead of the normal one." He stated. Looking towards the door way, as the new students walked in with there class. "There's the guy." He pointed out, turning his arm back to normal. He had pointed at a tall young man with a pair of what seemed to be twins one boy and one girl. They stood in front of us on the other side of the training area. "I take it we are sparring them. since I kinda can be considered two parts of One weapon." He stated letting out a sigh and placing his hands into his pockets, as a dark void rolled over his body it quickly faded as his weapon form was then shown. A three bladed scythe with a black and red lined pole arm and a red eye design at the connections of the blade and pole, at the bottom of the pole held a chain connected to a small sickle.
    (I can play as the other miester and weapon pair during the fight.)
  12. "Who knows," Grace said as he changed forms, quickly grabbing hold as he did. "It's up to the teacher to decide." Apparently Wraith had thought right, though, since the teacher called them up first along with the new student. "You guys know the rules this is the use of the weapon only. Do nothing to injure your opponent, and I call when this match is over," the teacher started in a dull, dreary voice. Grace was hardly listening. When she was fighting her demeanor changed completely. Her face was blank and her entire focus was on her partner and her opponent. She had no idea what this guy was capable of and his weapons hadn't changed form yet.
  13. the miester kept his arms crossed, as just nodded his head downwards. "You ready bro?" She asked the other weapon. "Im ready sis!" He replied as they both crossed there arms and went back to back. They both changed into a Fencing sword and a English short sword. "Lets get this party started." He said smirking. He saw the sign to start of the sparring match. He lunged forward with his fencing sword going forward.
  14. Well, he sure acted quickly. Grace dodged his attack swiftly, swinging her scythe towards him in response. She still wasn't quite sure what this guy was capable of with those two weapons so she was keeping her distance. Better to be safe than caught off guard, she supposed.
  15. The girl was quick with her scythe and quick in ger feet which made this fight even more fun. He quickly used his english sword to block the scythe blade and moved his other blade in close to try to attack her stomach.

    "Grace be careful he wants you to fight him up close, use the chain to keep him away." Wraith told her mind.
  16. Grace quickly jumped back, both to dodge the attack and get out of his reach. "Ah, I know Wraith," she said softly to her weapon, grabbing the top of the chain and swinging it around in a circle, her eyes steady on the boy she was fighting against. Unfortunately she couldn't hold the scythe upside down and swing the chain since the blade got in the way, but moving the chain on her own accord worked just as effectively. "I just wanted to know what I was up against."
  17. "Ok just dont play around to much and get yourself hurt." He told her.

    The other miester would look at the movements she made and smirk. "Soul residance" He cried out loudly. As three souls combined into a mix soul aura. His weapons would change into two black english swords and his cloths would change into a black leather fighting suit. "Let the games begin." HE said look up at her, he quickly took one step forward and he seemed to vanish, he appeared behind her to attack her back wide open, hoping she would be defenseless
  18. Wow, he could do that with two other souls. Maybe she'd have to get some tips from him later.... The guy was obviously pretty skilled and, she supposed, might prove to be a challenge for her. Wherever he was going to go he needed to be close range, she knew that much. When he disappeared from her view she turned on her heel and swung the chain around, knowing he would have to appear somewhere around her, so she might as well keep a circle of safety around herself. Grace just wasn't quite sure she was fast enough for him, as it seemed he was pretty fast, and just prayed she would be able to keep him away.
  19. This time around the guy was swatted back like a fly. "That chin is really annoying if I do say so myself." The guy commented. He started to run forward for another attack but the bell for training rag. He stopped in his tracks and let his two weapons return to normal. "That, was a rather interesting battle. The name is Damien. Yours is?" He asked wondering who his opponent was.
  20. The bell rang and Grace dropped her weapon to her side as her opponet did. He thought that she was interesting? This was exciting, maybe she'd get to ask him a few questions. The emotion that had been wiped off her face when she battled returned as she smiled. "I'm Grace," she chirped. "And my weapon, he's Wraith." Well they were a team, she might as well introduce them both at once.
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