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  1. Ezra carried the unconscious girl in his arms through the night, heading towards the small apartment he had rented in the slums of the kingdom. How long would it be until someone noticed the Princess of this fine kingdom went missing? Surely it wouldn't be long till then. His crimson colored eyes looked down at the girl, her features glowing against the light of the moon. Heavens, she was beautiful and her blood...Composing himself, Ezra rushed through the streets and spotted the building. He took off into a light jog and pulled the door open once he reached it.

    Upon entering his small apartment, he strode over to his bedroom and set her down on the bed, the mattress creaking as he did so. Immediately, Ezra had to move away from the girl. The scent of her blood was driving him crazy and the smell was so alluring that he had to use all his sheer will not to lean down and bite her neck. Clamping a hand over his mouth and nose, Ezra left his bedroom and headed towards the living room, setting the fireplace to keep the place warm.
  2. everything was so silent and dark during the night in the castle it was almost creepy and scary to get out of the rooms. yet Rose wasnt asleep and she was brushing her hair calmly starring in the mirror starring at herself a little annoyed by how her fiery red was looking like after washing it. she closed her eyes only for a few moments, only for her to black out. all she could feel was a cold hand over her hand and nose and she blacked out completely without a single sound.

    now as he was carrying her, her body was moving lightly with each of his steps, her arms and legs dangling a little like she would be a doll. because of the cold night, her body was getting colder and her skin paler, her heartbeat slowing down too. but she made it safely to his apartment. she started to gain her senses as soon as the warmth of the sheets surrounded her. letting out a soft groan she started to move and by instinct she wrapped the covers around her petite body curling into a ball, in the middle of the bed shivering and trembling.

    her mind was blank, but after warming up a little she slowly sat up and stumbling a little she got to the door and opened it. her green eyes paused as she realized she wasnt at the castle, and she looked around slowly only to step backwards seeing the male beside the fire place and started to shake again, but this time in fear, not coldness
  3. Ezra's altered hearing heard the bed faintly creak again followed by footsteps. The girl was awake! Turning, he glanced over to the door that was pulled open and she stood there. The alluring scent she held, immediately turned into a smell of fear, which he found a bit disgusting. He didn't understand how other vampires found the taste of fear delicious, it frankly tasted foul to him. He preferred that sweet and appealing taste of their blood.

    The Princess began to tremble and Ezra took a slow cautious step towards her, he raised his hands in the air to show her he meant no harm. "It's okay." He said in a friendly tone. He continued to take cautious steps towards her, not daring to make sudden movements that would surely scare he more. "How are you feeling?" He questioned lightly. He wouldn't hurt her. How could he?
  4. rose wanted to shut the door right in his face but she was too afraid too move so fast so she just continued to take small steps back hitting the bed with ehr legs and she paused gulping the little lump in her throat starring up at him " who.. are you?" she asked in a broken trembling voice as her green eyes lowered a little keeping the look of fear in then " why am i here?" she asked again wrapping the blanket tighter around her shoulders
    " where am i ?" she continued to ask as she felt her eyes teary because of the horrible feeling of fear her body was holding.

    " you know who i am... you know you did a wrong move." she continued to whisper, the tears turning into soft sobs as she raised her head again her green eyes meeting his crimson eyes and she gasped looking down fast pressing her fingers in the soft material of the blanket
  5. Ezra followed her into the bedroom, yet remained close to the door. That disgusting smell only intensified as he got closer.
    "I'm Ezra and this is my apartment." He said slowly and quietly, trying to show the girl that he meant no harm. He didn't know how to go with this. Should he approach her and try to soothe her? Should he keep his distance?

    At her words, he pursed his lips. He was fully aware of who she was and what power her father held, yet Ezra couldn't help himself. The fact that she could be the one was something he just couldn't let it slip through his fingers. "Look, I need you to calm down. I'm not going to hurt you. Just relax and everything will be okay." He said as he took cautious more steps towards her.
  6. As he stepped towards her she fell in bed and crawled a little away hitting the bedrail woth her back staring at him with teary eyes " why did you bring me here ?" She asked, her voice merely a whisper as she was staring up at him . It was pretty dark in the room and she couldnt see too much from his appearence beside the firm lines of his massive body and his red eyes staring at her in a hungry way

    She pressed her knees against her chest staring at him while her own stomach started to grumble but not in hunger , but in a sign if fear and a warningto throw up if she wouldnt calm down soon
  7. Did she even believe in the whole soul mate thing? Had she even heard of it? Frowning, he watched as she crawled back away from. Glancing in the mirror, his eyes widened. he forgot to change the eye color of his eyes. Cursing under his breath, he closed his eyes and soon enough they were a brown color. Unfortunately this gift didn't last for very long.
    "Unfortunately, I can't tell you yet." he stated as he moved to the side of the bed. "Calm down." He said as he held his hands up. He hated using his powers on a human for reasons that need not mentioning, but desperate times called for desperate measures. He began to ease her fear, by bringing in tiredness.Ezra had an interesting power: the ability to manipulate emotions. He could make his victim feel something else than an emotion they were feeling. He rarely ever used it.
  8. She wanted to jump off the bed as he sat down on the bed but paused as she slowly started to feel tired . Her grip on the blanket losened a littke but she tried to stay awake " who are you ?" She asked again her eyes meeting his again . She noticed his eyes were brown now and she avtually started to think this was just a dream and she would wake up soon . But despre that she fell on her side , deeply asleep with her lips ligjtly parted and her hair messed on her face

    Outside the cold winter storm started to rage and howl around . Rose was aware of its coldness so she curled up tigjt, even jn her sleep , to keep herself warm since she was wearing just a tin night dress
  9. It wasn't long until she fell asleep and Ezra breathed out a sigh. This was going to be harder than he thought. Glancing down at her, he gently moved the strands of her hair from her face. A small smile settled onto his lips, before he noticed her body tremble. Frowning, he removed his thick jacket and draped it over her. "You're safe here."He murmured as he leaned down to place a gentle kiss on her forehead. Standing up, he went to go prepare her some food for when she woke up. Making his way towards the door way, he paused. Ezra walked back and picked up the Princess and took her to rest in front of the fireplace on the small cushioned couch. From there he went to the kitchen to prepare her food.
  10. Again , as he pucked her up her body moved with his own. But this time she wasnt unconcious . She was just asleep so she moved a little almost hiding her face in his neck before he set her back down on the couch . She slowly curled tight again under the blanket and his jacket with her nose burried in the jacket , the fire warming her up slowly and making her feel both comfortable and safe lightning her face a little .
    Feeling comfortable her lips graduatelly curled into a sift smile as she continued to sleep calmly , a dreamless night . She didnt wake up the whole night untill the sun rose
  11. Ezra had prepared the food and even set it on the table on the side next to the couch, but he ended up eating it since she stayed asleep the whole night. While she had been asleep, he had gathered her some clothes to put on. It was some simple thick trousers with a button up shirt and a cloak. They needed to leave the kingdom soon. Ezra never stayed in one place for long and now he had an even bigger reason to leave. They would be coming to look for her.

    "Good morning." Ezra said as he gave her a gentle smile when she woke up. "I got you some clothes." He said as he held it out to her. H strongly hoped that she didn't freak out like yesterday.
  12. Rose blinked a few times as she pushed herself up . She looked around then at him silently then down again taking the clothes slowly , her delicate fingers pressing into them as small tears started to rub down her cheeks. " papa will save me ..." She whispered and wipped her tears.

    She never thought anyone could be such a fool to actually kidnapp her from her own room , when she was always huarded . She paused . Her room was guarded . How did he made it in ?! She raised her head to look at him amd narrowed her eyes " how did you do it ... I was guarded by at least two of the best men in the kingdom ..." She said backing away slowly
  13. Ezra frowned as tears began to stream down her cheeks. He didn't want her to cry nor to be upset and scarred. He felt like the cruelest man alive for kidnapping the girl from her home just because of his own selfish reasons, but what's done is done. Now that he had her, he wasn't going to take her back, so as she backed away, Ezra remained in his spot. "That I cannot tell you." Ezra said as he met her gaze, his eyes a brown color.

    "I'll explain everything to you once you change into that." Ezra said as he pointed to the garments in her hand. He wanted to get out of her quick and she was wasting time.
  14. Rose slowly wipped her tears with the back of her hands and looked down at the clothes silently " and if i refuse dressing ?" She asked in a low tone , barely a whisper now as she was still sobbing a little . She slowly raised her head again and their eyes met .

    She remembered a small detail from last night . His eyes were red. And she was sure it wasnt just her mind . Her deep green eyes narrowed a little as she looked away from him " i dont want to dress ." She said seriously now and her stomack grumbled in hunger " im hungry " she said placing a hand on her belly
  15. Ezra frowned as she refused to get dressed into the clothes, but then said she was hungry. "Alright. I'll make you food. Can you please just get dressed into the clothes." Ezra said as he gave her a pleading look. This was proving to be more difficult than he anticipated.

    Moving towards the kitchen, he went to go prepare her some food. Hopefully she listened to him and got dressed.
  16. when she was alone she looked around and walking on her toes she reached for the main door and tried to open it. she sighed as it was locked and looked around again. she had no way to escape at all? sighing deeply she made her way to the bedroom and started to dress. she got closer to the window and looked outside. she wasnt that far from the ground. maybe she could jump.

    she looked around silently and slowly opened the window getting on the sill carefully and looking down taking a deep breath and closing her eyes for a second before attempting to jump
  17. Ezra put in some bacon on a skillet and some eggs in another one. He stood there but his hearing caught some noise. For a moment, he remained still trying to figure it out before rushing towards the bedroom. What was she doing? Seeing her leaning out of the window made Ezra panic and he used his speed to move next to her. He wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her away from the window. "Are you crazy?" He questioned as he held her against his chest.
  18. she was ready to jump when his arms wrapped around her and she yelped surprised as she was being pulled back and she started to squirm pnicked" let me go ! LET ME GO!" she yelled squirming in his arms like a scared animal. she eventually made it out his arms, panting a little. she turned fast around to watch him. " its not a good idea to keep your prisoner free around the house.." she muttered stepping backwards to the window, her red hair being a huge mess now.
  19. Ezra kept a firm grip on her, but eventually he loosed his arms and let her escape from his grasp. He understood that she was desperate to get out, but jumping out of a window? They were one story up from the ground. She could have literally broken a bone and that was the last thing he wanted. Though before he could respond, there was a loud crushing noise from the living room. "Shit!" Running towards the Princess, he picked her up in his arms and rushed to the window. He didn't even need to check to know who was invading his house. Stepping on the ledge, he jumped out, holding onto her tightly. Ezra landed gracefully on the ground ad glanced up at the window. Sure enough he caught sigh of a pair of red crimson eyes. "Ezra! You filthy bastard!" The rough voice yelled, which caused Ezra to immediately take off using his enhanced speed.
  20. Rose yelped when he grabbed her again and by instinct she wrapped her arms around him as tight as she could closing her eyes tightly holding onto him. when he landed on the ground she looked up to the window seeing the pair of red eyes and gasp a little before looking at the male holding her " what... whats happening.." she muttered in a low scared voice while he was running , without loosening the grasp at all. she looked behind again silently as her hair was getting really messy and even landing on his face from time to time
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