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  1. Katia was out with her younger sister, her and her family had been camping over the weekend, to take a look at some of the sights in the forest. She was currently playing hide and seek with the seven year old girl. She had counted to ten whilst her sister hid and then went to find her. Surprisingly, her sister was pretty good at this game. She looked all about, in the trees, in bushes until she noticed her standing slightly at bay from a figure. This figure was a large dog, so it seemed. It wasn't just any old dog, it was a werewolf. Werewolves were one of the harshest enemies of the vampire kind. Didn't it know better then to be wandering about the woods?
  2. Cody had been exploring a forest, even though he knew it was a popular place for vampires to hang out, and sometimes even camp. He didn't mind vampires all that much, unlike most of his kind. Unfortunately, they didn't share the same feelings, so he often got himself into trouble around here. He was curious though, so when he saw a family of vampires set up camp, he decided he'd watch them. Today, as he watched the two sisters playing, he decided he wanted a closer look. He changed into his wolf form, and stood in the tree line, watching silently with his head tilted to the side. What he wasn't expecting, though, was the younger one to come spot him, and come up. The fur along his spine bristled as he set his blood red eyes on her. The way she looked at him told him she knew what he was. Though hat wasn't exactly hard, the eyes and his size were a dead giveaway.
  3. Katia pulls her sister away and then tells her to go back to her parents, slightly interested by the wolf, she hesitates but them leaves. She stares down at the wolf for a few minutes, not sure what to say to the creature. So she just stared, her red eyes locking with his as a cold gaze. After a few moments, she walks aways from the wolf.
  4. A shiver ran down his spine, bristiling his fur from the tips of his ears, all the way down through his tail. He shook himself quickly, a cloud of dust billowing out from his coat, to fall back down to earth to settle on the ground, some landing on him again, turning his midnight black fur a grey-ish colour. He watched the older vampire walk away, and, intrigued, padded after her at a distance, following, tail sweeping low against the ground with a quiet swishing sound.
  5. Katia wanders back to her tent, and then sat in there for a short while. She scented the wolf nearby, but decided to not worry about it. She fell asleep for most of the day, and then came out for a walk during the night hours. She sat down on top of a tree and then stared down at the earth below her, then looked up at the stars, drawing them vaguely in a notebook of hers.
  6. Cody had waited for a while, to see if she'd come back out or not. Afer about an hour or so he walked back off to the forest. It seemed she had fallen asleep or something. As night approached he found a small hole in a tree, and crawled inside, curling up. It was warm in here, and his eyes slowly began to close. Small snores came from his mouth as he fell into a light state of sleep.

    His eyes suddenly snapped open, ears twitching as he heard footsteps. He ventured out of the cosy little hollow he'd found, stretching out, opening his jaws in a long yawn. He shook his fur out, ignoring the sticks that fell to the ground. He sniffed around the ground, tail wagging slowly, lifting his head and looking around. His eyes fixed on a figure in the tree, tilting his head to the side. He padded over to the tree and sat back on his haunches underneath, looking up at her with curiosity, watching silently.
  7. Katia sniffled the air vaguely when she scented something familiar. She looks around, then beneath her and sees a large wolf staring at her. She glares at it coldly, it had been the one who was probably going to attack her younger sister or demand for their territory. She hissed at it coldly, she didn't mean to be so mean, but it carried out in the family history that vampires weren't supposed to make contact with wolves. Never.
  8. He stayed where he was, not even flinching as the vampire displayed aggressive behavior towards him. He didn't perticularly care. Just like he didn't care about the rule that forbid him from being near vampires, which he so clearly disobeyed, on a regular basis. His stomach growled as he caught the scent of prey nearby, but he ignored it. He was more interested in the female above him. After a few more minutes, his body shifted, back to that of his human form. He stretched his arms above his head, as clicking sounds filled the air. "Ah, that's better." He mumbled, running a hand through his pitch black hair to dispatch any and all dirt that had gathered there. "Hey.." He called up to the vampire, raising a hand to his forehead to sheild his eyes from the moonlight, so he could see her better, head tilted backwards.
  9. Katia rolls her eyes to herself and crosses her arms across her chest, deciding to ignore him. Soon, she got down from the tree and then shoves past him, hard and began to return back to camp, making sure to be wary of all of the twigs and such around her so she wouldn't trip over.
  10. The young Werewolf stumbled backwards as she pushed passed, using the tree to stop himself from tumbling over. He shook his head slowly, before following. Vampires are always so aggressive. He thought to himself, shoving his hands in his pockets as he walked after her. He didn't care about the sticks beneath his feet, so the air was filled with crunching, snapping sounds as he walked, now and again accidentally kicking a stick, nearly hitting the vampire up in front.
  11. Katia watched cautiously behind her as the wolf followed, she could hear his footsteps in the short distance, she turned to face him, an angry and firm expression on her face. She glares at him, her dark red eyes slightly glowing in the moonlight. Her eyes weren't all that firm, there was something less angry about them, they had an innocent and a gentle look in them, she didn't want to be mean, she just didn't want to go against the family history.

    "What do you want!?" She demands.
  12. He jumped backwards, somewhat suprised by her sudden outburst, though he should've expected it. "Uh..." He mumbled, blinking. Yeah, smart. He thought to himself, mentally facepalming. "I don't know." He admitted, raising his shoulders in a lazy shrug. He raised a hand to scratch at the side of his head, because it was itchy. Maybe it was fleas? Oh god. He sure hoped it wasn't fleas. He hated those damn things. Always so jumpy as trying to steal your blood. And oh, the itching. It was just terrible.

    He shook his head to rid himself of those thoughts, a shudder running down his spine, before he turned his attention back to the vampire. "I guess I was just curious.." He mumbled, shuffling his feet against the ground in an awkward manner, tracing. Lines in the dirt.
  13. She watches him and then smiles weakly. He seemed nice enough, a regular werewolf would have probably attacked her by now. "It's okay. I'm sorry. My names Katia, me and my family are camping around here. If you want to follow me around then we'd better stay at bay. I don't want them to see you and get the wrong idea, because you look nice enough" She says. She looks around, the camping spot was far away enough so they could talk without her parents suspecting.
  14. "Cody." He said, looking up at her with a friendly smile. He nodded his head as he listened to her, casting a quick glance towards the camping site. "Uh.. Thanks..?" He mumbled, unsure whether he should take that as a compliment or not. He shrugged it off. "So, hi." He mumbled cheerily, grinning at her.
  15. She smiles and nods weakly. "Hi. What brings you here anyways? It's not often that you find vampires and werewolves pretty close in contact" She replies. She wondered why he had come so close when he probably knew the history between their two kinds. Even so, why didn't he attack her? Not that she wanted that to happen, but why? She was merely confused with his kindness and interest in her. She decided to shrug it off and see what happened, she could at least talk to him and see what he was all about. She hadn't made many friends, and this was her chance, after all.
  16. "Well, I got kicked out of my pack, so didn't really have anywhere to go... Anyway, I've always been curious of why my kind and yours are always at war, so I decided to find out. I searched out the most popular places vampires hang out... And ended up here. I figured this would be a great spot, to watch Vampires behaviour, cause there's a small forest... Which usually means prey and stuff, so it seemed great for me, ya know?" He told her, smiling happily. "Wait... Does that sound a bit creepy..? I guess it is a bit weird to be watching people... Uh..." He chewed on his bottom lip, rubbing at the back of his head with one of his hands, -releasing yet more dirt, which floated alot less than elegantly down to the ground- chuckling quietly.
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  18. Katia nods vaguely and then shook her head. "No, I don't think it's creepy at all! I think it's cool that you want to know more about is. There isn't anything particularly fabulous about being a vampire, when it comes down to it we're just normal people. I'd love to find out more about your kind, but I'd probably have my head ripped off in seconds" She says with a shrug.

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  19. "Oh. Well.. I can teach you if you like..?" He suggested, tilting his head to the side. If he was in his wolf form right now, his tail would be wagging a-mile-a-minute, as they say. "So, how 'bout it?" He pressed on, shifting from foot to foot, jumping around a little bit.

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  20. Katia nods lightly. She looks down at the wolf beside her and then kneels, gently stroking his fur with a soft giggle. His fur was so soft and fluffy. She pets his head lightly and then stood up, waiting for him to show her what to do next.
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