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  1. Kasumi Shimizu: Meister
    Age: 18

    The smell of pancakes wafted through the small apartment, betraying Kasumi's activities. She hummed happily, swaying to the tune as she cooked. It was early, but she didn't mind. She enjoyed cooking. It reminded her of her mother. Besides she didn't just have herself to think about, Masato would be hungry too. And for this reason she would gladly sacrifice an hour or two of sleep. She poured more batter into the pan. In the past couple of months, she had gotten used to sharing a apartment with her weapon partner. She had to admit it was weird at first. She was an only child and as such was used to being alone, so the sudden lack of privacy was something to get used to. With a practiced flick of her wrist, she flipped the pancake to its other side. But now she really liked having someone around. It was nice. Speaking of which, shouldn't he be up by now?

    Masato Kunniko: Weapon
    Age: 17

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    Masato woke to the smell of something cooking. It was pancakes, wasn't it? "You're the best, Kasumi...", he whispered, and smiled, before sitting up in bed and stretching. When he had first met her, he couldn't sleep how he liked due to the whole privacy issue. But, the number of incidents where they had accidentally invaded privacies had sharply decreased. He could sleep how he liked. Nothing on, wrapped up in the blankets. He slipped his legs over the side of the bed, and got out of it, putting some clothes on, and yawning, before walking over to his door, and opening it, walking out to the kitchen. "Morning, Kasumi!", he sat down at the table. "Pancakes today, huh? There must be something special today...", he tapped his chin. "Ah! We go to the DWMA today!", he cheered at his epiphany. Usually they didn't cook in the mornings except on weekends and days off, but... she had really put in the extra effort. "Thank you!", he said.
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  2. Kasumi had just finished setting the table when Masato emerged from his room. "Good morning!" she exclaimed, flashing a bright smile in his direction. She listened as he recalled the importance of the day. "That's right, so eat up. We'll need our strength if we're going to be fighting Kishin Eggs." Taking her own advice, she sat down and began to dig in. She was incredibly excited for their first day, but also admittedly nervous. She had no idea what this school had in store for them. At least she wouldn't have to handle it alone, Masato was in the same boat. If it sunk they were both going down... okay, so maybe that wasn't such a great analogy. The point was that she wasn't on her own, and she was glad. She looked down at her pancake and watched as the sweet syrup slowly engulfed it. It's weird to think she was homeless just a few months ago. In the end, their meeting was just some crazy chance of fate. She was at the right place at the right time she supposed. She looked up at Masato. Where would she be now if they had never met? She tilted her head, contemplating the idea. Well, there was no use thinking about it now. Beside she had more important things to worry about, like the fact that they were going to be late! With a surprised yelp, she stood up nearly knocking her chair to the floor. "We need to go!" She said, running to her room to grab her stuff. "There is no way we're being late on our first day!"
  3. He dug into the pancakes momentarily, and thought back on how far they'd come. His parents were relatively rich, but, the heir to the company couldn't be a weapon that would backfire at any given moment... so they had shipped him off with the girl who had stopped his "rampage". Just a homeless girl, but, when he had discovered his power and lost control of it, she managed to grab the handle and calm the saw. Thanks to her, nobody had been hurt. So now, he lived with her in Death City, home to the world's best training for people like him and her. The DWMA. He finished a pancake, and saw her jump up, knocking down the chair. "Daylight savings time...", he groaned. They would likely be late if they didn't hurry up. He ran to his room and pulled on street clothes before running to the kitchen, and picking up another pancake, eating it while it was still hot as they left. "It's a good thing we live close by...", he replied, and ran up the long set of stairs with her, once they had gotten down their street.
  4. Kasumi sprinted up the stairs with Masato at her side. They were going to make it, just a few more steps. There. She bent over panting, letting her bag slip to the ground next to her. "Phew, made it. And with a minute to spare!" she noticed happily. After regaining her composure, she finally took the time to take in her surroundings. Her eyes widened. "Wow, it's a lot bigger in person." Until now she had only seen the school from a distance but seeing it up close like this... It was amazing. As she was admiring the architecture, she failed to notice the man making a beeline towards them.

    "Why hello there! You must be Kasumi and Masato. I'm Alan Henric, death scythe and unofficial welcoming committee. It's a pleasure to meet you." The man greeted them with large grin that looked almost painful. "No need to be shy now. Lord Death is very excited to meet you. He makes a point to meet all the new student you see. This way." The man ushed them forward, barely giving Kasumi enough time to pick up her bag.

    What a strange man, Kasumi thought. She honestly couldn't tell if he was actually excited to see them or just putting on an act. This was definitely not how she pictured their first day would start out. She looked over at Masato, wondering what he thought of all this.

    Alan Henric: Death Scythe
    Age: 26
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  5. They had made it... and ahead was a man with a smile that looked like it could split his face in half.... Masato looked away from his face, and to Kasumi... he knew the man meant well, but the smile unnerved him. When he stopped smiling, Mastao looked back to him, and followed. "It's nice to see we are getting such a warm welcome.", he replied, and bowed his head courteously. "So lord death wants to see us, huh? In the flesh?", he imagined what lord death might look like... The last Lord Death had wore a silly looking mask, and had big hands so that he wouldn't scare children. He didn't know anything about this new one. The last one had been legendary, and this one would likely be the same. He felt honored to be able to meet someone like Lord Death.
  6. The strange man nodded in response to Masato's questions. "Yes, he's quite adamant about meeting all the new students. It's not like he has much else to do-" The man suddenly slammed his mouth shut, cutting his sentence short. A look of frustration flashed across his face. What was with this guy? He then attempted to cover his blunder with an awkward chuckle and quick change of the subject. "You two must be very excited for your first day. Where are you two from anyhow?" His persona returned to the smiling man that had first greeted them.

    This sudden change in his personality left Kasumi slightly flustered, and it took her a moment to compose her thoughts. "Uh well, I'm originally from the village of Akakawa, but I've been traveling a lot in the last couple years," she replied, not willing to go into anymore detail than that. It wasn't that she wanted to keep her past a secret, but she also wasn't about to go around telling her life story to anyone that asked, especially someone she had just met.

    During this conversation, the trio was steadily progressing towards the death room, navigating through a maze of halls thats sole purpose seemed to be to confuse the heck out of Kasumi as she struggled to keep her bearings. Left, left, right, left, right, right... Ah, forget it. After a couple minutes of unsuccessful mental mapping, she finally admitted defeat, thankful that at least Mr. Henric knew where they were going.
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  7. Masato cocked his head at the weird man's slip of the tongue. He said nothing about it, but the sheer fact that he knew not to say whatever he did and said it anyway was suspicious. But saying weird things and covering for yourself didn't automatically make you a badguy. Maybe he was kind of loony. When he was asked where he was from, he shrugged. "Far away. It doesn't really matter because I'm here now, aren't I? I took Kasumi here with me.", he said, and gave his partner's shoulder a pat. They were lead through a maze of hallways and soon enough, they ended at one big door. The doorway to the death room? He had heard that's where Lord Death resided. The doors were opened, and the two were lead to a strange place. The room seemed larger than it was, and it had a sky above. Inside the room, the floors were perfectly symmetrical black and white tiles, and there were quite a few gates leading up to the center of the room.