Soul Eater

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    Shadow didn't breath as the abomination known as the "Boston Strangler" moved closer to her. It was almost pitch black as clouds covered the moonless sky, but she had no trouble seeing her target. She and another meister had been ordered to take the man down after he murdered several women and consumed their souls, but Shadow doubted she needed help. Except from her partner, of course. The Boston Strangler was one ugly brute; standing only five feet tall with a killer beer belly. The chubby little monster was almost bald, but had massive hands and shark-like teeth to slaughter his victims quickly. What a freak.​

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    A flash of green shot across the sky and a large wave of wind blew the strangler to the side. The figure covered in green landed behind Shadow, a quiet and girly giggle coming from the figure. "Need help from little old Skye?" She blew a kiss, though the kiss was a blast of wind that went around Shadow and pushed the kishin back. The girl looked like she was just in her preteens, a lolita outfit being her clothing. She giggled again and trotted up next to Shadow. In reality, she was a witch. The witch of the wind. She was often seen as just a blur in a field just outside of town on sunny days. But now she was helping the meister.
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    Shadow growled in annoyance. Her hunt had been ruined by this--this pathetic excuse for a flying leprechaun! She turned her attention back to the monster, running forward to try and make up for her loss of suprise, but it was too late. The Boston Strangler had regained his footing and started to swing his enormous fists around, restricting how close she could get to him.
  4. Skye giggled when she saw the kishin egg begin to flail and swing about. "Oh, isn't that cute~" She giggled and disappeared in a blur of wind. The wind flowed strongly around the kishin egg and then suddenly burst up, throwing the creature into the air. The girl reappeared in the spot the kishin egg had been and waved her arm quickly into the air, a sharp blast of wind shooting up that would cut the kishin egg.
  5. Shadow tackled the witch, bringing her down as she threw her partner, currently a short, black blade, high into the air after the kishin egg. The witch's wind tore through the kishin and Shadow's short blade transformed in mid air to catch the twisted soul. ( I'll describe him soon)
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    The girl giggled quietly and put a finger to her lips. "Was I a help or wasn't I~? Just call me when you need me again~" The wind blew around her and she disappeared, incoherent whispers came from the winds around Shadow and her partner before complete silence filled the alleyway.
  7. Wolf landed in human form, just swallowing the kishin egg. "She ruined our hunt," He said quietly, staring up at where she disappeared. His head sprouted dark, black locks and he wore matching black jeans and a black t-shirt. Shadow moved forward and wrapped her arms around Wolf's neck, suddenly tired. "Don't kill her, Wolf," She yawned, "We'll get in trouble if you make a mess." Shadow mirrored Wolf's wardrobe, wearing the same black jeans and a black t-shirt. Wolf didn't reply for a few seconds, still staring into space. Then he dipped his head in acceptance and knelt to pick up Shadow on his back. It was time for them to make their way back to the DWMA.

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  8. Skye made her way through the winds, giggling. She soon found herself landing on the rooftop of the DWMA, hopping down from the back of the building and landing on the ground of the gardens with a large hop. This was another place she visited often, but she was less seen, blending in with the bright green of the gardens. She wandered through the gardens, skipping and looking around.
  9. It didn't take them long to make it back to the DWMA, even if they couldn't fly and Wolf was the only one really walking. Soon Wolf was trudging up the last of the thousand stairs of torture and set Shadow down against the the wall; she had fallen asleep. He pulled a small mirror out of his back pocket, breathing lightly on the surface before craving 42-42-564 into the fogged background.
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    A dark shadow soon appeared behind Skye. A tall, mean looking witch stood behind her, flipping her hair out of her face with her hand.

    "I don't understand why you do things like this. So pathetic. Having to ruina good show before its finished. I wanted to see what the meister would do if they couldn't beat the Kishin egg." Her golden eyes shot through the younger witch like butter.

    "You should stop interfering." She grunted softly. The witch had long black hair, golden eyes, and wore a black suit with bright purple pinstripes, and black high heeled boots. She was known as The Witch Of Knowledge, one of the only witches with Archive magic, and could summon information from anywhere in the world within seconds.
  11. Lord didn't take long to respond and Wolf showed him Shadow, nodding that their mission was a success. They were ordered to take a well deserved rest before their next mission, which would most likely involve the assassination of another monster. Wolf hung up and returned the mirror to his pocket. He knelt beside Shadow, tapping her lightly on the shoulder. She stirred within a few seconds, and took his hand as he pulled her to her feet. She swayed slightly for a second and gave a massive yawn. "Let's go to the gardens, Wolf," She suggested quietly, "The sun will help you go to sleep faster."
  12. Skye heard a voice behind her and the small green witch let out a small giggle. It was one she occasionally heard, one that belonged to someone she considered to be very stoic. She turned on her heels and looked up at the witch of knowledge, unaffected by the semi-glare. "Oh, but it's so fun to battle those kishin eggs~ But I can never engage without a meister engaging first~ Then I'd be considered a random attacker and not a helper~"

    She put a finger to her lips. "I will keep interfering as long as I want to~ After all, I am a young and curious witch who only wants to learn about the world~" She spun on her heel once, disappearing into the wind again and reappearing in the rose part of the garden, kneeling and smiling happily as she skipped around and smelled roses.
  13. She let out a grunt of dissatisfaction, following slowly behind the younger witch. She watched the flowers, and summoned a book, breaking a lavender stalk off and placing it inside. She sat on one of the garden benches, and began to read her book. She occasionally looked up at Skye, seeing her dart around. She sighed, and laid her head back, closing her eyes. She missed the days where she could just relax and be as chipper and curious as Skye- but having so much knowledge and knowing all the bad things in the world, along with the good, makes a person change over time.
  14. Wolf nodded once and offered his hand so that she might remember not to fall alseep before they got there. He walked ahead with her staggering a bit behind. It was hard for her to focus after two days of 'hunting' and then not being able to make the kill. Wolf tried to block the green smudge that stole his prey from his memory. In a sudden burst of energy, Shadow pulled away from behind him dragging him into the DWMA's famous gardens. He tried to make sure he didn't stumble on the uneven ground.
  15. Skye picked a few roses and quietly giggled, not minding the thorns and trotting over to the witch of knowledge. She held out the flowers with a big smile on her face. "Here!" She sat down beside the woman and looked up at her. "Have I ever asked for your name?" She tilted her head a bit, still smiling. "What is it? I'm Skye!" She giggled a bit more, kicking her feet lightly against the ground.
  16. Shadow and Wolf burst from the herb section of the gardens and into the flower domain. Shadow dragged Wolf across the pathways, heading right towards the witches. The warm, sunlit trees on the other side beckoned her tired mind and she did not acknowledge the witches' presence.
  17. The older woman bristled. She gingerly accepted the flowers, smiling softly. "T-thank you... And... I prefer not to tell anyone my name..." She pulled at her ear gently. She then sensed the meister/weapon duo, and hurriedly got up. "Meister...and weapon. We must leave." She took out her broom and hopped on, quickly maneuvering her way out of the garden through the trees.
  18. She smiled and quietly giggled when the woman said she didn't like telling anyone her name. She put a finger lightly to her lips. "I'll just call you... Chishiki-san!" She laughed when her ear was pulled and then tilted her head when the witch took off running on her broom and out of the garden. She tilted her head a bit and stood, smiling and waving to the woman before trotting deeper into the garden towards the more exotic area.
  19. Wolf's head jerked up, as if sensing the witch that had evaded him before, but Shadow's grip was as strong as iron and kept him trotting after her. Shadow stopped at the edge of the trees, taking in the warm sunshine and slight breeze. Wolf tapped on her shoulder and pointed to the clearing just within sight. The sun shone through the tees' branches while, at the same time, being warded off by them. Overjoyed, Shadow released Wolf's hand and ran the final distance, dancing a bit with her last steps. She sat underneath a tree and almost instantly nodded off. The warmth of the sun, creepy as it was, filled Wolf's bones and he found himself falling asleep even as he collasped next to Shadow under the shade of the tree branches.
  20. As Skye walked through the garden, pausing when she saw two figures in the distance. She tilted her head and trotted towards the two figures, smiling when she realized who they were. The weapon and meister that she had helped earlier. They were both asleep under a tree, so Skye knelt down when she got a few feet away from them with a small giggle. She sat down, crossing her legs. "That looks nice..." She got onto her hands and knees, going over to Wolf's other side and sitting down beside him with a small sigh as she leaned back against the tree. "It's too early for me to sleep..."