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  1. Hey Iwaku-ites! Doing a quick interest check and see if any Soul Eater manga fans out there wanna do a "RP AU" of it? Post in here to let me know!

    "RP AU" = Role Play Alternate Universe

    Main characters will be in it, we just add our own as well. Please use proper grammar if you are interested, I'm a Nazi like that xD
  2. Although I've heard from numerous people that it's a really good anime/manga, I've never read it. ; - : So, unfortunately, I probably wouldn't join.
  3. I would love to join, Soul Eater is and amazing manga and anime! And hooray, I found another Grammar Nazi!
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  4. It would be awesome if we could get an even number of people. And have it even so that we could have a "Weapon" for each "Meiser".
  5. Hey, I'd love to. ^^
  6. OK so we got 3 ppl... hell, if we get one more i'll make the character thread and we can use our creative juices xD
  7. Are all players playing original characters for this? If so I could get into it
  8. I might have a few friends joining that are willing to play. If you think we have enough, though, I'll leave it. >.< Hehe.
  9. @ Shiny: Yes, our characters will all be OC's

    @ SpaciousSpace: No no, the more the merrier! If we end up with an odd number... then we can have someone be a witch... or something... honestly it's OK!
  10. Awesome! I will let them know. Neither have contacted me about the RP we were supposed to be doing, so I'm curious to see what they're doing. :P
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  11. I'll join too after rereading the manga. It's been forever. :)
  12. Pokey! OMG I love you so much! First my Star Wars/Harry Potter RP and now this one! You are just too cool!
  13. No problem, hun. ^^ Anything for you.

    Speaking of the SW/HP ;D You should post if you hadn't already.
  14. So SpaciousSpace, what are your friends names so I can expect em?
  15. Okay, so one of them is Lady_Mudblood, the other one is being flaky and not even getting on, even though he swore to me. .-.
    Anyways, Lady_Mudblood should be on later today, as well. I'm hoping she'll be up to two, because we have one going that's canon, so I think she'll be up to it.
  16. Yeah... So I'd totally be interested (Just like she said I would ^.^)

    And if there was an odd number of people I'd be willing to be the witch if no one else wanted to.
  17. I'd definetly be interested! Only thing is I'm not to found of the manga version >.<
  18. This sounds interesting. Though I've never seen or read it, I will try my best and do research to join. I will definitely watch it too.
  19. OH yeah!!! MORE PPL!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!! OK so:

    @XxStephxX: Y U NO LIKEY TEH MANGA??? ISH BETTER!!! and fortunately there will be a totally non-canon storyline we would be playing, so we don't screw with the ACTUAL canon of the anime. I will highlight on the INSANITY of the Kishin, and there will be witches and such, but think of it like the Naruto movies... nothing actually advances the REAL story, but it's fun while it lasts xDDDDDD.

    @D'evil: you are a man among men... thank you. :mantears: xD I will throw the Character thread up then. Will edit with url!

    EDIT: thread is up!
  20. Coolios. I appreciate the man tears. This is the greatest honor I have received and shall cherish this moment. Now, I shall formulate a character.