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A school for weapons and meisters alike.
Current Principal and Founder (played by @The Jest as an npc) Death.
Lucas Koumei tugged at his jacket as he looked for his class. He pulled out the piece of paper in his pocket and unfolded it. 'My class should be here somewhere' he thought. Walking a bit further he found the room he was looking for. He opened the door not many people had arrived. Walking to the back middle he took a seat.
Sasha sat wondering what to do as she was terrified of meeting new people. She looked outside the window of her apartment wondering. 'What am I going to do!?!' she internally screamed. She decided to call in sick and sit in her apartment and watch tv.
Well here it is guys for anyone who wants to join you must have a partner before you can START rping so don't just come out of the blue and to everyone else in the rp already have fun.​
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Catherine sat up from her bed and stared at the wall. Without warning the alarm next to her bed went off making her turn and nearly scream in horror and fright. She fell out of her bed and began to groan "I don't want to do this today.. I do not want to do this today." She moaned out. Getting to her feet she zombie walked to her shower where she washed up before getting dressed and waving her hand over to her backpack. The backpack lifted up and flew into her hands gracefully. Even though no one knew what she was she still had to play the part of being the unknown enigma at the school. She knew that others would keep asking her about the rumors being spread.

Even with a grudging mind she opened the door to her dorm room and was struck by the light. She let out a whine before turning and making her way down the street and up to the steps to the DWMA. She looked up to the school then down at the steps. She then looked back and forth since she was already late. No one was around so she put a foot on the steps before she held a hand out. Her backpack began to half pull her up the steps as she dragged her feet behind not wanting to put much effort into anything today. Finally reaching the stop she stopped the backpack levitation and walked the last few steps.

Passing through the threshold of the schools main doors she walked through the halls keeping her head down. Finally coming to her classroom she stalked through the doors and stopped dead in her tracks. She sniffed the air and sighed. The animal side that was dominated by the witch made it easier to smell and realize things... much like a cat she was paranoid and lazy. She looked up and gazed around before shaking it off and taking a seat on the other end away from everyone and the kid that entered before her. Now at her seat she put her backpack down on the table and put her head down with her arms surrounding her head.
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In a small litttle apartment the sounds of a face hitting the floor was was a normal occurrence around this time of day. The groggy sounds from the origin of the disturbance were heard as 17-year old, Ash Kurogaki, rose from his impact point. Reading the clock he yawned and got up to start getting ready for a brand new day at the DWMA...well technically his first day, but those are minor details. Going through his morning routine Ash made sure to pick out his favorite outfit (which is his only outfit) to set a good first impression upon his future classmates. After a good 30 minutes of prep time he then realized he was a good 10 minutes late to class which didn't spark as much concern as one would think. "Eh better to be late on the first day I suppose." After grabbing a leftover burger from last night he headed out the door and began his walk towards school.

Thankfully he was smart enough to "rent" out an apartment fairly close towards the school grounds and was able to make it there in 5 minutes. He saw a great deal of students who were trying to find their partners day 1 so they could have an easier time later on. "Feh! I've survived this long on my own so all of this should be a piece of cake." With that thought in mind he found his homeroom and walked in taking a seat in the far right hand corner. "Lets just hope that these classes are as fun as those guys told me they would be." With a small smirk Ash kicked up his feet and waited for class to begin.

Citrus Arms

Regan walked to school from the penthouse property her father bought in Death City for her use. She was surprised her mother hadn't thrown a fit about all the money spent on her, but she understood a little more when she saw the place. It wasn't as large as she had imagined, but it was still more than she would probably need. There were peculiar things, however, like a private training courtyard and other things you wouldn't expect in the average home. Perhaps that was how he convinced her mother...?

No matter. What mattered was the massive staircase, leading up to the school. "Whaaat." The young brunette stared up at the staircase. This was the entrance? This grueling exercise that would be here, no matter the weather or crisis? Surely, there must be emergency measures, but that aside, it was amazing! And come to think of it, the footpath on the way here had a lot of stairs, too... Though it was very scenic.

"It's a small wonder there's not a food vendor here..." She could use something high-calorie but compact, when faced with this kind of obstacle. She looked around, and her eyes spied something. "Ah," some vending machines! "Yosh."

She bought a juice and a baggie of small shortbread cookies. The juice found its way into an insulated, zippered pocket on the interior of her jacket. She could take it fast, and work up a sweat, or take it easy, but she might run a little late. With a deep breath, the young lady began her climb up the stairs, taking them two, then three at a time.

"Whew..." The young lady had broken for a walk a few times on the way up, to munch on her snack for a little or drink some juice. At one point, she had turned and sat, staring out to appreciate the view. But, she made it, and she once again turned to look at the view before her. She could see even farther than before, but she still couldn't figure out what the presence she felt was. She was noticing it less now, but when she first came to the city, she couldn't get rid of it.

"Aah, I should go to class."
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Ren woke up to an alarm buzzing in her ear, literally, making her sit up in surprise on her bed and quickly shut off the buzzing alarm on her pillow. She looked around her dim room lit by the low amount of morning light, regretting her decision the night before to set the alarm on her pillow to make sure she woke up, still hearing the annoying buzzing in her head. With a sleepy groan she got up and quickly got ready for the day, wanting to be on time for her first class at the DWMA.

Ren was soon headed out of her apartment, quickly heading to the DWMA with her cat, Jade, following with quick steps. When she reached the long flight of stairs leading up to the school, she sighed deeply and took the steps two at a time, though before she got far, Jade meowed out loud in complaint. Ren sighed again and rolled her eyes at the cat, though she picked the small Russian Blue up immediately. "Jeez, Jade you're so lazy but you insist on following me everywhere...You're gonna make me late." She chuckled softly at the strange cat and kept going up the stairs.

Soon Ren reached her classroom, noticing how early she must've arrived as she was one of the first to get there. She immediately sat down somewhere in the middle, her cat claiming some of her writing space as a napping area immediately. Ren lazily pet the cat, wishing she had stopped to grab some coffee. Ren sighed, wanting only to be able to get back to her bed and sleep the whole day, but she didn't, instead sitting at attention and waiting for the rest of the students and the teacher to come in.

Darrus yawned as he walked up to the DWMA, still regretting going out the night before. He greeted a few people in his usual cheerful self, a casual smile always on his face despite being tired, as he walked through the school, picking up some well needed coffee in the cafeteria. Throughout his morning trek through the campus he constantly looked around for a certain someone whom he knew should be in class today, though he didn't see his sister at all.

Darrus soon began to head towards the classrooms, combing his long messy hair back lazily. He came to the classroom he had been assigned to for the day and walked in, seeing a few students sitting inside already, though his eyes immediately rested on his sister, Ren, who was giving him a wonderfully charming look of surprise followed by a glare, a look that matched her cat's look as well. Darrus' face was one of slight surprise at seeing his younger sister, but it quickly changed to that of an easy smile as he remembered she was supposed to be there, silently walking to the teachers desk and waiting for more students to show up, and teachers as well if they had assigned multiple teachers for the new students, setting his coffee down beside him and crossing his arms with a sigh. "Pretty quiet room..." His voice sounded out in the silent room, earning a few looks from the students, especially Ren, though he tried to ignore her glares, quietly laughing nervously. What a morning.
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