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  1. Hello! I am just checking to see who would like to try out a soul eater rp! I don't mind what class the students would be in (NOT or EAT) but I would like all the roleplayers to be in the same class so that it wouldn't be two completely storylines in one and it would make the threads very confusing. I don't mind if someone takes only the meister or weapon but I do prefer if you take the pair ( though some characters can be miesters with normal weapons or a weapon who uses their own body.)

    I don't have a plot set in stone and would like to have the group of roleplayers all chip in to decide because it will make everyone happy with how the roleplay will go!
  2. oh yes please! I would love to meister! I have one all made and sadly soul eater rp's are hard to come by.
  3. Sweet! As you can see no one else seems interested that has seen this so if'd you like this can be a one-on-one roleplay unless we find more people.
  4. Can I be stein?! I promise to fill all the students hearts with fear and knowledge. They'll stay mostly in tact.
  5. I really avoid having roleplays with canon characters played by other roleplayers.
  6. sounds good! maybe wait out the weekend to see if anyone else joins in.
  7. I'm in for Crona! ^_^
  8. I have this weapon I've been trying to find a Soul Eater RP for. I'd be excited to play her again.
  9. I avoid having canon characters played in roleplays unless they are absolutely needed (i.e. Lord Death)
  10. I would like to be a weapon if someone needs one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.