Soul Eater: Witch's Moon

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  1. The Death Weapon Meister Academy or better known as DWMA has stood a bulwark against evil for many years. Its students roam across the ages as wielders of Death's righteous hand. They are those that keep the evil at bay. They are the pairs that stand at the forefront of the fight against all those who wish to bring harm to the civilized and good world. Lord Death himself presides over the academy and overseas all those within it to keep them on the good path and to keep them moving forward.

    The time of rebuilding is passing quickly as Death City is putting the last touches on the damage that was caused during the Keishen Ausura's time alive. With his passing the time of celebration began and ended quickly. The time of rebuilding the world began. The Madness wavelength spread across the world awakened many a horrible abomination and brought many a dormant witch back from their sleep. With this surge in Madness came the stronger witches. Many of them awakening after near a Millennium of sleep. Some predating Medusa by centuries. These new threats have lead the DWMA to new tactics to fight the rising threats of both monsters and Witches.

    Delynnaria stared out across the vast expanse of Death city as she stood atop one of the large rock railings lining the edges of the large platform. Her white hair flapping gently in the wind causing her to every once in awhile fix it. The air was crisp and she knew the winter months were slowly coming in on them and she looked forward to the upcoming winter festivities. The large sun glowed brightly overhead causing her to cover her eyes as she looked up at the endless sky that seemed to reach out endlessly in all directions. Only the gentle wispy clouds high in the atmosphere seemed to blemish an almost entirely perfect sky.

    She turned on her heels and was careful not to trip and fall to her death. She stepped off of the ledge and back onto the stone floor surrounding the entirety of the academy. She looked up and followed the spikes protruding out of the academy. She let and smile slide across her and she quickly began to make her way towards the entrance of the academy. She opened the door and stepped inside. She adjusted her aqua blue jacket and pulled the hood down off of her head. Her long white hair flowed back down over her shoulders.

    She looked around in the main hallway before beginning to head towards the main area. She walked over to a mailbox and opened it before retrieving and letting and closing it. She panned through the letters for her and put them into her pockets before beginning off in a sprint. She ran out of the academy doors and began down the massively long steps leading up to it. She reached the bottom after several Minutes and stopped to cool down for a moment before heading off towards Her and her partners dorm. She reached the dorm room door and opened it before stepping inside and calling out "I'm back!".
  2. Nyx who sat there just gazing out the window wasn't even paying attention. Though hearing her return due to the loud ruckus she made he just sighed and stood up saying, "Sometimes I wonder if you can wake the dead with how loud and energetic you are..." Walking up he lightly plucked her nose saying "There's no need to make a racket every time you return. I can hear you a mile away the way you come in like a dinosaur every day
  3. Delynnaria stared at him as he approached "I do not make a loud-" was all she could say before she was flicked on the nose. She gasped and growled lightly "I hate when you flick me!" She said in protest. She lightly nudged him to give herself some breathing room "Well... I apologize for the fact that I like to have a good time! No matter what is happening around me! I think having fun is the first step towards being a happy person." She said then turned at stared at him as if targeting him with her words. "The first step.... Right Nyx..." She said and then stood in a pose like way waiting for a response from him.
  4. Nyx sighed saying, "Yes yes... anyways but you're just no fun are you. I can't even tease you without you getting into a tizzy." He sat back down just as a rock went suddenly flying through his window breaking a small hole through it. Seeing it land off by the door he frowned saying, "I just had this window repaired too... How many does this make now and even when I'm not at school I still get discriminated against..."
  5. Delynnaria grumbled slightly at him "I am fun! Just.. I don't like being flicked... Flicking is obnoxious.. Not that I am anything but! I just like being left intact!" She continued until a crash was heard. Her ears seems to perk slightly and her eyes darted towards the window. She grumbled "Well then... Wont we have to find out who that was. I guarantee I can catch them..." She said with a devious smirk on her face. "I love hunting things down... It seems instinctual.. Then I want to play with them... for some reason... I cant put my finger on it.. It was always like this.. Even... With mother.." She said and began to trail off as she began to enter a place she didn't want to go. She shook her head and faked a small smile "Don't worry Nyx.. We will prove them all wrong... Every one of them.. They will stand in awe of our strength..." She said and smiled at him.
  6. Nyx nodded and closed the drapes saying, "Honestly I don't know why you choose me as your partner... I mean because of me you might become an outcast.. I hope they don't treat you as badly as they do to me... That's my biggest worry right now..." Walking over he said, "Anyways shall we go get something to eat my stomach craves some food I'm sure you're hungry too."
  7. Delynnaria looked over at him and sighed "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.. Lord Death is like a father to me. He wont let others mistreat me. There's things about me that we won't let others mistreat me for.. and I chose you because I can help You and you can help me." She said Then went over and picked up her packet once mode "As a matter of fact! I am hungry.. I'll buy.. I have a lot of money I don't need. Thank you for a high metabolism and a perfect body." She said with a happy tone. She opened the door then turned back towards him. "Well, are you coming?" She asked and extended A hand towards him.
  8. Nyx took her hand and the two left and following her to the place she picked he could hear the place go dead quiet as they entered and a few people were avoiding eye contact with him for the most part. He just said, "I'll have whatever you're having so go ahead and order I'll take a table for now..." He then went and sat down just ignoring everyone and grabbing the newspaper in front of him he just skimmed through it. Though an article caught his eye and reading it over it was going on about how twenty children or more kept disappearing during the night time for the past week alone and have not returned at all. He found that mildly disturbing for so many kids to vanish in such a big group had to scream the word witch to him. And what made it even more weird was they seem to have willingly walked out their front doors and there were no signs of kidnapping.
  9. Delynnaria nodded to him as he walked away from her. She turned to the counter and began to order several Hamburgers and two milkshakes. She then turned to see all the people looking and waving at her but ignoring Nyx. She sighed lightly then made her way over to where Nyx was siting. She took a seat across from him and looked to the newspaper he was holding and looking "What's in the paper for today? Anything interesting? Ohh... I love find out things..." She said then began to whistle lightly as she waited for the people to bring the food over to them. She could see his face changing and tilted her head to the side slightly "Somthing wrong?" She finally sked him.
  10. "This article disturbs me is all... Nearly over a hundred children have disappeared from their homes this week alone and there was no signs of them being kidnapped. The doors were locked and the children seem to have just waltzed out on their own and have not been seen since then... Let's check the board tomorrow at school and see if there's anything on this matter on there.." Nyx said as their food was brought to them finally. He took a sip of his milkshake and continued skimming through the paper.
  11. Delynnaria nodded slowly "Well... Thats odd isn't it? I think we should check that out definitely. I hope there is somting on the board... We really havent done a mission together with each other yet so I think this will be great. Also it may help your reputation... Going out and finding all those helpless kids.. Kinda sweet honestly." She said before the food arrived. When the food arrived she stared at the food before suddenly beginning to eat. She tore in the hamburger very fast and she orderd is medium rare so the blood was still inside of the burger. She looked up and realized she was not acting presentable. She smirked slightly then began to eat in a civilized way. She finished her first hamburger then turned to the next of the three she ordered for herself and began to eat it. "I look forward to that honestly... I wonder how it will all go... i wonder what that person is doing or thing is doing with them all... I hope none of them are hurt." She said and finished speaking.
  12. The next day:
    As Nyx stood there staring at the board the moment he had walked in there alone the school hall way had cleared out pretty fast. No one wanted to be near him as usual. Scanning the board for the incident he read in the newspaper Nyx heard a soft female voice say, "Um... um excuse me... I-I can't see you're blocking the board." Turning he looked at the girl who stood there yet her partner was fast to run up as he said, "Stay away from him Yuki! He's bad news and you know it!" "But... Kayden... he's not doing anything wrong honestly those rumors are just stupid..." Yuki said. Nyx just stepped aside finding the job sheet he wanted and Yuki said, "Thanks.... you don't have to mind us Kayden is a big rough but he's not a bad guy." Hearing a racket down the hall Nyx knew that had to be Delynnaria. "You two should get out of dodge because my partner is about to be infuriated due to me not waking her..." Nyx stated calmly. "With that noise just what is your partner..." Kayden said hearing it too. "You know sometimes I wonder myself..." Nyx said with a sigh.
  13. Delynnaria had waken up an hour earler and had done her hair and taken a shower before realizing what time it was and that Nyx hadn't woken her up. Ontop of that the alarm in her room was missing. She had gotten dressed into a aqua blue jacket and a matching outfit of Red and white. She qucikly ran out of the door to go and catch her partner. She knew where he would be but also she knew that he would hear he coming due to the noise she normally made when she was mad or excited. She decided to change it up for once. Be loud at first and a sudden instinctual feeling passed over her. She was going to be quiet and sneak up on him for once.. Or atleast try to. She reached the DWMA after sprinting up the massive line of steps with ease and making the others that struggled look bad. She reached the top and threw the doors open. She ran through the halls and began to make her way to where the assignment board was. No doubt in her mind that is where she found him. She saw two others standing near him and tilted her head slightly to the side. 'No need to sneak now.. He may be geting along with some people for once...' She thought to herself. She walked up to the ground and raised her hand "Hello Nyx..." She said with an edge in her voice that only he could pick up on. But to all the others it sounded friendly. "Did you get what we were looking for?" She said and brushed her snow white hair out of her face.
  14. "Yes and before you get on my case about not waking you... Last time I tried you nearly clawed my face off.." Nyx said shoving the paper in her face. "Hold on a second is that the job everyone's been talking about around here!" Kayden said yanking it away from Nyx before she could grab it. "Kayden don't just grab things like that from people it's rude!" Yuki said. "Shut up Yuki and look it is this is way out of your guys league. Several people have tried doing this and ended up in the infirmary. All six of them each went on their own as teams. This is a nasty job but if you two are looking to die have at it. Or maybe we can be the smart ones and take it on as the four of us and split the profits evenly." Kayden said waving the paper. "If you're implying you want to team up with us why not use proper english..." Nyx stated calmly. "Oh tough guy are we but yes we can go as a group it'll be a better chance of survival and let's see you back up that smart mouth of yours." Kayden said glaring at Nyx.
  15. Delynnaria nodded and smiled at Nyx " Well I see you met two other people.. Now let me see that thing.. I want to see what all we have to do with it? Also with all the people missing I am not worried about it honeslty." She said but just as she was about to grab the paper it was snatched out from infront of her. Her eyes narrowed and her pupiles seemed to shrink in a sudden spring of rage that welled up from inside of her. She felt like she was about to growl but kept it inside of her. She felt like she wanted to brutually attack the man for breaking her personal space but she didn't want to hurt Nyx in any way. She just put on a slightly demented smile and turned the other cheek like Lord Death told her to do. "Well... I think we can handel this non our own but! Having another group wont be so bad... I guess...." she said and snatched the paper out of Kayden's hand with reflexes that would baffle all three of them. She didn't even crinkle it in the entire time she spent grabbing it. She turned it over and began to read it "So... You really think this will be difficult don't you? I think it will be interesting... Are you all ready to go?" She asked the group.
  16. "Trust me if you don't believe me you can talk to the victims who are being cared for right now." Kayden said. But he said, "More then ready for this." "Fine let's stop gabbing like women and move already.' Nyx said walking off and everyone followed. The group staked out most the day in the areas the kidnappings were most happening in but nothing happened. "I presume most the activity goes on during the night should we just get some food and wait around till then?" Nyx asked looking to everyone. "Yeah sounds like a better idea then going around finding nothing." Kayden grumbled.
  17. Delnnaria nodded slowly "Yeah... Nothing so far.. I am feeling kinda hungry honestly... I'll go get us some food or do you want one of you to go get it... Actually... Ill go do it.. I can take care f myself." She said and slowly walked away from the group "Ill be back here with food then!" She called out and began walking along the roads towards the nearest side corner grocery store, She stopped in and began to look around at all of the candy sitting on the racks and began buying up alot of the gummy candy they had. She could eat all she wanted and never got fat no matter how much she ate. She finished buying up all the candy she could carry in a bag and began grabbing soda and ice tea for them all. She didn't buy any chips or other stuff just candy and soda for them all to eat. She finished and quickly paid the man before walking out of the store and making her way back to the group. She stopped infront of them and held the bags out "All paid for with my own money... I hope you enjoy." She said before following them all.
  18. "Great if I get any cavities I so blame you..." Kayden said taking a bite out of a candy bar. "Food is food and besides it's just a snack anyways." Nyx said as he finished his tossing the wrappers. It wasn't long after that soon the sun begin to set and shops closed for the night. The group just walked around though they saw nothing nor sensed nothing. "Hey... do you guys hear that..." Yuki said suddenly. They all stopped and listened hearing a soft creepy melody go across the wind. Nyx signaled everyone to keep quiet as a few doors opened and several children wandered out almost in a trance. "We follow them..." Nyx whispered to everyone. Kayden and Yuki nodded and they then followed the children being sure to keep within the shadows the entire time.
  19. Delynnaria looked over at Kayden "Its not my fault you are eating it is it!" She replied with a smile "Its all good anywauy... I dont get cavites anyway.. I brush my teeth alot!" She said before the group fell silent for the reaminder of their watch. Delynnaria during the wait had fallen asleep and had curled up in her jacket while she slept. After several hours she awoke and Nyx pointed out that he saw a group of kids movng in an almost trance like state. She blinked twice and it was almost like her eyes were glowing lightly in the night. It was then she noticed that she could see much better in the dark than she could remember a few weeks ago. If the others looked back it was like her eyes were sparkling lightly in the shadows. She followed behind them all quietly untill she waited for the others to stop. She watched all the children carefully and tilted her head in thought. 'This isn't magic.. I remember mother using magic when I was a kid to play with me.. This isnt that.. It looks like it but I dont feel its pull.... Hm.... So odd..' She thought to herself.
  20. As they continued to follow the children in silence Nyx kept getting an even worse feeling as they suddenly found themselves underground. Finally after what walking what felt like for miles they came an underground space where a group of hooded people we standing in a circle. One by one the children were taken and Nyx was shocked to see them killed their souls eaten. Unable to take it Kayden's eyes went wide and Yuki could feel he was about to rush in so she was fast to transform and he held her as a katana before rushing in. "Kayden don't you idiot!!" Nyx yelled after him but it was too late. Kayden was fast to slash through three hooded people by then Nyx and Delynnaria were surrounded. 'We'll make them pay now then Yuki!" Kayden yelled flipping up into the air dodging a few attacks aimed his way. "Hurry Delynnaria transform we got to help the idiot before he dies!" Nyx said quickly running in.
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