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  1. Soul Eater: To Soar Higher is based around a group of teenagers, weapons and their meisters, who all have their own past and have never met before. They also all have their own significant abilities and strengths that make them a great group of friends and a great team.
    Although they have never met before, each one of them have two thing in common. They were all children at the time of Asura's death and it effected them in similar and different ways.
    As they grow older and enter the Academy, a new and strong enemy arises. An enemy that was bound to show up eventually...because madness never truly goes away. A Kishin who's dream is to create a world of empty world.
    Will the group of teenagers be able to rise up and defeat this practically invisible enemy, or will they fall into the nothingness?
  2. It seemed only time would tell if the teenagers would rise to meet their destiny-- one many, if not all of them, were blissfully unaware of.

    Irana sat, tapping her toes, waiting for the clock to strike for class to let out. She had finished her exam and was ready to finally be finished with the silly academy. University awaited. She had no reason to stick around the Academy. Her weapon had become a death scythe-- leaving her a meister without a partner.

    Unconsciously she snapped her pencil. The bint. After all the time they had spent working with one another, as one team-- as friends... Suddenly she felt too important to even see her? It was cruel.

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