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  1. [​IMG]
    Soul Eater Rp:

    This Rp will take place before any of the canon characters except lord death since he founded the school
    if someone wants to play death that's fine but you must also have an original character.
    Meister Character sheet
    Date of Birth: (based on now)
    Preferable weapon:
    Extra accessories:
    Extra abilities: e.x.:makas abilities to see souls and or black star's soul wavelength punch

    Weapon Character Sheet
    Date of Birth:
    Weapon Appearance:
    Extra accessories:
    Extra Abilities: e.x. excaliburs ability to match anyone's wave length

    These are the cs make sure you remember to find a partner if you want one.
    @SashaBliss Male and @The Jest Meister
    @Zeroisdead and @-SagittariusKnight-
    @The Jest Weapon and @WhiteWolfKC
    @Citrus Arms and @Solar✹Blitzfang43
    @Edward and @SashaBliss Female

    I am allowing there to be up to two characters per person maybe three depending on how things go.
    If I'm missing anything let me know.​
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Scourge Jones

    Age: Fifteen-years-old

    Date of Birth: February 14th

    Gender: Female in terms of parts but identifies as genderfluid

    Preferable Weapon: Anything that can be swung such as a polearm, sword, baseball bat, or scythe.

    Appearance: (Art by myself! Please do not reuse!) Scourge stands at a short-ish height of 5' 4" while weighing about 135 lb. Her hair reaches down below her bum and appears to be messy in style. Her eyes are a thick blue and can appear to glow from the bright colour in them. As for attire, she wears a black jacket that covers the bandages on her flat chest with a pair of grey jeggings to match. She either wears black tennis shoes or combat boots. She does need to wear glasses, but currently wears contacts since she has started to fight and doesn't want to risk losing her glasses in a fight. Since she was cursed by a witch as a kid, her nails are very beast-like and long, her teeth are fangs, and she has a pair of tall wolf ears and a tail.

    Extra Accessories: Black glasses, bandages, and a tongue piercing. She also has a few tattoos along her body.

    Extra Abilities: She was cursed by a witch when she was ten years old. As a result she was permanently given wolf-like features which include ears, a tail, and sharp teeth. Her senses are slightly increased as well as her strength and speed.

    Personality: Scourge can be a bit of both an asshole and bad ass. The wolf does tend to have a loud as well as a sailor's mouth on her. She's extremely sarcastic and often referred to the 'Spirit Animal of Sarcasm" by those who know her. Scourge can be a bit rude, but never to those she hasn't meet before who also aren't her enemy. However she's also brave, protective, and the one to jump straight into the fire. Despite not appearing intelligent, she's actually very smart especially when it comes to quick thinking and science. She also is a major nerd.

    Bio: Scourge's early life was a bit rough seeing that she was raised in a not so good town, but wasn't a terrible as it could've been. Her father was a workaholic who lived in a different house in Death City while her mother was the only one to care for her in a small town in South Carolina. She grew up being quiet lonely seeing that she wasn't out going as she is today and didn't try to make friends. However when she finally got out of her quiet shell when she was ten, it ended up with her becoming friends with those that would lead her into trouble. While staying at a friends house for a sleep over, the other girl suggested sneaking out to go to a cabin in the near by forest that was thought to have a witch in it. Thinking that it was just a false rumor, Scourge agreed to go with her friend not knowing what would soon happen to her. When the to finally arrived at the small cabin, the two were confronted by a witch surrounded by a pack of wolves. The witch turned Scourge's friend into a full wolf that appeared similar to the other ones. Scourge ran when this happened, but was also hit with a blast of magic. However since the witch couldn't get a good aim on the running child, the magic wasn't as strong. This resulted with Scourge having wolf-like features and senses that would prove to be quite useful. If fact this is what gave her the chance to become a meister. Her strength and speed gave her the power to fight while her senses gave her defenses. Years passed by that were mainly filled with Scourge training her self for fighting, but as a birthday gift for turning fifteen, her dad sent her a letter saying that she would able to move in with him in Death City, Nevada where the world famous DWMA was. After moving Scourge applied to the academy and was soon accepted.
    Partner: @Zeroisdead (Oni Zesiro)
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  3. Name: Lucas Koumei
    age: 16
    date of birth: January 14th
    gender: Male
    weapon: Broadsword
    weapon appearance:
    Has multiple forms just as Tsubaki except they're all swords each having there own ability.
    extra accessories: Traditional styled hair pin, wears regular clothes (the one in the picture are his pajamas) such as a t shirt and jeans.
    extra abilities: Sword Style 1: Is known for being a holy sword that the light radiating off of burns kishin Sword style 2: If under water this sword is able to swing at the same pace a regular sword would Sword style 3: This current sword is two in one deal this being it's day form in light it is given the aspect of fire Sword style 4: is the night form to the day form while in moonlight this sword grows to the size of a buster sword yet keeping it's original weight Sword Style Five: A very light and dense sword making and letting the user swing the sword
    (BTW They go in order from left to right.) extremely fast The 6th and last sword style: When use this sword the sword absorbs the damage taken from the meister and gives it to the weapon instead.
    When without his meister he turns either one or both of his arms into blades.
    personality: He is lazy, actively social, fun person people like to be around, and girls often want to braid or brush his hair
    bio: As a small boy he was abandoned because he was a cursed weapon. He usually spent his time along the side of a river he used to live near. One day a tall man in black and a cartoon skull came up to him. The man said that he needed the boy. He had never felt so happy in his life someone said they needed him. He began to go to regular school until he was thirteen where he decided to finally sign up for the DWMA.
    Partner: @The Jest
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  4. I'll make my Meister CS soon! I wouldn't mind making her Lucas's partner! It'll probably take me awhile to get the CS up tho! @SashaBliss
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  5. k no problem
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  6. Name
    Oni Zesiro
    Date of Birth
    March 3rd
    Mounted Arm Blade/Single Tonfa
    Weapon Appearance

    Mounted Arm Blade Form (With longer blades than shown)
    Tonfa Form

    Extra accessories
    Snake tattoo coiled around her left arm, usually wears a long black scarf around her neck and a black hoodie while around Death City.
    Extra Abilities
    Oni can absorb incoming damage, and then use it to create powerful fire blasts or as clouds of thick, black smoke that she can manipulate to surround her enemies, impairing their vision. Expert fighter, excelling in speed and agility. Without her meister, she changes her forearms and hands into blades to fight.
    Oni is mostly quiet around people, but can be a loud mouth at times, especially if she is trying to insult or make fun of someone. She can be quite competitive and won't usually turn down any sort of challenge, no matter how difficult or ridiculous it may be. She does have a few anger issues and is prone to starting arguments or fights, so she just keeps her mouth shut as much as she can. Although she gets in quite a bit of trouble with her anger and would have no problem with punching someone in the face for insulting her, she has become quite a stickler for the rules, not wanting more people to have too much of a bad view of her. Despite being a weapon and a well trained fighter who loves the art of combat, she hates having to kill anything, and tries to avoid any unnecessary deaths by her hand or blade.
    Oni grew up in a rather small village in the middle east, along with her twin sister Kanika. After her village was raided leaving most dead or captives, the two escaped by hiding among the dead then ran away. Having no home, money, or supplies, they quickly took up thieving in order to get what they needed. They were both eventually taken in by a group of outcasts, mercenaries, and thieves for hire where they learned to fight and both learning they were weapons, duel tonfas. After years of training, Oni learns that her sister had begun eating human souls and attempted to convince her to stop, when Kanika refused to do so, the two fought, resulting in Kanika's death. Worrying that she too would begin to consume human souls, Oni traveled to Death City, Nevada seeking help and training the DWMA.
    Scourge Jones
    (I know it's poor quality, cut me come slack, I was tired while I was writing this -.-)
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  7. Name: Regan Hiryuu
    Age: 16
    Date of Birth: 06/12
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Katana
    Weapon Appearance: [​IMG]
    Extra accessories: She has her own katana, though she doesn't always carry it with her.
    Extra Abilities: She can learn more weapon forms by training with and learning to use that kind of weapon, herself.
    Soul Perception - Unlike most, Regan does not see souls but can hear them, often as an instrument.
    Personality: A kind young woman with a strong sense of justice
    Bio: Regan was raised mostly by her mother, the master of a martial arts dojo in Osaka, Japan. Her father is a successful foreign businessman, and had to spend most of his time in travel. He made her birthdays (usually), and the important holidays, and half his vacation time. Usually. When he wasn't spending time with her, he was spending money on her. She lived in a comfortable home, and wanted for very little.

    While her father doted, her mother was the strict hand. Martial arts requires discipline, mental and physical, even spiritual, and she wouldn't see her daughter, the heir of the dojo, spoiled by such wealthy living. Things were going well, her daughter was a happy, youthful girl who was on the path to being the next master. Regan was embracing it. On her 15th birthday, she began her sword training with a wooden sword. On her 16th birthday, she was given her own, real sword to train with. One month later, Regan discovered her weapon powers. Her mother, at a loss, left the decision to her daughter. Her daughter decided to go to Shibusen.

    Partner: Ash Kurogaki [@Blitzfang43]
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  8. Yay, more weapons! Also my character is open for a weapon.

    How many more characters will we need in order to start?
  9. um I'd like to say when everyone has a partner or when everyone who wants a partner has one.
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  10. Alright then. That means we need one more meister since I already have on and WhiteWolf is planning on making one.
  11. Ask, and ye shall recieve:

    Also, to point this out: I'll be controlling Death as an NPC. ^^

    • Name: Kotaro Sabath

      Age: 15

      Date of Birth: July 7th

      Gender: Male

      Preferable weapon: Broadsword

      Appearance: [​IMG]

      Extra accessories: Often wears a black trenchcoat, a gift from his father's student years; while not an accessory per se, it's noted that he has the tattoo of a set of chains going across his upper body.

      Extra abilities:

      Hand-to-hand combat- To ensure personal reliability without the absolute need for a weapon partner, he was trained by his father in Martial arts. While nowhere near the level of master martial artist that his father was, he has learned quite alot from him.

      Soul Menace- Like Franken Stein and Black Star, Kotaro is able to generate a self-resonance of the soul, letting him enfuse his hand with his own soul wavelength to use as a powered-up punch against his opponents. However, at the moment, he cannot produce a stabilized self-resonance, only generating a soul wavelength for about 10 seconds maximum before it dies out and disappears.

      Personality: While he is very quiet and keeps to himself, but not because he's anti-social, more because he didn't want to bother other people. Kotaro is, ultimately, a kind and gentle soul, the kind that's hard to believe is a warrior Meister student in this academy. Under his father's training, he has been bounded by the laws of pacifistic chivalry and respect, taught only to be aggressive when that is the only thing to answer with. Because he feels a kind of inferiority complex and often sees himself a nuiscence to others, he comes off as rather shy to his fellow students.

      Bio: The Son of one Jordan Sabath, a Meister graduate of the DWMA and renown (before Stein's appearance into the academy.) as one of the best Meisters to come out of it. From early childhood, Kotaro was raised and trained by him to follow in his footsteps, attempting to prepare him for his entry into the DWMA. But his pacifistic nature made the training... difficult for a time. While somewhat bothersome, his father saw this as a trait that should not be so easily changed, and so instead worked around it by teaching him the way of a knight. He taught him to have might for right things, and do right things for the right reasons. Chivalry and honor he gave the general basics thinking of, and by that extent taught that sometimes aggression is needing when facing aggression, and that aggression should be used only to defend against aggression.

      Sometime between his lessons and his entry into the DWMA, Kotaro had chain-like tattoos on across his torso. It's unknown as to how he has gained them at this time.

      Partner: Lucas Koumei
    • Name: Jeremiah "Gig" Revya

      Age: 16

      Date of Birth: August 2nd

      Gender: Male

      Weapon: Scythe

      Appearance: [​IMG]

      Weapon Appearance: [​IMG]

      Extra accessories: His hat, and a deck of playing cards.

      Extra Abilities:

      Hand-to-hand combatant- While hardly a master, Gig has been learning to fight without his Meister in case they were ever separated. Since he is able to semi-change into his weapon at will, it makes it easier for him to fight with, but he still has a lot to learn.

      Gambler- Though he has yet to implement it into his Weapon form, not knowing how, Gig has been known to be quite the gambler, often playing games that rely on luck and a keen eye for details. (IE: Poker.) His experience as a gambler has made quite perceptive of the emotional clicks of people's bodily expressions.

      Personality: Gig, as Jeremiah prefers to be called, can be described as a suave and flirtatious womanizer. Generally laid-back and calm most of the time, he can also be quite calculating and often keep things to himself, due to his experience as a Gambler. However, despite this, he has a sense of honor and loyalty towards his Meister partner, making himself a personal vow to not let the Meister owning him get hurt under his watch, less he bets his life on the chances of their demise.

      Bio: WIP

      Partner: Renee Vlunder
    • Name: Professor William Lososol

      Age: Unknown

      Date of Birth: Unknown

      Gender: Male

      Preferable weapon: Any form of Pole-arm (Scythe, Spear, Bo-staff, etc.)

      Appearance: Despite being an expert teacher of the DWMA, he actually looks quite small and scrawny. Standing at about 3'11" and weighing in at 130 lbs, this tanned individual is dressed in a black t-shirt, blue jeans and black leather shoes underneath a white lab coat made specifically to fit him. He has medium-length brown hair he lets loose in the back and tidy at the front. While he covers them from sight with his tinted orange glasses, the rumor has it he has some very strange and...unique eyes.

      Extra accessories: A white lab coat he's always seen with, and orange tinted round sunglasses to hide away his golden eyes.

      Extra abilities: Advanced intelligence- As a scientist of many forms of research, Lososol has gained an astronomical amount of knowledge, essentially meaning he's a super-genius. While he maybe be bold and brag, he is knowledge is not perfect and certainly not all-knowing.

      Hand-to-hand expert- Despite being a Meister, he had a personality that wasn't...appealing to many weapon partners in his day. As such, he has taught himself how to fight without one as a form of self-defence. Despite his scrawny appearance, he's actually quite powerful as a solo fighter.

      Soul Menace- Much like Kotaro, Lososol is also able to use his Soul wavelength as an attack against his opponent. Unlike Kotaro, however, Lososol has mastered this art.

      Personality: WIP

      Bio: WIP

      Partner: At the moment, he has none.
    • Name: Alastor Meqt, The King of Worms (Not to be confused with the Linkara character of the same name.)

      Age: Unknown

      Gender: Male (A Sorcerer)

      Animal: Worm

      Magic: Organic Recycling Magic: Essentially meaning that he takes and re-use organic material for means of repurposing them. More specifically, he recycles corpses, reusing and reconstructing dead bodies. The exact details of this process is a bit long to explain, but it's not quite like zombification or resurrection where the bodies come back to life. It's more that their bodies are reborn into new people with new identities, and by extension, new souls. Those who die of old age, or are just old in general, he also takes the liberty of reforming and rejuvinating them to their teenaged years. (Though that's about as far back as he goes, and it's an incredibly long process compared to everything else he has to do.)

      Chain Magic: In addition to his primary power of organic recycling, Alastor also has a secondary magic involving chains. Simply put, he has the ability to manipulate and summon chains from thr ground or walls via portals, telekinetically controlling them as an extension of his will. These chains are essentially magical in nature, making them effective for holding captured meisters and witches alike, but it takes quite a bit of energy to outright summon them into his vicinity and therefore brings the risk of leaving him wide open for attack if they were to be completely destroyed. To keep himself from doing this, he often instead uses the chains he attaches to the back of his attire as a weapon of sorts.

      Show Spoiler

      Extra accessories: A massive cape made of long separated chains. While not quite fashionable, is serves a purpose for both of his magics. For his Organic recycling magic, the chains serve as a kind of...log book for him. A chain is added for every new body he discovers and recycles, and a link is added to each chain for everytime he recycles said bodies. For his Chain magic, they are used as his primary weapon of choice.

      Personality: Despite being a sorcerer, Alastor's actually a charmingly polite fellow, who seems to bear no ill will against the students or teachers of DWMA, nor even Death himself. As an outcast among the witches, he sees himself unaffiliated with their ideals and grudges, and made his peace with Death, despite the possibility that he'll be hunted down anyways. His childhood trauma led him to have a deep contempt for his mother, and a strong obsessed belief that what he does for a living is for the greater good of humanity's preservation of life. He had also grown a love for the creepy crawlers of the world, keeping several of them as his cherished pets. In respect to his magic, he has a deep hatred for waste and those who would put things like the lives of other or themselves to waste, always wanting to try and put the abandoned and broken to use in his own usually disturbed way.

      Despite the name, due to his traumatic experiences as a child, the King of Worms also has a rather large inferiorirty complex, seeing himself as nothing more than a means to preserve the life of the world and would gladly let his life be taken from him if it meant that life, human life especially, would be able to go on for all of eternity. Death, not as the being in charge of the DWMA but as the very concept itself, he has a love-hate relationship with. He realizes the importance of death in keeping the world from overdosing and overpopulating with a countless myriad of souls to the point of suffocating what life there is left there. It is because of this that he actually despises the act of resurrection or zombification, where a dead spirit once again returns to life, and much insulted when his magic is seen as resurrecting an individual or when his creations are looked or treated as monstrous zombies when in reality they are simply themselves. At the same time, however, it's because of Death that life is wasted, if not by itself, than by the desires of those who live to prevent it ironically causing them to kill the lives of others to survive.

      Alastor also shows a deep caring compassion for those he preserves and brings to life, as if they were his own children. He treats them with the kindness and love that he never had from his own parent, and while he might offer some to stay with him, he lets his 'children' go to do as they please with their new lives. When all is said and done, however, he is hardly sad for them, simply taking their bodies and reusing to create new people in their places. However, because of his disdain with the resurrected and the undead, he treats those who do return poorly and with disgust, even if the ones who returned were the souls of those his recycling created. To him, a soul should only live once, and once they have died, they should never return to the living world.


      (Warning: The following backstory is very disturbing. Viewer's discretion is advised.)

      Born a sorcerer rather than a witch, he was often treated harshly by his mother, seeing him as a worthless boy of a worthless magic. As he grew up, his mother gave him harsh training of his magic, trying to make him at the very least useful for her own vendettas against the DWMA. To this end, she threw him into a well of old and rotting corpses, the bodies of her unfortunate 'lovers', his own father included, her rival witches, and even students of the DWMA who dared to try and kill her for her soul, and left him in there for days and nights with nothing but the light on the ceiling that barely reached him, and the smell of the dead and sight of devouring maggots and worms traumatizing his poor little mind. However, he seemed to have gotten use to it, talking with the bugs and worms as if they were actually people, as they were the only living things besides him inside that hellhole. Everyday his mother dropped tap water and small leftovers of food so that he wouldn't die from starvation before he makes himself any more useful, some of which weren't very healthy or filling so as to prompt him to make him useful faster so that he could get out and have an actual meal for once.

      It was around that time that he seemed to develop his primary magic, letting the worms eventually burrow into his flesh and bone as a source of shelter and fresh food for them, him scratching and biting away a little of his skin so that they could do so easier. He studied the dead corpses all around him, tried to learn what the differences were between them and his own, for reasons of boredom, curiosity, and a disturbed psychosis from staying in there for so long without much to sustain him. As he was simply a child, he knew next to nothing scientifically about the anatomy of a human being, but it doesn't take much knowledge to know what's needed for one to stay alive.

      As the worms seem to connect themselves to his central nervous system, he could, in his mind's eye, see what they see, and control the directions of their slithering movements, a nightmare at first but with the time he had in there he was able to get use to it. Making them tear themselves out of his fingers and bearing the pain of doing so, he made them crawl and slither through the corpses to see what he could do with each one. A majority of them are old and decomposed as a result of that age combined with this disgusting water, and so he felt he should use whatever wasn't decomposed or rotten yet, and made them devour them, including his own tissue inside his own body. After stuffing the creatures with devoured organ tissue he made them go to the youngest corpse in the pile, (That is to say the one that was more recent and fresh in comparison) his own father, and enter inside of it. He then made the worms regurgitate the tissue they devour and crawled over it to let it stick in place within the vital organs. Once all the worms and creatures came out of the body, and the tissue from the other corpses attach to the organs in this one and replace what was lost to decay and wounds, there was only one thing left to do. With a touch from his finger, his magic began to make manifest, the organs were getting cleans, the blood started flowing, and eventually, with a shock around his body, the dead body opened its eyes, waking up screaming and flinging its arms around, desperately and frantically trying to climb up and out of the well, probably without any clue where he was or who was with him.

      His father was revived, and it seems his death was a memory he was experiencing as the most recent.

      At the top of the caged well, he punched the ceiling over and over until it broke off breaking him free as he jumped out. Seeing this as his own opportunity to finally leave, he climbed up the well slowly. As he climbed he could hear screams, the screams of both of his parents, the noise of her magic, the crunching sound of shatter and flesh, and by the end of it, he could see blood dripping into the well. Finally making it out, standing up as he looked around, he saw a trail of blood leading to the well coming in from the other room. He slowly walked towards door, carefully so that he wouldn't trip and fall right back into the well, and opened it up.

      It was there he saw it, both of his parents, laying on the floor, dead. His mother was torn in pieces, and his father seemed to apparently cough up blood and drop. It seemed fairly clear what happened. It felt too strange that a witch would be so easily killed, but she probably did not expect a dead man to come back to life, or she was out-powered by him as he seemed to have more power than a normal human would, or maybe she could not use her power in time, or maybe she just had no more power left or simply gave up living. Whatever the reason behind her death, all that mattered was that she was dead. His father, however, must have been running on his last leg, his psychological damage of being alive again after an apparently painful death must have been to much for his recently repaired brain, and so caused the body to fall apart again.

      Alastor simply dropped to his knees, staring at the sight of this. He knew nothing of his father, and his memories of his mother was probably the worst he's ever had, yet the sight of his parents corpses right there in front of his was...hard to explain what kind of emotions he was feeling right now.

      Floating above her corpse, however, was something he has now seen for the first time, a soul, two souls infact. The souls of his parents, one purple in color and seeming with an aura of disdain, the other an soul that seems to be tearing itself apart, unstable, and about to become unexistent. One was clearly a witch's soul, the other was as unstable a soul as his life. Could it be because he was called back? ...Or...maybe because it was just the opposite, that he did not return and the one who was in that body was maybe someone else with his memories, a duplicate, a clone. Either way, it was difficult to see a being's very existence and identity breaking apart right in front of him, until eventually nothing was left. It never passed on, simply faded into oblivion, such a thing felt horrifying to see. An empty body now without an identity of its own, and the soul of his mother was all that remained. After all the abuse and all the pain he had to endure in her name, it's hard to imagine what other alternative she would have wanted; he took his mother soul, and swallowed it whole, just as he felt she would have wanted him to do.

      As for the bodies, those two he felt he should use, just like he did before this. He now knew however that he could not leave them with their memories intact. His mother's soul devoured, so will it tear out of his body when he re-uses the body? No, it seems to instead create a new soul, rather than returning the soul of the body's owner. But two identical clone souls cannot exist at the same time, the created one will simply fade into nothingness. But he was only able to revive his father because he revived the organs he knew were damaged. He didn't know enough about anatomy nor the human mind to know where the memories are stored. They were too heavy for a child like him to carry out of there, but he couldn't just leave them there. So as things stood there was only one option: He took a torch, and burned the place down with his dead parents inside, charring them and everything else to ashes.

      Alastor himself vanished for some time afterwards, training himself and his magic, as well as studying the anatomy of humans and other animals to a tee so that he can more effectively use it. In addition, it seems his mother's soul helped give him another magic, her chain magic, the summoning and manipulation of chains both normal and magical alike.

      When he re-emerged, he did so as a new member of Maba's witch meetings, several small chains now attached to his back. However his membership and belonging with the fellow witches did not last long. Perhaps it was because he killed and ate the soul of his mother, a witch who was respected by the others, maybe it was because in his long absence, not once has he brought any form of harm against the DWMA, or maybe it was just because he was a freak of nature with his power as a sorcerer. No matter what the reason, he was rejected by his kind and deemed an outcast among them.

      As such, he stopped coming to the meetings altogether, choosing to live elsewhere as a hermit, dissociated from mankind except to recycle their remains. Cut to present day, and he's recycled enough corpses to make a cape made entirely out of lines of chains. Some of his creations chooses to stand at his side as assistance, while others leave to make new identities for themselves.
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  12. Yes the jest and I have talked it over and he will be controlling death
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  13. Sweet, and I figured he had asked. Plus it is mentioned that someone could've asked to be Lord Death in the RP's description. :0
  14. well yeah but ......but......ok you got me there I forgot what my own thread said lol
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  15. Regan could be a semi-autonomous weapon, if that'll help with pairing.

    What I mean by that is that she could make a trio with some peeps and be able to split off and flank, or mix up attack patterns, etc.
  16. Maybe if people are willing.
  17. I could also make a meister if necessary
  18. Like I said before you may have up to two characters so feel free.
  19. I know -_-
  20. lol
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