Soul Eater Rp?

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Do you want a Meister or Weapon as your partner?

  1. Meister

  2. Weapon

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  1. So I saw on recently but it looked dead so here.

    The DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy)
    a school lord Death created so he could teach students to defeat the keishen. Keishens are human souls who at other souls and became corrupted. Meisters and Weapons came from all over the world to come to this school.

    You are a beginner Meister/Weapon who meets your partner the first day of school. (unless you don't want a partner)
    You can make up to two characters or be partners with another person. You can be any type of weapon I just don't want everyone being scythes, ok? But other than that go nuts. For meisters you can have up to two weapons. So if anyone is interested just show it down below.
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  2. Interested, Tips on getting others interested in your roleplay from my personal experience with BLEACH: Type Soul Eater into the search bar of iwaku that is located near the right of the page and press enter. There should be others listed upon this list that share the same interest to which you may message and ask if they would be interested in your roleplay. Other advertising would be posting a advertising banner, to do so you may click help on the top of the forum, then click advertising roleplay, then choosing accordingly. Others may be chat rooms or even posting something around the forum talking about your love for soul eater, sooner or later some people will post on those threads and then you can message them if you want too about your roleplay.
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  3. oh!!! yay! I am defiantly interested and I would love to be a meister.
  4. If either of you have friends who may be interested please ask.
  5. actually if just scroll down through the interest checks there was another looking to start a soul eater rp.
  6. yeah I I saw that one but it was dead sadly
  7. hmm I believe it is not dead rather, run by someone that cannot be online everyday. I know sometimes those under the age of 18 have rules put forth by their parent's on how much they can go online or on a computer. At least that was how my parents were.
  8. well it looked dead. to me so.... yeah
  9. but still if you know some people by all means ask them.
  10. I know no one on this site......sorry
  11. Hmmm...

    Ehh, What the heck. I'll put my interest into this as well. ^_^
  12. I'm interested in this idea as well.
  13. ok cool click on the link in the post above
  14. hey the oc is up if you wanna check it out
  15. Yeah, this looks cool. I'll make a weapon.
  16. cool the oc is on the front page
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