Soul Eater: Rose of Maddness

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    The DWMA (Death Weapons Meister Academy.) is a place built in Death Vegas to help maintain order in the world's and prevent madness from spreading. They fought in order to keep creatures of pure madness from being created. One such creature was made once through the consumption of pure human souls and it was forever named The Kishin.

    He was sentenced to death by Death himself and as such he was imprisoned in a sack made from his own skin. He later awoke spreading madness like a plague and the DWMA was united in a war against the kishin and the witches. In the end the kishin's reign of madness was ended by the courage and bravery of one girl named Maka who destroyed the kishin setting the witches back to square 1. [​IMG]

    The DWMA is back on witch watch and they've begin cracking down but what happens when a young witch volunteers to become a student? The whole world begins to turn itself upside down as sides are played against each other and suspicions are raised and falling. The true question is what side are you on? Are you a member of the DWMA, a Witch, or some neutral soul caught up in the conflict? regardless your world is about to be turned upside down. The DWMA is massing its forces for one last push against the witches but they are using kishin eggs to fight back and the scales of battle are currently balanced. The tipping point will come soon and the question is: what side will you be on when the battle ends?

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