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  1. Soul Eater Role Play!
    Welcome all to DWMA, Death Weapon Meister Academy, a school for weapons and meisters founded by Lord Death himself. It is the goal of DWMA to continue the balance of good and evil. Students train to hunt Kishin eggs in an effort to prevent a Kishin from being born. Once a weapon eats 99 Kishin souls and a witches soul they become a death sythe, a weapon that Lord Death himself will use. The Death Scythes are an elite group of weapons and are a formidable opponent.

    You and your partner, traditionally a weapon and meister, are today returning from a mission somewhere in the world. It is not uncommon for the students of DWMA to go out on missions, as Death City is a fairly safe place to be. After reporting your mission you saw Death the Kid, rather than Lord Death himself, tell you to report to the Death Room immediately.


    Inside you find a small group of people, but you still do not see Lord Death.

    • Death the Kid, “Kid” (Meister/Reaper), Liz (Weapon, Twin Pistol), Patty (Weapon, Twin Pistol)
      : Kid- 19, Liz- 18, Patty-16
      (L-R: Kid, Patty, Liz)
      Death the Kid is Lord Death’s son, a reaper. He is extremely logical and rarely associate’s outside of his close group of friends. He is highly intelligent and impressively powered, but is obsessed with symmetry to an extreme point. He will leave in the middle of a battle in Egypt to check the frame in his home, leaving Liz and Patty alone. With the insanity that Kid is, it is good that his weapons (of course there are two, how else would he achieve symmetry?) are such team players. Liz and Patty, two girls that Kid found off of the street, are a pair of sisters. They can be each other meisters. Liz, the older of the two, is much more level headed and good at calming Kid down. However, she gets scared fairly easily. Patty, the younger of the two, is a hyper and immature girl. She is generally fun to have around and keeps the group light hearted. Neither sister is very book smart.

    • Maka Albarn and Soul Eater
      (L-R: Soul, Maka)
      Age: Maka- 16, Soul- 16
      Maka Alburn is a strong Meister, possessing skills such as Genie Hunter and Witch Hunter when using soul resonance with her scythe partner, Soul Eater. She is studious and one of the best students in the school. She and Soul were one witches soul away from making Soul a Death Scythe, like her father whom she does not get along with, but mistook a very powerful cat as a witch and are now starting over. Nevertheless, the two are a good pair. Soul is a more laid back guy, which counteracts Maka’s studious personality well. They live together and are very close, both showing much dedication to each other over time. Soul had black blood in him, though the two don’t really know what that means, from a battle on a special mission that they themselves have just recovered from. They are returning from their first mission since then.

    • Professor Franken Stein, “Stein”
      Age: 29
      Professor Stein is a teacher at the DWMA. He is quite possibly the most powerful Meister, able to fight alone with his Soul Resonance. He is mildly insane, and has an obsession with dissection. He is known to roll around in a rolling chair and also play with the screw in his head, which probably does something but no-one is really sure. He doesn’t have an official weapon, as he teamed with Spirit (Maka’s father) until Spirit left him due to the experiments that Stein did on him. However, he is known to team with Death Scythes from time to time.

    {td=colspan:2|center|712x@}Teams/Players Active in Role Play{/td}
    {td=center}Masato Kunniko, 17, Male, Chainsaw{/td}
    {td=center}Kasumi Shimizu, 18, Female, Meister{/td}
    {td=colspan:2|center}Delynnaria Alimester, 17, Female, Sanctioned Witch/Meister{/td}
    {td=center}Seth Avalon, 16, Male, Sword{/td}
    {td=center}Micheal Avalon, 17, Male, Sword{/td}
    {td=center}Valaric Kane Grimm, 18, Male, Set of Hand Claws{/td}
    {td=center}Duel Tamashi, 16, Female, Meister with Additional Kishin Soul{/td}
    {td=center} Arnaud Yuri, 16, Male, Short or Long Sword Baised on Mood{/td}
    {td=center}Sage McCarthy, 17, Meister{/td}
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  2. Maka and Soul
    Maka and Soul had been shocked when they first arrived at Death Weapon Meister Academy. It wasn't that it was broken or in shambles, but that the entire campus was empty save for Death the Kid, Liz, Patty, and Professor Stein. They'd gone home after they found out, and were returning today. Other students, students who hadn't been on campus when it happened, were all arriving that day.

    Soul woke up after an odd dream, a demon and piano, he wasn't really sure as he rarely remembered his dreams, to find that Maka had cooked breakfast. That was to be expected, it was her turn to cook. He sat at their kitchen table and served himself eggs, bacon, and some toast. Unlike Soul, Maka had not slept all night. The news of what had happened disturbing her to her very core. She was in her pajamas though, she had intended to sleep. She watched as Soul ate his food, loudly with no table manners as always. How could he be so calm? How could he eat?

    "Maka," Soul snapped her out of her thoughts, "You're staring. C'mon, eat, we need our strength."

    "How can you just sit there and eat like nothing-" Maka exclaimed, but then her stomach made a loud and painful grumble. Maybe he had a point. Maybe. She served herself a tiny portion of food and ate.

    That had been their morning, the two of them separating, getting dressed, and heading to the Death room to see the others. They hoped that some of the others on missions were Black Star, but they knew better. Even Ox, who they did not get along with, was someone they were beginning to miss.

    In the room Death the Kid was waiting, it was obvious that the others had not gotten there yet. So, not knowing what to say, they sat down and waited.
  3. Asania
    Asania made breakfast for herself, just a simple bowl of cereal and milk. She was in so in thought with the where abouts of her partners that she had finished her cereal and was basically just scrapping the bowl of milk. She snapped out of her daze and drank the milk. She got up from her place at the table and walked to the sink and washed her two dishes, dried and then put them away as she always did.
    The red haired girl walked out of her dorm and made her way to the Death room her hair pulled into a high pony-tail atop her head. She walked through the doors and noticed that Death the Kid, Maka and Soul were the only other ones in the room. Asania took her seat in front of Maka and Soul waiting on her partners, the Avalon brothers. To her knowledge only she and Death the Kid were the only dual wielders in school which was a rare thing to be. She stared towards the front her thoughts beginning to envelop her mind from different math problems to how to defeat a witch in the most efficient was possible.
  4. Duel awoke from her sleep. Stretching her arms, she accidentally pushed her cat and, well, friend with her arm. Jinx was her name, she was the same as Blair. A lot of the same, actually. She was Blair's little half sister by a year or two. The cat didn't even wake, though. Jinx stayed happily sleeping while her nose twitched every now and then. So duel quietly got out of her bed and walked towards the kitchen where she prepared a simple bowl of cereal to eat as breakfast. She practically lived for simplicity. Simplicity was comfortable. it was safe... Sitting and eating, she read a newspaper. All the usual things, nothing exciting thank goodness. Well, till she realized a paper was missing. She thought it was perculiar but dismissed It.

    While Duel cleaned up her bowl, Jinx had woken up. The cat strolled out in her human form, rubbing her eyes Tiredly. "I'm heading to School, Jinx. I left money on the counter for you to buy salmon for dinner." Jinx practically squealed with joy. Duel quickly got dressed, wearing a pair of dark gray shorts and a white shirt, then pulls on a navy green sleevless sweater on over. She quickly walked out her apartment, wondering how her weapon partner was. Duel knew she would see him later though, so she didn't have to worry. She made her way to school school and once inside she walked down a series of hallways till she made it to Lord Deaths room.

    Jinx (open)

  5. Sage woke up in her hammock that hung from her ceiling. She moved her slender legs over the edge and moved her green hair out of her face. Getting up her night gown draped over her slim body frame, she walked to her kitchen. The breeze through the window blew her hair back as she poured herself some cereal. Smiling as she looked outside she spooned up the cereal in her mouth as she sat at the table. Her center piece of flowers bright against the mahogany of the table. She washed her dish and pulled on her flats as she walked to Death Academy.
    The hallways were the same as always she didn't know why she thought they'd be different but she just felt something was up as she made it to Lord Death's room. Walking in to see Death the Kid with Liz and Patty, as well as Maka and Soul, the other Duel wielder Asania, and finally she saw Jinx as she finished looking around.
    "Hey there everyone" Kastia said in a sweet quiet voice as she took a seat.​
  6. Arnaud sighed as he slowly paced through his room, hand dragging along the wall, nails scratching it. He was in his negative personality right now. He needed to take his medicine, and quickly, before he went to school. But frankly, he didn't want to. He staggered towards his nightstand and took out five separate, labeled bottles of pills. He took two pills each from four of the bottles and one from the last and gathered them all in his hand. Reluctant, he popped them into his mouth and swallowed quickly. He would then sit on his bed, enduring the high that followed this morning routine. He breathed heavily, his head spinning dizzily and his vision fading in and out He also felt enhanced sensations all over his body. He had to endure this drugged high feeling every morning. It was either that, or a different medicine that made him hurt like all hell. When they finally did, enough for him to move without stumbling, he would step into the shower for a quick morning bathe.

    After a quick shower, he toweled himself and dressed himself. He decided to skip breakfast. He was never hungry after taking his medicine, but was usually starving around noon as compensation. He brushed his wild hair a bit, making it look somewhat kept, before walking out of the door a much happier person than he was when he woke up, now in his positive personality.

    Arnaud took a while getting to the DWMA, stopping by a coffee shop for a quick pick-me-up. He drank it there, and left after finishing it. When he was about to go to class, he was stopped by Death the Kid, who told him to report to the Death Room. He complied happily, but curiously. What was this for? And where was everyone else?

    Making it to the Death Room, he was happy to see a lot of his classmates and his partner, Sage, there. He walked up to her and hugged her, smiling. "Good morning, Sage," he said, smiling. He then looked around at everyone. "Good morning, everyone." His positive personality was very much so, bringing a lightening feel to the otherwise dim room. It was unnerving to some, even those not aware of his split personality disorder.
  7. [​IMG]

    The prying fingers of light reaching down from a laughing sun were grasping relentlessly at eyelids, and tugging them open in forced greeting of a new day. As the sun's light reached Valaric's dual colored eyes, he groaned and threw one arm over his eyes in a futile attempt to block out any form of luminosity he could. He laid like that for a long while allowing his mind to process the fact that it was in fact a brand new day, and that meant a brand new day of classes to look forward to. Not. The platinum haired boy grumbled to himself as he moved his arm from over his eyes, and tossed his blankets off of his body. Reluctantly, he sat up in his bed, and ran a hand through his wild mess of silver locks. It just seemed so much harder this morning to get up, and go to that place. He didnt wanna deal with people today, and the fact that Duel was going to be there as well made the idea of going so much more less appealing...only because the girl was just a bit odd, and he didnt much like people anyway.

    With a sigh, the boy forced himself to stand up, grab the black shirt hanging from the back of his desk chair, and throw it over his head as he then leaned down to fetch his pants, pulling them on shortly after. He proceeded to finish up his morning routine he brushed his fingers through his hair, brushed his teeth, had his coffee, then he was out the door. As he approached DWMA, another sigh, force of habit honestly, escaped his lips. He entered the massive builing with a look of utter indifference upon his face as he wandered the hallways until he came across The Death Room. Crimson, and sapphire eyes were only slightly curious as he gazed at the door leading into the room, and after a few moments of silent speculation, the boy lifted a hand, grasped the handle, and entered. A few students were already there, and quite honestly he wouldnt be surprised if he was the last one to arrive. Valaric didnt say any greetings to anyone. He simply scanned the small group until a head of familiar, seaweed hair caught his eyes.

    The Lone Wolf ventured over to stand beside Duel, not saying anything when he finally reached her. He simply gave her a small nod of his head, and continued to remain silent.​
  8. Duel watched quietly as more people entered. The girl that came in after Duel was quiet but said hello, which she appreciated. Silent, calm, simple. She needed these. But the boy who came in after always made Duel nervous When she saw him in the school. He was.. bright and happy. He seemed full of energy on his good days. But on his bad days he could be frightening. He wasn't simple. He wasn't calm.

    Nervously, she took a few steps from the others and looked at the door to see who would enter next. It was her partner, Valaric. He was quiet, yet he made her nervous too. Because he was her partner, she always felt some sort of pressure to not let him down or disappoint him. She gave him a slight nod in return and turned her gaze away and watched the surroundings. Duel wondered why they were here, would they all get some sort of mission? She was hoping she could have gone into town after school for some street art.
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  9. [BCOLOR=transparent]Room 2442 in the DWMA was the dorm of the Avalon brothers. The room looked like a giant collision of culture and counter culture yet it blended nicely together. A giant Union Jack hung on the wall over the at the head of the beds that had been slide up against together. On them [/BCOLOR]Seth [BCOLOR=transparent]and [/BCOLOR]Micheal l[BCOLOR=transparent]ay down, their heads resting on each others shoulders, their feet hanging off the opposite sides of the bed. The two said nothing as they looked up at the ceiling, which was covered in a fabulous light show that looked like a moving nebula. There was nothing that needed to be said they had just woken up. The loud screeching of their of their alarms blared in a shrill duet. “We’re late aren't we?” Micheal asked yawning softly. “Yes we are..” Seth returned yawning in unison with his brother as they both sat up. The two of them reaching over as they turned the two alarms off. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After changing and cleaning up the two exited their room. “ Hcnul gib?” Micheal went as the two headed towards the Death Room. “Eya” Seth returned as the two sped up tell they ended up running. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As they neared the Death Room, Seth slowed down by the time Micheal had reached the door and nearly tumbled in as he entered the room. Seth had simply walked in and looked around a soft smile on his face as he saw him.”Frr Nie stn nek na….” Seth whispered to himself a soft urge in his voice that seemed to come from out of nowhere. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“El ttes..” Micheal said softly as he walked past his brother, spotting and sitting on the right of Asania. “Hey Ania, sorry we are late..had a late night last night...Seth kept me up talking about hunting Witches.” Micheal teased cheerfully. “That I did..” Seth added as he sat down on the other side of Asania. “How long have you been waiting Sani?” Seth asked in his usual monotone expression.[/BCOLOR]
  10. Asania jumped started out of her daze and looked at both of the Avalon brother with cold eyes before giving a small smile softening her eyes. She poked both of them in their ribs, "I have been waiting for you two lazy bones for almost 15 minutes. I should have woken you both up myself." She shook her head and looked at Seth seeing the tiredness in his eyes she touched his hand gently then looked over at Michael and did the same to him. "Its ok being late just..." She trailed off sighing before removing her hands from both of her partners' and folded them in her lap. She knew all about Seth and Michael the three of them were as close as any meister and weapons could get. She did have to admit that working with them was the best thing in her life, but also the most challenging because she was the mix of both of the brother's attitudes and personalities which made it a bit easier to partner with both of them.
  11. Micheal looked back at Asania, his own smile turning to a soft laugh as she poked his ribs. Ticklish as ever. "Sorry. You Probably should have.." He returned with a soft poke to her ribs.
    Seth however had been staring off in his own little world and jerked a little looking down at his ribs. "Huh?, Sorry was distracted.." He responded calm as ever.
    "Rethorb Gin rats" Micheal asked but received no response as Seth looked back into his thoughts. "Eb yam." Seth finally responded as he looked over at the two.

    Seth and Micheal both looked at Asania as she rested her hands on theirs, both waiting for her to say something. When all that came was a trailed off sentence and a sigh they looked back at one another nodding to each other before speaking in unison. "What's on your mind¿?"..

    "Worries Ania?" Micheal asked, as he bent over to look into her eyes. "No tears." He added before looking into the emotionless hue of his brothers. Who by now had would has attempted to press his index and middle finger against Asania's internal Carotid artery. "No high temp, no elevated heart rate." Seth added as he too looked back into Asania's eyes. The two waiting for her explanation.
  12. Death the Kid, Liz, Patty, and Professor Stein
    Kid looked around the room as people arrived. Maka and Soul were the first, and he was happy they didn't try and talk with him. He wasn't in a conversing mood. He supposed that was fair, and the seriousness of the situation was easily proven as Patty wasn't talking. Others came in, most of them not realizing anything was wrong. Asania, a fellow dual wielding meister. Her partners, Seth and Micheal, were sitting beside her. The brothers and Asania were close, that much was obvious. Duel, the meister with an additional Kishin soul, was sitting with her partner, Valaric. Finally, the weapon Arnaud and his partner Sage were there as well.

    He wasn't willing to wait on anyone else to get there, time was of the essence. He nodded at Professor Stein, the man clearing his throat before speaking.

    "Good morning." Professor Stein said as Kid, Liz, and Patty sat with Maka and Soul. Out of habit, more than anything else, Maka gave Stein her full attention. Many others in the room followed suit. "You hopefully noticed that the town and school are empty." He didn't pause to give anyone time to mull that over, he moved on quickly. "If not, the town and school are empty. There is no-one here."

    "Two nights ago," He continued, a film playing on Death's mirror. "A kishin broke free of it's chains and a battle between Lord Death and the Kishin ensued. In the end, the Kishin was killed, but the attack that killed him was so strong that Lord Death's soul shattered. Lord Death had embedded his soul into Death City, and as such the living beings of the city vanished. We're not sure if it is because they died or not, and as no-one who was there, with the exception of Death the Kid, we're not 100% sure about anything that happened. We do know that the Kishin's madness has spread to the world, and with Lord Death gone witches and people with Kishin Egg Souls are wreaking more havoc than usual."
  13. Duel glanced around nervously. She had noticed people were gone... She just did her best to, well, not really notice? She let out a small sigh. Duel remembered the kishin that was let out. The madness had a strong effect on her then. So strong she doesn't even remember most of those days, only small fragments from when her real soul was in control. She remembered that at some point she had to be locked away so she would stop destroying her own things. And even now, she could feel the pull of madness that was released into the world.

    But, she snapped out of the thought and focused on Stein. With all the witches and Kishins out there, she began regretting leaving Jinx home alone. What if someone had broken in? What if a Kishin tried attacking her? What if a witch wanted to experiment on her? Duel began to grow nervous and stirred in her spot. She needed to take her mind off it. So, she began lightly humming to herself. She thought over the information given to them for a moment.
    "Do you want us to clear the streets best we can? Or start searching for answers as to why we are the only ones left?" She asked quietly, half hoping she was heard ans half hoping she wasn't.
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  14. "Owt uoy touba yrrowi" She whispered to them adoration flashing through her eyes when Michael looked into her green ones but as quickly as it appeared it disappeared. Her eyes flashed to Stein as he spoke about the disappearance of people in Death City. Asania noticed the disturbing lack of people and it gave her an eery feeling about it. She shivered remembering when the madness hit she had fought with the rest of the DWMA with her weapons and it was an exhausting time for her and it was a great strain on her own soul but she made it though with both of her best friends. She glanced over at Michael for a second then did the same to Seth then looked back towards their teacher. She raised her hand, "So in essence Professor we are the last ones left and its basically up to us to find out what is going on while we also hunt the witches and kishin eggs down correct." Her voice was steady as she spoke her hands clenching together in her lap.
  15. "Tahw.." Micheal asked looking over to Seth who had looked at Asania with a raised brow. Before looking off to Stein.
    Micheal smiled softly as he saw the look in Asania's. A look of understanding resting upon his face. He looked away following Asania's gaze, turning to see Stein as he finished speaking. Lost to the current proceedings once again.

    Seth however had been listening with unmoved focus. A look of determination that would be hard to spot if you did not know how to read Seth's normally emotionless demeanor.

    His eyes darting over to Asania's when she looked at him. Micheal looked at the two. A carefree look of confusion seamlessly stamped on his face.

    The two looking at one another for a second before looking at Asania as she spoke.
    A lightbulb look illuminating Micheal's face as he pieced together the happenings going on around him.

    Seth looked back to Stein as Asania spoke. His eyes looking to see the reaction on his face. His face holding a soft grin as he thought about something that obviously amused him. "Well asked Sani." He said in a soft congratulatory tone. His eyes darting over to her and Micheal. Micheal who had lost intrest in the subject and had began drawing in a notebook, looked up into his brothers eyes and nodded swiftly. Turning his gaze back to their teacher.
  16. Sage hugged Arnaud, "Hey" she whispered to him as she sat back down, Dr. Stien started to talk about everyone missing, thinking about it walking here was unusually quiet and then the halls the thing that was different to her was the fact it was all empty. She looked around worried and right to Arnaud as she looked at him a blanket of fear covered her face. She knew together they could handle most Kishun souls but Sage never admitted how scared she was of witches, and never wanted to admit it to Arnaud. Immediately she put a fake smile on so he wouldn't notice and rested her head on his shoulder, she just wanted some comfort from someone she trusted.​
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