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  1. Meister: good guys and weild the weapons.
    Weapons: Can change from human form to weapon form for their meister.
    Witches: can be good or evil. Meisters and weapons worst enemy for over 800 years.
    Kishins: A.K.A Demon Gods. Humans that eat human souls and over time become grusome monsters spreading their insanity.
    DWMA: The school where miester and weapons go to control their powers and abilities.

    Nothing too specific about this. Have fun, kill kishin eggs, salute Lord Death.​

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  2. ( She going to help me out with this phyco strangler?)
  3. I hope that its okay that I just jumped in. I'm not used to just jumping into roleplays.
  4. Yeah, sure, I don't mind. I don't know how soon Skye will reply, though.
  5. I've been waiting for someone to jump in here :D I wanted to make sure I wouldn't touch it and it ceased to exist >.>;; That's been happening to me a lot... I'll jump in a little later, after I've come up with characters.
  6. That's been happening a lot to me, too. Hopefully, this one will last long enough for me to kill something.
  7. hi lol i was going to join but do i make my own miester and or weapon and play both characters?
  8. Either one you want. You can have both or one. We already have two witches as well.
  9. I got exams coming up so I'll be gone for a bit! :o
  10. Mine are in May.