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  1. Meister: good guys and weild the weapons.
    Weapons: Can change from human form to weapon form for their meister.
    Witches: can be good or evil. Meisters and weapons worst enemy for over 800 years.
    Kishins: A.K.A Demon Gods. Humans that eat human souls and over time become grusome monsters spreading their insanity.
    DWMA: The school where miester and weapons go to control their powers and abilities.
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    (( OOC: Can i join? ))
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    (Of course you can.)
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    (( Ok i will join as a new student ))
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    ((Yeah. Ok.))
  6. This is your new Out of Character thread! Just a reminder: We don't allow purely OOC posts in the In Character sections. Hopefully this will make it easier for you and your players to discuss the plot!
  7. this still active?
  8. Is the RP still open? I'm interesting in joining but I'm not sure what's going on in the RP...
  9. ...hmmm, we might have to start a new one.
  10. That might be a good idea.
  11. You want to set it up or me?
  12. Alright, I'll start a jump-in. Give me a sec and I'll use the same description she put.