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  1. It's a new year at the DWMA. The start of a new year, 7:00 AM. Who knows what will happen this year? So far, some of the greatest Weapons have vanished, and not a single person has been able to find them. Perhaps this year will surpass the others, and find the missing weapons.
  2. Leone let out a soft sigh as he felt the light of the sun stream in through his window. It was a new year at DWMA, and he wasn't feeling motivated to leave the pile of fluffy blankets he was buried under. He was happy, wearing a pair of grey pajama bottoms with black and white cat paw prints all over them. He let out an annoyed sigh and attempted to crawl out from under the blankets, only to fall out of bed and fall flat out on the cold, hard floor. Today wasn't going to be a good day. He knew it.

    He slowly came around to dress in his usual black clothes, brushed his hair- though it still poked up here and there thanks to his bed head, brushed his teeth, and headed out to scrape through the day. His first mission of the day- get a cup of coffee. As he sipped at the hot beverage, he wondered if it would be worth finding a meister this year. Probably, there wasn't a single one left in his grade. Working alone never bothered him, but, hey, sometimes he did need some help, and it was about time that he got out there and asked for it.
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  3. Reaper Girl made her way up the agonizingly long stairs. Though she hardly broke a sweet. She had been training for these. Though, that was unimportant. What was important was that this was her first year at DWMA. Well, not exactly. She was here last year but she never applied to get a partner. She had been so caught up in her martial arts and traveling tournaments that she didn't even bother. So she had a lot of catching up to do, which was unlike her.

    After a tiresome jog up the stairs, she turned around and looked at the city below and smirked a little. Death City was so small below her. The people were like ants. Turning on her heel, Reaper Girl walked into the building. She was wondering if she should stop and say hello to her grandfather, Lord Death, but she didn't exactly want to be late at the sign ups for a partner. She frowned, in deep though. How many weapons were in her grade that didn't have a partner? They all must've snagged the first meister they saw their freshman year. She continued to frown as she made her way down the confusing hallways she was pretty familiar with .
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  4. Delynnaria stood outside the academy and stared out at the people below. She couldn't believe the time was finally here... she was being allowed to find a partner. Death had told her many times who she truly was but she didn't completely believe it.. Until Professor Steinman told her who her mother was. She was a witch at heart but she didn't feel too afraid of being at the academy.... No one knew.... For now. She ran a hand through her white hair and exhaled. To her amazement her breath came out in a mist like way despite the heat. She wasn't hot even with the high temperatures.. She was cold and she enjoyed it that way.

    She turned to the academy and looked up "Lord Death... I will make you proud." She said before pulling the hood of her jacket up. People must have thought her crazy for wearing a jacket in the blaring heat but she just giggled at each of the comments. She attracted a lot of attention from higher level meisters that read her soul but they fell silent randomly and didn't bother her anymore as if someone stopped them from doing so. She had a pair of light black gloves on her hands as well as a pair of headphones on her head. Her white hair hung below her shoulders and waved gently in the wind. Her Emerald eyes seemed to glow lightly from under the cover of her hood. She radiated cold which also seemed to attract peoples attention. She was well known within the school and many people tried to become her weapon partner over the last year but until now it wasn't allowed. Rumors speculated as to why this was but they all randomly died out starting a myth about who she was.

    She could only laugh at those thoughts and pushed them out of her head. It was today! Today she could finally be allowed a weapon partner. Sure, She had friends but never someone close like that. She couldn't wait and felt her energetic side surging up from beneath once more. She took a deep breath and walked into the academy. She could see people waving at her as she walked in. It wasn't a secret anymore... She was being allowed a weapon partner for the first time and people seemed excited to see why she was kept from having one even though her past years at the academy have proven she could handle it. 'This is it...' she thought to herself and she closed her eyes to gather herself. She felt claustrophobic over it all with the eyes center on her. She waved back at them and took her hood off and let her hair fall back into place. The academy was home to her, she spent the last 13 years in the building and its layout was second nature to her.
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  5. Reaper Girl stopped in the hallway to get a drink. There was a line and she crossed her arms, drumming her fingers against her arm while she glared at the people ahead of her. She didn't have time for waiting. Her eyes wandered through the hallway, giving a harsh unintentional look at anyone who made eyecontact with her. This cause the other students to flinch and shy away, practically parting like the red sea to avoid walking by her. It didn't bother Reaper. She was by far use to this reaction. Besides, she was the girl who had single handedly defeated a kishin without the help of a weapon. Granted, she had one of her... "special" temper tantroms when it happened and she couldnt even remember what happened. But it gained a sort of respect that she enjoyed. The students saw she was strong then. The students didn't bother challenging her because of it, and because she was a Shinigami.

    Once it was Reaper Girls turn she took a long drink from the fountain and went on her way. She walked towards the meeting room for Meisters and Weapons without partners. It was mostly freshman, which she was dissapointed in slightly. She wanted a partner in her grade, so they would be at the same point in there in school studies. She walked to a table and wrote her name in, oddly enough, neat and cutesy hand writing and stuck the nametag on her arm. She made her way to the complimentary snack table and once again went into deep though, a deep frown settling on her face.

    She was making plans go visit Grandfather Death once this was over, weather she had a partner or not. She wanted to go hunt kishins regardless. Of course, having a weapon partner would be easier to take down the kishins but she didn't want to lag behind anymore. If she didn't get a partner, so be it. She'll hunt them down and take there soul on her own. She had a family name to uphold. Though, there was a little tightening in her chest that made her fear she wouldn't get a partner. Many people in the school were afraid of her. They found her a threat. That could comprimise getting a partner. And if she couldnt get a partner, she failed as a Shinigami. She a powerful family and she couldnt come up short. For her, that was unacceptable. Her frown seemed to deepen as she snatched a drink off the table and started sipping it.
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  6. Gabriel had gotten their early to avoid the crowd, and now sat by the snack table, reading. Rapture had sprouted out from his back, crossing his arms and resting atop his brother's head. "Everybody's talking, why aren't we talking to them?" The black blood creature asked. "Because, the people talking are trying to find weapons of Meisters. We're already paired up, so we don't need to," Gabriel answered, not for the first time. Rapture stretched out a tentacle, using it to grab food from the table. "But if we talk to them, maybe people will stop laughing at us...and not stuff us in lockers..." Rapture said, louder than needed. "Because, Rapture, people will do that anyway. Regardless of what we say to them," came Gabriel's answer.
  7. She walked into the meeting room for Meisters and weapons. It was filled with freshman as expected but she didn't seem to mind at all. She felt odd being the room with all the people but kept it inside of herself. She felt different among them all and she could see eyes on her and she knew what was coming next. She heard he name being said among the groups and soon a group of people came over to her. She saw them all coming towards her and stiffened up. Several were freshmen but some were close to her age. Due to her white hair and bright emerald eyes she stuck out and seemed to be attracting attention.

    "Are you finally allowed a weapon partner Miss!" One of the freshman called out to her. She began to blush but didn't answer with words. She nodded slowly and the group seemed to only get more excited. She didn't need a name tag as most people knew her from word of mouth and from the myth spread about her. She looked at the group around her and felt claustrophobic. "Uhm.... I'm taking my time with this... I'm sorry.." She finally said but the group around her only seemed to grow. She shook her head 'Help... Someone...' she thought to herself. The group around her continued to ask her questions and she began to get overwhelmed. The group stopped and she exhaled a large breath. An icy mist came out and they are just stared at her for a moment before going silent. She felt more eyes on her and she began to Clam up. "What was that Miss?" One of them asked. "Yeah... I never saw that before! That was cool!" Another shouted. Delynnaria sighed and just stood there trying to keep herself composed.

    She looked around at the group "Uhmm..... Thanks for uh... liking me and stuff but I am trying to find a weapon match for me..." She said but that only seemed to get the group around her more enveloped. She shook her head "Can I get some help here?" She called out to anyone who may be within ear distance of her. She took another deep breath and held it before exhaling. The Mist seemed denser and the group watched her closely. She felt odd and began to feel like she was going to have a Claustophobic meltdown. "Please leave me alone.... I'm getting claustrophobic" She was finally able to say. The group back way from her several paces and she felt a weight get off her shoulders. But even distanced as they were she was still being asked questions as to why she was never allowed until now to get a partner.

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    Tara giggled happily as she watch more and more people enter the meeting room for Weapons and Meisters. She had honestly thought she would be the only 'loser' without a partner and was gleefully appreciating the fact that she wasn't alone in the search for a good Meister. She had already seen some good candidates when she had signed in on the log in sheet and written her name tag, both in her signature bubbly, yet kinda hard to read, cursive. She sipped her drink thoughtfully as she watched Delynnaria,not able to believe that she was actually here in search of a partner. How on earth is she not paired up yet? Tara couldn't help but wonder. She had heard amazing things about this particular Meister and her popularity among the Weapons was hard to ignore, especially now that they swarmed around her like a pack of flies, attracted to her scent. There's no way a Weapon like me will ever get paired with her, Tara frowned, taking another sip. A badass like her deserves a scythe or something, not a stupid staff. During her musings, Tara had finished her drink and now ambled over to the snack table to refill her cup, sneaking a small glance at the boy who sat beside it murmuring to a blackish looking blob that formed from his back.
  9. Reaper Girl set aside her drink and walked off towards the window. Whatever people she passed by avoided her. They semed to sense her dark aura and knew well enough to stay away. Her features didn't soften once. Why should they? She knew she was harsh and quiet, but did nothing to change that. It was how she was. Approaching the window, she peered out at the students making there way into the building then turns and leans against the window frame. There was quite a crowd gathered around a girl. Reaper Girl has heard of her before but she hasn't bothered thinking about her. In fact, she ignored her along with most the people in this school. And whatever rumors she has heard of her she dismissed. She wasn't one to keep up with rumors or even believe them.

    Reaper Girl looked at the people entering the room, her gaze seeming to study them. She tilts her head her gaze switching to Soul Perception on its own. She studied there souls, seeing who was a meister and who was a weapon. She frowned, of course, as she did this. Her gaze lazily moved from person to person. She watched the size of the soul, the quality, the wave length, and out of curiosity she determined how well it would go with her "unique" soul.

    her own soul frightened her sometimes. She had heard of others with a soul like hers that had completely destroyed and took over the partner of that soul. Which was why she worked so hard to control it. She was pretty good at it. Soon enough, she let her eyes move to the crowed and took her time looking at each individual soul. She paused at the girl in the center and smirked, her soul perception being strong enough to see through the girls.
  10. Delynnaria looked at the group around her and heard the question "Are the rumors true about you! The reason they wouldn't let you have a partner is a standing order from lord Death!". Delynnaria sighed "Yes... It was true... Now please.. I am... Going to get something to drink.." She said and to her surprise the group began to thin and began to leave her alone for the first time in ten minutes. She sighed and a very visible mist came out of her mouth. She had lived in the academy almost her whole life and knew all the teachers and the people worth knowing. She saw Lord Death's Granddaughter and smirked a little. She though of going over and talking to her but saw that she looked either normal or mad and decided against it. 'Not now at least... You are here to find a weapon... Lord Death's orders...' She said quietly to herself. She felt her soul fluctuate and gasped lightly. She looked around to see if anyone noticed her twitch and sighed in relief when she didn't see any eyes. She knew her soul was very different and stuck out like a light in a dark room. Thankfully not many low level meisters knew soul detect and she felt safe in the room with the others.

    She reached the snack table and took a seat. "I knew this would happen... I get surrounded and cant find anything... Ugh..." She groaned and put her head back. Her eyes gleamed suddenly as her emotions drove the magic inside of her lightly. She knew she had to keep herself calm as Lord Death said.... her emotions drove that side of her and things happened when she gets worked up. She took another deep breath and exhaled and to her relief the mist was slight but still noticeable to anyone close. She picked up a glass of water and sipped on it as she gazed out at the group of gathered people. "So many people... Its like an endless maze of souls..." She said wishing she could use Soul Detect. She tried learning it from Professor Steinman when she was younger but he explained after many failed attempts that it conflicted with the witch inside of her. She saw a man talking with a blob coming out of her back and Giggled lightly "Ahh.... Thats interesting.." She said as she felt the witch's curiosity side of her spark. She fought the urge to observe it and to not look awkward and sufficed with a simple glance. She felt a little awkward standing alone in the group of people but was happy to be rid of the group that swarmed her early on. In a attempt to hide her appearance she put her hood up but the light glow of her eyes from under the dark hood gave away who it was. She looked back over at those sitting and saw another girl sitting among them. She couldn't tell if she was a Meister or a weapon but she seemed to spark her interest. She walked over to her and sat down next to Tara.
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  11. Andy woke up and glanced at the clock. Cursing, he got up quickly and threw some clothes one. He had accidentally slept in and now he was late. He grabbed a cup of coffee on his way out and threw a piece of toast into his mouth while tying up his shoes. He ran down the stairs of his apartment and the way to school. He arrived and went up the stairs slowly, there were way too many of them and he refused to do any more running. He walked into the school and heard the chatter of the meeting for the unpaired Meister and Weapons. He grinned to himself and threw away the rest of his coffee before heading into the room, hoping to finally be paired up with someone, as it would be nice to actually be able to control a weapon, rather then just be all alone. He saw a table of drinks and went over to get some, his own coffee had become cold so now he wanted some hot.
  12. Reaper Girl turned her head away from the people. She didn't have any need to continue looking at the people. She sighed, running her hands through her hair and held back her bangs tightly her three white half stripes mixing in with her raven black hair. Her father hated his white stripes when he was her age. He thought they made him look like garbage. But she liked them. They defined who she was and what she was part of. She lossened her grip, the hair sliding out her fingers and falling neatly in place.

    Glancing up, she noticed two large boys walking towards her. The mischevious grin and wicked gaze in there eyes made her sick to her stomach with despise for them. They wanted to show off. They wanted to prove they were tough. And they apparently hadn't heard about her first year. The two men settled themselves on either side of her, making sure they towered over Reaper. With a cold glare filled with warning, she crossed her arms and looked at them.

    "You're a Shinigami, right? Kinda strange seeing one without a partner. Makes them look.." One of them started.

    "Pathetic. Like you weren't good enough your first year. ' The other finished. They wanted a challenge. To show they could take on the top students and come out stronger.

    Reaper Girl lifted her chin, making it clear she thought she was better than them. She had no time to bother listening to them. To let them pester her into making her fight them. Her eyes switching to Soul Perception she saw they were both weapons. What type, she didn't know. And didn't have time to find out. So she didn't bother wasting her breathe on them which only seemed to piss them off that she didn't react the way they had hoped. Her gaze stayed fixated on the other people, ignoring whatever foul language they spewed at her to get her to react.
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    Tara had joined the strange boy and black blob in sitting in the chairs by the snack table. She peered toward his direction over the rim of her cup as she took another drink and had just decided to go over and try to approach him when she notice a figure making its way toward her. As she met eyes with Delynnaria, she choked. She tried to regain her normal breathing as Delynnaria sat beside her, throwing her into another fit. As she cleared her throat loudly to expel all the blockage, she tried to calm herself down, knowing by the heat the emanated from her nose that her face was flushing pink. Tara's eyes darted around looking for something to keep her eyes away from the girl who caused her discomfort as she racked her brain, trying to think of what to tell the famous girl. She also noticed a brunette boy approaching the snack table as well. "Man this is becoming quite the hot spot isn't is?" she could help but murmur.
  14. Delynnaria looked over at the girl and smiled. She felt her slightly connected to the girl in a way she could really figure out. Lord Death told her about the connection between the mesiter and its weapon. There needed to be a connection between the souls of both parties and it normally took the form of a resonance....

    One Week Earlier..

    Delynnaria stood in front of Lord Death for the first time in nearly an entire month. She ran a hand through her hair "You called for me Lord Death." she said to him. Lord Death turned towards her "Yes Delynnaria! I called you to give you great news! I believe it is time for you to take a partner... Your skill as a Meister has reached its zenith without taking a weapon. I have no doubt that you could do much on your own but... There are reasons for you to take a weapon." He said to her. She nodded slowly "Is it because of what I am?" She stated quickly. Lord Death nodded "Yes my dear... it is! But there is a darker reason for this. Your mother is a very powerful witch by the name Adraste... You like her are a witch." He said to her in a oddly serious voice. Delynnaria tilted her head to the side "I know this... What does this have to do with me getting a partner?" she responded. Lord Death seemed to become even more serious "Your mother is searching for you.... The Coven wishes to find you.. You!" He said at almost a shout. Delynnaria backed up suddenly from the shock. She never heard Lord Death's voice the way it was. She took a deep breath and calmed herself "Then... I... Will have to take a weapon.." She said and finally looked back up at him. Lord Death didn't move "It is in your best interest.... The safety of your well being is now greater than the secret that we harbor... You are far to precious to loose." He said before Delynnaria left the Death Room.

    Present Time:

    Delynnaria snapped out of her flashback and shook her head "Ugh.... That was weird..." She said and realized that her breath was turning into a cold mist once again as the emotions of the encounter a week ago flooded her mind. She began to radiate cold and she could feel her body begin to react differently than it had before. She shook her head and sighed. Once she gathered herself she looked over at Tara "My names Delynnaria, Delynnaria Alimester... Whats yours?" She was finally able to ask.
  15. Reaper quietly listened to the insults they threw at her. "Turns out there really will be a mistake in the Shinigami family! I mean, I thought your father was gonna be the biggest disgrace ever, but turns out you will. Having to now find a partner? What a dis--"

    Before he had the chance to finish his sentence, Reaper spun around her hands flying to the center of the two boys chests and slams them against the wall. While they regained themselves her hands balled there shirts into her fist and yanked them down so they were eyelevel with her. Her gaze turned blood thirsty. "Say all the shit you want about me. But breathe one more word about my family and I will personally take the thrill in the agonizing pain you two will feel as I rip those sorry souls of yours to tiny shreds." As she spoke her voice was low, laced with venomous threat. She didn't give two shits when they spoke only of her. But she hated how they brought her father in this. Kid-sama worked hard for her. And she wasn't going to let his name get dirtier by these fools. They didn't even deserve to speak his name in her opinion.

    As one of them opened his mouth to say something her gaze darted to him, her eyes like daggers. All around her body, sparks of electricity flicked as her own soul was readying for an electrical attack.
    "I dare you. Speak again. Go ahead and say something else.' She dared him as her grip tightened. The boy smirked at her and in the split second it took someone to blink, her her released his shirt and shot up to his mouth. Her hand pressed to his mouth, her nails digging into the soft flesh of his cheeks as a burst of electricity shot out from her soul and directly at him and his soul, causing his head to fly back into the wall. His friend gulped and raised his hands, realizing he was in over his head and didn't want the same thing done to him. Reaper Girl smirks as she released the other guy, who helped his friend up and made there way to the other side of the room. Lifting her chin again she called out "Go ahead and find me next time if you wish to know what fighting a Shinigami is like!" Reaper Girl gave a dark smirk as her soul settled, the electicity fading and she leaned against the wall again. The few people who saw made sure to move away from her and didn't care contact a teacher.

  16. Roxanne Jean-Aubry
    Roxanne finally arrived at the top of the stairs. She was out of breath and was hunched over her legs. Roxanne knew that the stairs were that way to increase the stamina of the students, but were that many steps really necessary? After catching her breath, she stood up and fixed her blue dress and the hair clips in her hair. When she felt like she had adjusted everything so that it's now perfect and presentable, she walked through the DWMA doors.

    Roxanne followed the signs that were placed for newbies like her so she can get to the meeting room. When Roxanne arrived at the meeting room, it seemed a bit busy. She waited in line for the welcome table. When it was her turn, she signed in on the log and took a name tag to print her name. 'Roxanne- Weapon' She printed. She stuck the name tag to her dress and started to explore the area.

    The people around her seemed to be mingling. Roxanne didn't try to jump in on any of their conversations, feeling that it would be rude. She saw a few people at the snack table and started to approach it. Not only was there people there, but she was feeling kind of hungry since the journey to the top of the stairs. She walked over and grabbed a bag of potato chips. "Artificial, but they will do for now." She thought as she opened the chips.She ate one of the chips and walked away from the table.

    A huge bang rang throughout the room. Roxanne walked over to get a glimpse of the action. Seems like some girl got angry and lashed out. Roxanne didn't really know much about the girl who got angry. All she knew is that she is a Shinigami. Everything else was a mystery. After looking for a while, Roxanne lost interest and walked away. She continued to walk around the room trying to find a capable meister.
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  17. "You idiots should know better than to mess with a Shinigami." Leone's cold gaze rested upon the two boys who were retreating to the other side of the room after imbecile number one got a taste of the fire power the Shinigami was packing. They were both a year younger than him and definitely missing at least six years of schooling, at least that's what it sounded like from their attempts at harassing the girl. "And pissing her off certainly ain't the right way to get her to pick you." He took a sip of his coffee, wondering if the lowlifes even heard him.
    They kept right on walking, and a smirk was worn clear on his face, betraying the bitter coldness in his sharp blue eyes. That coldness kept most students away, usually a good thing under most circumstances, but not exactly for today. He let out a soft sigh of annoyance and took up an empty spot along the wall. So what if it happened to be near the Shinigami girl. He hadn't started anything with her, so he was perfectly safe with the idea of avoiding the claustrophobic atmosphere of the rest of the room.
  18. Gabriel was too immersed in his book to notice all the people who sat by the table. Rapture, however, did. "Hi guys! How's the search going? Unfortunately, I can't be a weapon for any of you, as I am bound to my brother, the reader. His name is Gabriel, and I'm Rapture. Who're you?" Rapture had always been a bit of a dolt, and assumed that the people had come to ask him to be their weapon, not about his being a creature of Black Blood. When Reaper had slammed some new kids into the wall, the Black Blood being shook his head, "That's Reaper for you. Always violent." Gabriel still didn't look up, but mumbled a response, "Yeah, I wonder if it's tough for her to find a partner like that. Matching on a personal level, that'd be the tough thing..."
  19. Reaper Girl folds her arms across her chest leaning back. She gave a amused smirk as another boy joined in at shouting at the two boys, her eyes moving to the snack table where he was. She recognized the student, but faintly. Her knowledge of him didn't really go past the fact that kids said he was a musician. Other then that, she's only seen him by passing by in the hallways. Maybe she had a class with him last year, maybe not. Her cold gaze realized he had moved out of her line of vision when she was trying to recall who he was and he had leaned against the wall near her. She quickly used Soul Perception, identifying him as a weapon.

    Frowning, as usual, she began thinking. She imagined what people were what type of weapon without asking. She didn't want to ask. Not after the scene she just had. Reaper Girl glanced over to the snack table the boy had come from, then a nearby crowd of weapons, then to window, then at the musician boy. "Hey. What's your name." She called out to him. It wasn't exactly a question, it was more of a demand. Often times her questions unintentionally sounded like demands, but oh well. Either way it got her point across.
  20. Leone blinked when the Shinigami spoke to him. He gave her a sideways glance, making sure that he didn't make himself look like a fool by misreading and interrupting an interaction that she could have been having with anyone else in the crowded room. But, it looked like he was the one she wanted to hear from. What a surprise. "Leone Valcrosse. Yours?" He asked her, wondering just how well this interaction was going to go. So far, he was doing better than the first two idiots. Shocking, considering how he rarely talked to other people. He took another sip of his coffee. His gaze rested attentively on her, though he was also keeping an eye on the rest of the room. He was never one to be caught with his guard down. Most of his attention remained on the girl talking to him, however.