Soul Eater: New Year

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  1. The DWMA, an organization founded to prevent the return of the Kishin. The last generation of students was legendary, even managing to subdue the Kishin Asura. Since then, many of them have gone on as private hunters, though Death the Kid has since gone on to help run the school, and Maka and Soul have both become teachers. For the most part, things have gone well, with one exception. Two years ago, The Demon Swordsman Crona vanished. Then Spirit, a day later. After him, the other Death Scythes vanished, with the exception of the ones in Death City. (Soul Eater, Tsubaki, Liz and Patty, and Justin Law.) Soul Eater was hospitalized for a week after their disappearance with lung failure and various internal injuries. In addition to this,the Witch Coven has been suspiciously quiet...


    Weapon or Meister:
    Weapon form, if applicable:
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  2. Name- Leone Valcrosse
    Nickname/s- Leo for friends, Valcrosse for just about everyone else.
    Age- 17
    Gender- Male
    Sexuality- Straight
    Weapon or Meister? Weapon
    Personality- Leone is a quiet, cold, and collected guy most of the time. He rarely shows emotion unless he believes he's alone. He is not a patient guy. If someone catches him in a bad mood, he can be a very scary person. In reality, he's quite shy and a bit awkward in social situations.
    Weapon- Leone transforms into a darkly tinted silver rapier. An obsidian stone is imbedded in the handle.
    Picture reference-
    Habits- Biting the inside of his lower lip when he's stressed, tapping his foot when he has to wait for something, sitting in corners in order to keep his back protected.
    Talents/Hobbies- He can play the piano and the saxophone quite well, and he can also draw very well. He is also very good at picking out holes in security systems.
    Likes- Warm places, feeling secure, fluffy blankets, attacking enemies, privacy, cats, tiger lilies.
    Dislikes- Crowds, cold, formal affairs, dancing, getting caught in the rain, thunderstorms, traveling for long distances, disrespect, people touching him.
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  3. Would it be okay if I joined as well?
  4. I'll post my char tomorrow
  5. Of course Sinnea.
  6. Name: Gabriel and Rapture.
    Nickname: The Black Blood and Soul siblings.
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male. Rapture's more of an it, but prefers being called male.
    Sexuality: Bi.
    Weapon or Meister: "It's complicated."
    Personality: Gabriel and his "brother" Rapture are quite the pair. Most notably, is the interesting relationship the two share. Rapture, a creature made up of Black Blood like his father Ragnorok. Gabriel is a human being, despite what bullies at the DWMA might tell you. The two of them get along swimmingly, unlike their parents, but they are still very different. Gabriel is quite and withdrawn, prefering the company of his books to that of people. Rapture is extroverted, and is always the first to start a conversation. Gabriel is rather laid back and relaxed, whereas Rapture can't sit still for a second. They do, however, have something in common: both of them are huge nerds. They both watch Dr. Who, and read everything from Hellboy to Spider-Man.
    Weapon: Rapture, being made from the Black Blood, can transform himself into a variety of shapes. Because of this, he serves as Gabriel's weapon. Common forms include: a single-edged saber, a shield, whips, claws, hammers, and even a sniper rifle.
    Habits: Both of the brothers get nervous around people they think are cute. Gabriel cracks his knuckles, and Rapture hums a lot.
    Hobbies: Rapture is quite the talented singer, prefering to sing jazz, with some Hall and Oats and Chordettes thrown in for versatility. Gabriel is an avid reader and writer, and can often be seen scribbling away in a leather-bound journal. They also are a formidable Smash Brothers team. (Gabriel plays Ike, while Rapture plays Sheik.)
    Likes: Both of them enjoy jazz, video games, comic books, and cats.
    Dislikes: Pay to win games, pickles, stickers, and hot weather.

    Gabriel, son of Crona.

    Rapture, spawn of Ragnorok is a sludge ball that often shapes itself into a humanoid torso and sprouts from the back of Gabriel.
  7. I would love to play... may I join this?
  8. Of course!
  9. Hmm... now I just have to decide if I want to be one of the original characters or make a new one... do you want for someone to join as one of the originals from the series?
  10. That would be cool. We should work that out some, who did you plan on being?
  11. I was entertaining the thought of being Crona and Ragnarok, but that's sort of unorthadox now. So now I don't much care, I can fit in pretty much with any character out of that series.
  12. I've got plans for them, actually. Just about anybody else would be good. And somebody should be Lord Death.
  13. You got it! I'll post Lord Death in a minute \^o^/
  14. Thanks a million.
  15. Name: Lord Death

    Age: Unknown

    Nickname: ...Lord Death.

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Not Applicable.

    Weapon or Meister: The Ultimate Meister, holding the Death Scythes.

    Personality: Happy-Go-Lucky and Carefree, but when something serious comes up he will take necessary measures to take care of it, even if it seems bad to others.

    Weapon form: Not Applicable.

    Appearence: We don't know what's under the cloak he constantly wears, but supposedly it's a skeleton. Only his face is visible, which looks like a human face stripped to bone.

    Habits: Tends to beat around the bush, and lighten matters. When caught doing this, he gets flustered but continues to try beating.

    Talents: He is the "Principle" of the Death Weapon Meister Academy, and is also the most powerful Meister in existence. It seems as if he knows a lot more than he lets on.

    Likes: His students, Death the Kid... a lot of things I can't list all of ^^'''

    Dislikes: Kishin, Disagreeable people, Gloating, Fulsome behavior... [Insert more things I can't list ^^''']
  16. BountyHunter, AshenAngel, both are accepted!
  17. Yay! ^0^ Thanks =D
  18. No problem.
  19. I'll start this once we've got three Weapon-Meister pairs.
  20. Hi!!! I'm interested in joining if that's ok <(^^;) I was wondering what the weapon/meister ratio was or if you wanted witch or orignal characters so I could plan my character accordingly