Soul Eater: Madness of Tomorrow



John Charon - Meister

John finally made it up to the top of the staircase without much trouble, aside from sweating a bit from the heat he haven't grown accustom to yet. He glanced at the crowd of people who made it up before him. "Well, might as well start getting to know some people." His Canadian accent is quite noticeable and hard to hide if he wanted to. It wasn't a problem to him though. John walked into the crowd of people with his hands in his pockets. It shouldn't be that hard to get to know people around here. Everyone seems friendly enough. He thought to himself while walking through the crowd. The chances of finding a weapon to partner up with him is quite high with a group of people like this.
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Ibraham, Weapon.
Ibraham idled at the edge of the teachers room as Sid walked around his desk, collecting miscellaneous items and muttering to himself under his breath. He could hear distant rumbling, it looked like the other students had followed him into the building. It wasn't until he coughed that the teacher looked up, a bit startled.

"Oh my bad. I'll talk to the students, you can go ahead to the gymnasium. We're going to address all new students there. Just go out of this room and keep going towards the right wing. There should be signs that direct you."

Ibraham nodded jerkily before ducking out of the room and heading towards the gym, following the faded signs as Sid had suggested.
Sid walked out of his room with a sheaf of papers under his arm and headed towards the entrance hall where he assumed most of the students were waiting. As he crossed corner, he was pleasantly surprised to note that, yes almost every student was here. Clearing his throat loudly, he waited until the focus of the room was on him before speaking.
"Hello, My name is Sid Barret. I am an instructor here as Shibusen. If you would please follow me, I will lead you to the Gymnasium where we are going to be having the introductory speech and class assignments"

Sid's voice was firm and loud, echoing in the quiet hall, finishing his speech. He spun on his heel and took off towards the Gym at a fair clip. He could hear the students moving behind to follow him. Their feet falling on the ground in tandem, like the echoing of a thousand drums.
Ibraham strolled into the gymnasium and was surprised to see it wasn't entirely empty. There was a couple students milling about here and there, there was also a podium set up, indicating someone was going to come speak to them, other than that it looked like a Gymnasium like every other.

Scratching his cheek, he took a seat at the very front of the bleachers, waiting for the teachers or the headmaster or whoever to show up.
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Sebastian, Meister
Listening quietly, Sebastian found himself surprised that Shizuka was a weapon. Just looking, he never would have guessed it. He had figured she was another meister like himself and Alexei.

'Huh, interesting.' He thought, turning when he heard an authoritive voice. Staring blankly at the zombie-guy, Sebastian rubbed his face before sighing. Of course. This made sense. Total sense. A zombie teacher.

"Alright." He said to no one in particular, the entire scenario seeming... really, really stupid in his opinion. But he didn't question. He never did. Shrugging, he merely made his way to the gym, eventually finding a seat on the bleachers.


Shizuka, Weapon
Shizuka did as the zombie teacher told, following the rest of the students into the gymnasium. Her head was held high, but she quickly pulled her mask back over her face when she heard the sounds of shouting and talking. 'Why couldn't we get a speech somewhere more open?' Her thoughts rolled in her head as she walked through the open doors to the gym.

Shizuka saw as students shifted themselves, watching as some tried to get either front row seats or seats as far away from the front as they could muster. She sighed softly and walked to an open spot in the middle of the bleachers, being careful to not trip over the bottom of her kimono. She ignored two female meisters when they stared over at her, seemingly curious about her fox mask.

It didn't bother her much. She knew that her habits were odd, but she just shrugged away the stares. Her gaze stayed on what was in front of her, staring at the podium through her small eye holes.


Sid, Teacher.
Sid stood behind the podium and watched as the students filed in. After they had settled, he waited an extra five minutes for any stragglers to wander in. Once that had passed he cleared his throat to get their attention. Unnecessarily he absently noted. The room had already been fairly silent. Making a sweeping gesture Sid started his speech.

"Hello and Welcome to Shibusen.You are all here because you have displayed proficency in either being a weapon or a meister. Here you will learn to harmonize with the partner you find to become a deadly instrument that keeps the peace. We will teach you how to fight witches, how to resist the madness. You will eventually be the last line of defense between the world and the madness. the only thing preventing the rebirth of a Kishin.

We have some of our teaching staff here for introductions. To my right stand Maka Albarn, Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir.

Now that the pleasantries are over. Please follow Instructor Albarn into the next room for a introductory proficiency test, as well as a chance to find your match, whether you are a Meister or a Weapon."

Stepping down from the Podium, Sid gestured towards Maka. Then retreated to the edge of the room as he watched the students file out. It was surprisingly orderly and quiet. He had a bad feeling about that.
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