Soul Eater: Madness of Tomorrow

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  1. Sebastian, Meister.
    With a final step, Sebastian reached the top of the obnoxiously long stares that let to Shibusen. Letting out a tired sigh, he raised a hand to the sky before flipping off the sun that seemed to be laughing at his misery.

    'Asshole.' He thought venomously, completely oblivious to the crowd of freshly arriving students. Running a hand through his hair, he grunted grumpily as he looked around with a narrowed eye. There were a lot of other students. He was expecting maybe 10 or 20 others, but there had to at least be 50 people. 'How many are weapons...?' He pondered to himself as he stepped forward, hands buried in his pockets as he made his way through the crowd.

    All he had to do was find a nice little corner away from all the noise and maybe, just maybe, he'd be able to go back to sleep. Why? Because, no matter what, waking up at 5 a.m. just to spend 3 hours walking up a flight of stairs was bullshit.

    He would fight anyone that argued otherwise.​
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  2. Ibraham, Weapon.
    Ibraham squared his shoulders, and held his head up high as he attempted to navigate through the throng that had gathered in the courtyard in front of the Shibusen. He was mildly impressed at the sheer number of people that were present to attempt to join the school. Although he supposed the number was in reality pitifully low considering it contained people from all over the world.

    Grumbling to himself, he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Usually the heat wouldn't bother him, the city wasn't anywhere as humid as Pune even on it's best day, but the sheer mass of people surrounding him made it uncomfortably warm. He was also quickly developing a twitch from how often he was jostled. People had no manners.

    If he'd expected to feel some special connection with somebody in the crowd and realize that this person was to be his meister. He was sorely disappointed, nothing but meaningless noise from all sides.

    Pushing through people, he managed to break through the crowd near the entrance to the building. Dusting himself off and making sure he still had all his stuff. He hefted his pack and purposefully strode towards the large double doors.

    No sense in standing outside under the beating sun.
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  3. Shizuka, Weapon.
    Shizuka stared quietly at the sky as she walked up the long stairs. Even though others thought it was tedious and too much exercise, she found it peaceful to walk up the stairs with weather she saw as "nice". She slowly looked down as she neared the last step, smiling slightly.​

    She sighed softly and her last foot landed on the last step, but she almost fell as a boy ran up the stairs. She frowned at the sudden gush of wind, but she shrugged off the uncomfortable feeling, taking a deep breath. She knew that many people would be here, and that she had to keep a calm attitude to avoid a panic.

    Shizuka glanced around the area, her eyes shifting to the large crowd of soon-to-be student as she slowly joined the crowded. "So many people..." She followed and apologized occassionally to the people who fidgeted, those student glaring at her even those they bumped into her. Shizuka took another deep breath and placed her fox mask over her face, finding the narrowness of the eye holes comforting.

    Shizuka stood quietly and listened to the many voices, waiting within the crowd. She held her hands firmly over her lap, eavesdropping on a conversation between two meisters.
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  4. Alexei Stukov : Comrade Meister

    "Ahh, stairs are good cardio warmup, wouldn't you agree, my friends!" The thickly accented sound of a Russian young man could be heard well before he was seen as he crested the top of the stairs, several other students, far more winded and exasperated with their companion that they had the dubious fortune of meeting at the base of the stairs. Considering how quickly they excused themselves, they seemed to not have any interest in dealing with him any longer.

    Behind the genuine appearing smile as he waved them off, Stukov was relieved. He had not intended to run into any of these fools at the base of the stairs, and none of them weapons either! That did him no good, and he had to play nice with them while he ascended those damnable stairs. Good cardio, his ass! Small blessing, thanks to his size, the students didn't jostle him around much at all, or at all period, as he loomed over the rest in his coat and scarf.

    He could hear the whispering and chatter of the abnormally large, heavily garbed Russian student. The ones who came up with him already spreading rumors, blatently false, but they would certainly play into his favor. He set them a running with them, after all! But he needed to find a weapon, and his gut would lead the way. Well, he hoped it would at any rate.

    Stukov would eventually lay eyes on a young girl listening in on a conversation between two other students to be, and put on a fake, but convincing, smile as he quietly stepped beside her. His tone was joking and jovial despite the opposite in his thoughts, playing up the act he had given coming up the stairs already. The accent he had was thick, identifiable, but able to be understood, a small blessing considering his less than flawless grasp on the English language. "Dropping of the eaves is no way to make fast friends, da?"
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  5. Lance Sinatra @ DWMA Entrance

    Quite unlike the blank - and perhaps a bored - look upon his face, Lance's senses were tingling with apprehension as he mingled with the crowd. To his pleasant surprise there were a reasonable amount of people standing by despite needing to climb up those steps earlier. Lance himself did not have too much trouble thanks to his daily ritual, which was unlike some of the others that he had seen who'd snap and start making rude gestures at things.

    His hands were starting to form beads of sweat while he he looked around once more, but the porous bandages under the gloves readily licked them dry. He wasn't exactly afraid of the crowd, nor was this his first time being involved in one. He often enjoyed idle banter with the locals back when he was living in London to boot. In fact, conversing with strangers was something he can do with ease and swag.

    If only there weren't so many stunning beauties everywhere.

    He closed his eyes and exhaled slowly, attempting to calm down. He could tell even just by a glance that he was one of the younger ones here, which meant he had to show charisma and charm to catch their attention. His attire was immaculately to his style and for once it wasn't falling down everywhere; the shoulder sleeves for both his shirt and undershirt were on his shoulders which were pressed down by the jean-straps. Having said that, he did not doubt the state they would be in as soon as he lost focus on them.

    "Okay, Now..."

    His lime eyes revealed themselves once more accompanied with a mumble, then forming a small smile. While keeping up his happy-looking face, he shuffled his feet into action; walked around and between the crowds. There was no need to bother to check if his prediction was right, - he could feel the strap lightly snagging at his arm as it drooped back to its usual position anyway - but rather he carefully eyed the movement of people around him as the meticulous plan of attempting to 'accidentally' bump into girls to initiate a conversation taking place in his mind.

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  6. Sebastian, Meister
    "Why are there so many damn people?!" He hissed under his breath as he was jostled throughout the crowd and he could feel his irritation growing. He was never the type that dealt well with crowds - he hated large groups. The last time he was surrounded by this many people he was at a card game tournament and pretty much every chubby boy and their mother had serious body odor. "Least it doesn't smell like cheetos and mayonnaise." He muttered, pushing his way through the crowd.

    "MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!" He shouted, practically shouldering past a group of people before he bumped into someone and he staggered back, blinking the stars and birds out of his eyes. Focusing, he stared at the silver-haired guy that was about a head taller than him and wearing a giant coat.

    "O-Oh... My bad, dude."
  7. Blair Croft
    At DWNA entrance,

    Experience the joys of youth, he said. Become a responsible adult, she said he thought bitterly. All Blair had managed to do this morning was nearly sweat to death, wake up at an ungodly hour, and be ran into by strangers. Now he faced an even more bothersome obstacle, in the form of several thousand steps. He blew a red lock out of his face and sighed, reluctantly beginning his trek. Angsting about his woes any further would just be a waste of time. So he sucked it up and climbed the staircase at a resonable pace. There was a disgustingly jam packed mosh pit of students crowding around the double doors.

    It was regrettable but it'd probably be best to brave the beast. It'd be hard to find some kind of connection, or whatever, standing where he was. Plus it'd take forever to get into the building once the doors actually opened. Blair tightened his grip on his backpack and closed his eyes, pumping himself up for the tiresome but nessecary act to come. Mocha eyes snapped back open. Their glazed and bored look replaced with one of focus and determination. He would then charge into the mob, nudging and pushing gaggles of students out of his way. Always saying "excuse me" mind you. Eventually he broke from the crowd on the other side. Now he was quite close to the doors.

    "Perfect," he mumbled, in his usual accented drone.

  8. Ibraham, Weapon.
    Ibraham had opened the door halfway through when he some ruffian yell from behind him. Rolling his eyes he looked over his shoulder and spotted a very distinctive group of people. The tall one with silver hair was very unique, sticking out of the crowd with his large stature and hair color. The guy standing next to him seemed aggravated as well, and the girl seemed way too timid to be standing with those two.

    Well, whatever. It didn't really matter to him. He noticed another person lurking near the door out of the corner of his eye, but he'd have plenty of time to speak to any potential classmates later on. It's better to locate a teacher now and get things rolling. There was nothing he disliked more than wasting time being idle.

    Turning back to the doors, he pushed them with a low crash and sauntered into the school. "Are there any teachers here. How long are we supposed to stand outside? This is a very inefficient system."
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  9. Shizuka, Weapon.
    Shizuka glanced over towards the large boy with the Russian accent as he towered just one foot over her, a small and muffled chuckle coming from behind her mask. "I suppose not. But, it is good to know how others perceive, no? Much like how one should know how to engage an enemy." Her gaze returned to the front of her, watching as a student hurried towards the front gates and yelled about teachers.

    She smiled warmly behind her mask, but it faded as she glanced back over to see another boy bumped into the larger one. He apologized, but something in her warned her about the encounter. By instinct she moved behind them, squeezing her way between them to avoid confrontation. She knew how those things went. When someone accidentally bumps into someone else, not all take it lightly. She held herself in a stiff stance, readying herself incase her worries were realized.
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  10. Alexei Stukov : Comrade Meister

    The large Russian boy looked down first at the young man who bumped into him, giving him a broad grin, and he was also grinning internally as well. He hadn't even budged, the boy practically ricocheting off his torso, as the other boy stuttered out an apology. He heard the young lady speaking too, referring to knowing how to perceive others. Now that, he could get behind, perhaps not all the students would be naive or overly trusting after all. They would get along well, he hoped, despite her mask. He couldn't talk, he wore an emotional mask, vice a physical one. "Haha, I suppose so, friend. Perhaps bit early to pick out enemies, da?"

    Turning to the boy who ran into him, he patted him on the shoulder in a friendly manner, easily reaching over the girl, as he was roughly a good foot taller to begin with, but did his best to avoid unnecessary jostling or other, generally, rude or provoking movements. Instead he responded, keeping the easy grin and happy tone of voice as he responded to the boy's apology. "Da, no worries friend. As they say, accidents happen? Hardly bothers me, you bounced far more than I! You are well enough though?"

    Despite the grin, laughing and joking manner, Alexei was not really happy with being jostled around. Well, attempts at it, it was rather comedic, in a sad way, how he had just bounced with barely a movement on his end. He really didn't think it deliberate, rather, he was not looking where he was going. Deliberately trying to shove him, of all people, around seemed rather stupid, especially for anyone who could make it this far to begin with. Time would tell, though, time would tell.
  11. Having finally reached the top of the staircase, Shiori looked around at the crowd of students. After a couple of weeks of practicing transforming partially and fully into a ridiculously heavy sword, she was kind of used to being exhausted so the staircase didn't bother her too much. The crowd, however, was very unusual. She could see and hear several people complaining about the cramped nature of the swarm, which as only 50 people could probably have spread out much more than it was doing. Maybe they were all just incredibly eager to get inside? It was certainly an unusual way of queuing, so Shiori assumed it to be some kind of American custom she wasn't familiar with. Since she was standing quite a way from the crowd, she got a glimpse of a smaller crowd of people a little way away. Curious, she walked over to find what looked to be a side door the older students had learnt to use on the days where new students arrive.
  12. Sebastian, Meister
    Rubbing the back of his neck, he let out a sigh of relief. For once he bumped into the one guy that didn't view it as a deadly offense. Usually whenever something like that happened, it would end in threats and, more often than not, a stupid fight.

    'Man, really lucked out this time.' He thought to himself, feeling at ease due to the fact he didn't make the stereotypical 'rival' on his first day. That was something he really didn't have the time nor the patience to deal with.

    "Yeah, I'm alright, thanks for askin'." He said, stepping from behind Shizuka, making a mental note of the girl that found it apt to place herself between him and Alexei.

    'Probably trying to keep a fight from breaking out.' He surmised before extending his hand to Alexei in a handshake.

    "Sebastian, Meister. Most people call me Baz, though." He introduced himself, figuring it'd be best to just make acquaintances with whoever he could.
  13. Blair Croft
    Inside DWNA

    Even though he'd been facing the other way, he still took stock of the situation. Some loudmouth classmate had apperantly bumped into another. The other must have been pretty formidable as the first wavered a little when apologizing. Then a third, feminine, voice interjected. Probably to diffuse any possible fights. Well, it seemed like there wouldn't be any fights breaking out, anyhow. The two were, in Blair's opinion, quite genial about the situation. That was good, he really didn't feel like seeing a fight on the first day.

    Seeing as everything smoothed over nicely, he tuned the trio back out. Now his attention was on another classmate who pushed through the front doors. A nice air-conditioned breeze made its way to him, before the door shut behind the other. It seemed that the door wasn't locked or anything like he'd first thought that it was.

    Then why the heck am I standing out here in the heat? He wondered. Blair casually pushed through the doors and entered the school as well. He didn't really see a point in standing outside if he could just wait in the building.

  14. Shizuka, Weapon.

    "I think we better get out of the weather. Someone may suffer a heatstroke." Shizuka glanced between the boys and gave them both an invisible smile, turning back to the front. She stared at the entrance into the school as another student hurried to it, slowly walking towards it as to not open her kimono. She gently pushed her way between a few students, hoping she does not offend too many of them as she passed the boy with loose clothes.

    Feeling more at ease as some students entered the school or the hidden entrance, it was starting to become less crowded. Shizuka stopped in place and moved her mask from her face to place it on the side of her head. Her dark eyes shifted as her pupils adjusted and shrunk to a smaller size when the smiling sun hit her eyes. She continued walking, sometimes stopping to let others go first since she had to be slow.
  15. Ibraham, Weapon. He stood there for a second, but no answer came out to him. Huffing in a indignant manner, he walked further into the schools main hall. Opening and looking in doors as he passed by them, attempting to find a teacher. It wasn't until he'd already opened several sets of doors until he was able to spot someone who looked like an adult.

    Knocking on the edge of the door, he stepped in, absently noticing the adult looked like some kind of Zombie. He'd heard stories of this, the famous undead teacher of Shibusen. Clearing his throat to catch the mans attention, he waited until the man looked up.

    "Are you a teacher? There was no one outside to tell us where to go or what to do. It seemed like a waste of time to just stand there so I came here looking for you."

    The man rubbed the back of his neck before muttering something.

    A second passed before the man stood up and extended his arm. "I'm Sid Barret, I am indeed a teacher here. There should've been a notice or somebody there, but no matter. I'll speak to the students." Ibraham nodded as the grasped the mans hand and shook firmly. The thought that the man had a surprisingly strong grip ran through his head.
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  16. Alexei Stukov : Comrade Meister

    Alexei smiled down at the smaller meister as he introduced himself. Sebastian, eh? Well, he would have to keep the name in mind, alongside the face. Make sure he didn't lose track of him, especially in case he had use for the other Meister later. But he took the handshake firmly, not going for the huge crusher handshake that some guys loved to do, but it wasn't limp either. Obviously someone showed him how to do proper handshakes earlier in his life, without coming off wrong. "Pleasure to meet you, Sebastian. I am Alexei, Meister as well!"

    The Russian Meister chuckled at the comment of suffering a heatstroke as he turned to follow the smaller masked woman in, the change in climate far more pleasant than before, as it was outside. Arms swinging by his sides easily, he noted that someone had succeeded in tracking down a teacher of some sort. Good, very good, they would actually be doing something after all. It had taken long enough, blasted lazy staff. But he didn't let his thoughts show, instead noting the mask was removed by the girl he was following and he did not rush past her. He was in no hurry, after all, and commented as he walked, being an impromptu buffer against the oncoming swarm of students. "Very formal attire for first day, da friend?"
  17. Shizuka, Weapon.
    Shizuka tuned in on the greeting between the two male meisters, sighing softly with relief that they did not fight. She saw the large boy again in the corner of her eye, not surprised that he caught up with her. The girl looked over her shoulder at the other boy, wondering if she should stop for him. She was not in a big hurry, so she stopped for the boy and she turned to the larger one. She smiled warmly, turning her head and giving the larger boy a nod.

    "I suppose I am dressed oddly. But, this is how I normally dress." Shizuka glanced down at her body briefly before she looked back up at him as some of the sun's rays bounced off her dark grey hair. "Is this attire not appropriate?" She tilted her head like a small dog, a puzzled look on her face. The confused look faded as she remember she forgot to introduce herself, something she thought she'd gotten used to.

    "Forgive my rudeness. I am Shizuka." The girl gave the Russian boy and refined bow, another warm smile on her face.
  18. Alexei Stukov : Comrade Meister

    "Well, I, as they say, have little room for talking, da?" Alexei grinned and gestured at his greatcoat, sorely innappropriate for the weather. About only Russia, or the ice caps, really warranted that type of attire. Granted, he was unphased by it, effectively in similar straights like Shizuka in her own attire, for different reasons to be fair. When she asked about whether it was appropriate or not, the Russian shrugged, a grin resting on his face as he responded to what she had said. "I know not, friend, I am not master of attire, as you see."

    When she introduced herself, the hidden part of Alexei filed it away for future use, as needed. The bow, indicated formal upbringing of some sort in the orients, they were the only ones he ever heard of bowing. From stories that his family told, at any rate. But he grinned more broadly as she bowed, returning it the best he could without eclipsing her due to proximity. That and he was clueless on the finer points of bowing, beyond the generic gesture. "It is pleasure, Shizuka. Call me Alexei, if you did not hear when I said similar to other Meister."
  19. Sebastian, Meister "Same." Sebastian said as he and Alexei shook hands, quite happy to make a new acquaintance. He couldn't help but be surprised the taller meister didn't crush his hand from the handshake. He really was getting lucky on his first day. Burying his hands in his pockets, he chose to follow his fellow meister. Coming to a stop when they came across Shizuka once more, he hung back as the talked, those he found himself focusing on her mask. It was... Strange. He'd never seen one like it, though from her features he could tell she was Asian. Perhaps it was apart of her culture?

    'Shizuka? Definitely Asian. Japanese, maybe? Probably.' He concluded, watching as they exchanged bows and he raised a hand in greeting.

    "Baz. Meister like Alexei here." He said, introducing himself once more in case she hadn't heard.
  20. Shizuka, Weapon.
    Shizuka's gaze shifted to Sebastian when he caught up with her and Alexei, giving him a bow when he approached. She heard both say their names, but she liked that they both introduce themselves again for her. Now, she was certain that she would not forget either boys' name. She straightened back up from the bow, appreciating both boys' greetings. "It is a pleasure to meet you both." She smiled at the two meisters, wondering to herself if one of these boys would be her future meister.

    Shizuka thought silently for a brief moment, before she remember to introduce herself as either a meister or a weapon. She cleared her throat and talked softly in a apologetic tone like she did something wrong. "Since you both were polite to tell me you were meisters, I will tell you both that I am a weapon." She gave one more smile and turned back to the school, seeing that the students were finally marching inside. She started to walk again, looking over shoulder at the two boys as she urged them to join with a small hand gesture.