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  1. [​IMG]
    Fifteen long years have past since the first Kishin was defeated. It was said that, after his death, the world would be free from his plague of madness. And it was true. Peace prevailed throughout the world, and all was good. Until, slowly, the plague of madness began to rear its ugly head, and with it, a new wave of weapons and unique individuals who could resonate with them was born.
    This is their story.​

    The Academy doors have reopened after being shut for those fifteen years of peace and are once again accepting students. From far and wide, all across the world meisters and weapons have arrived to hone their skills - some even receiving special invitations from the new Shinigami himself.
    "The Madness has returned. Power, Knowledge, Fear, Order, Anger. They seek to consume us all."

    • Purpose
      Shibusen, while being that of a military organization, also functions as its own seperate school with a unique system. Part of the academy's purpose is to teach and supervise young meisters and demon weapons to prevent the uprising of another kishin.

      Shibusen serves a multitude of purposes. It exists to teach individuals from when they're young, as well as supervise them, to ensure the prevention of another Kishin rising, an individual who excretes a Madness Wavelength at a godly level. and maintain world order. In addition, it is to teach Demon Weapons to control their power in an effort to prevent their power from accidentally hurting others as well as for them to properly integrate into society.

    • The EAT Class

      The curriculum, standing for Especially Advantaged Talent, which is the curriculum that involves the student to use their power to fight against evil. The last 10% of the student body make up and follow this curriculum.

      Shibusen decided to divide both Curriculum's classes into advanced, or normal, based on the student's preformance in a little test on their first day.

      This test is meant to divide those who need work, out of those who can excell.

      It's a simple preformance test.

      Once the meister has chosen a partner, they're taken to the fitness room, where everyone lines up and shows off their skills.

      If their skills are good, and can do excellent in battle, they'll be placed in advanced classes; it's a nonbiased system Sid Barret runs.

      If both succeed, both go to the class.

      If both fail, they're stuck in a normal class, it being harder to raise in the ranks, people are normally 1 Stars for good in this class.

      If one fails and the other succeeds, a simple Soul Resonance test is conducted to see how evenly their soul wavelengths mingle.

    • Headmaster
      Not much is known about the job and responsibilities of the headmaster, though it can be assumed the headmaster has the highest ranking in the schooling system. The headmaster seems to be the one to determine If someone can take Remedial Classess and supervises the students within the EAT Class and their progress. He also advises the teachers on the various lessons/courses for the EAT Class to take.

      In addition, the Headmaster is able to make exceptions when needed and assign missions to students. He's even able to be contacted freely If needed by a student by calling "42-42-564" on a mirror and get status updates from the students themselves and/or if a student wishes to ask him something. He can also be contacted in the Death Room.

      In the academy, it seems that all individuals who teach classes, especially those who teach within the EAT Curriculum, are known as three-star meisters/weapons and are highly ranked. They're responsible for teaching the class the subject in question and have a variety of responsibilities.
      Teachers seem to have a responsibility of taking attendances though may skip doing so.

      They're also responsible for teaching the class and are able to do so however they see fit. However, when urged by the headmaster, they abide by his wishes.
      Teachers are allowed to formally discipline the students, whether it be physical or giving them a chore to do.
      Currently, these are the teachers/supervisors of Shibusen:
      Soul Evans DS HRW
      Maka Albarn HRM
      Franken Stein HRM
      Sid Barret HRM
      Marie Mjolnir HRW DS
      Mira Naigus HRW
      (HRW = High Ranking Weapon HRM = High Ranking Meister DS = Death Scythe)

      Other Staff Faculty
      There's other various jobs in the school, inculuding the Receptionist, who gives out quests to students, individuals who gives out food during lunch, the academy's interim nurse and doctors, and Dorm Superintendent.
      The people a part of this group are as follows:
      Misery - Dorm Superintendent
      Clarissa - Receptionist
      Mira Naigus - Nurse
      Franken Stein - Doctor
      Librarian - Librarian
      Lunch Servers - Lunch Servers

      • Rules
        If two meisters are dueling on school grounds, at least one of the faculty members must be present to witness.

      • Taking souls not on Shinigami's List is forbidden.

      • Taking too many souls is forbidden.

      • Keep an eye on your pet, especially the supernatural ones.

      • Rule #118: In the event of an emergency, students are allowed to walk into the Death Room without permission

    • Classes
      In the academy, there are various classes students partake in the Shibusen.

      Soul Studies
      The class lessons are based around on the subject of 'Soul Studies' as knowledge of souls are important for the students.

      Battle Arts
      In addition to Soul Studies, lessons can pertain to that of battle, such as lesson on Soul Wavelength Synchronization. Lessons pertaining to battle and fighting are called Battle Arts.

      Among other courses is Gym, in which focuses on enhancing the physicality of a individual. It is more intense then that of a regular gym.

      Other Courses
      Many other lessons are taught in classes such as science and lessons pertaining to history.

      Remedial Class
      Remedial Classes are lessons in which failing students take If in an event, they've have not collected any souls and/or haven't complete their quests. These lessons seem to be orchestrated by the Headmaster and some of the staff.

    • Name:
      Identifiable Ability: (Something that can 'define' your character. Something like a unique quality.)
      Appearance: (Preferably drawn.)

    • No, you absolutely cannot be...
      Related to Shinigami.
      Related to a witch.
      Be an animal.
      Be an alien.
      Be an anthromorph.
      Pretty much anything besides human or a demon weapon, you can't be.
    • You can, but only with permission...
      Have a strong unique ability.
      Have more than one weapon/meister.
      Have a pet (Supernatural or not, just ask me!).
      Be an age exception (Though you can only be as young as 8.).
      Any questions? Just ask me, I don't bite!
    • These traits should NOT apply to your character...
      100% immune to Madness.
      Unable to be injured.
      Can't die.
      Being over 18 years (The academy invited an age group of 11 to 18, so be in that area and you're fine.).
      Be some crazy weapon (No tanks. No super lasers, or any of the sort. Weapons are only able to be to the size you can wield in your hand.).
      Be able to connect almost instantly (Unless you're related, you're bound to have some hiccups, considering everyone's new.)
      Be a two or three star (EVERYONE is a one star to start off.)
    • What is NOT okay while rping...
      Godmod (If you don't know what this is, ask me.)
      Short sentences (We have a minimum of 4 COMPLETE sentences per post, unless you have nearly nothing much to post. Be fair and try to chalk up to that much. This rule applies to everyone.)
    • What is NOT okay in the Skype Group chat/OOC...
      Bossing others around
      Leaving people out of conversations (If it's something that should be between only a select few people, either make your own chat and settle it there, or take it to private chat/ PM. EVERY conversation in the chat, everyone is included, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. NO LEAVING OUT ANYONE. ACKNOWLEDGE EVERYONE'S EXISTENCE.)
      Spamming (Especially while others are talking. It doesn't matter how excited you are, don't do it.)
      Being an overall dick
      Bring IC matters to OOC/OOC matters to IC. No, just no.


    @Dragon Rebellion @Raven Haruka @Rax Rosetta @slyredx @Kobal @Uuko @CrimDemon @WhiteWolfKC
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  2. Sebastian

    Name: Sebastian Devraux
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Human
    Nationality: American, with a noticeably southern accent.
    Weapon: Shizuka.
    Identifiable Ability: Grit - Sebastian wasn't raised to roll over. It seems no matter the situation, he's not the type to go down without a fight, seemingly getting tougher and tougher as a fight goes on.
    Personality: A sly teen with a penchant for making up stories and 'dancing' around the truth. He'll refuse to fight a battle he knows he can't win, but if forced he'll resort to any tactic possible to win or ensure a favorable outcome. Loves dank memes.
    History: Will develop in RP.
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  3. "Lunch Servers - Lunch Servers"

    Is all this stuff with Maka being a teacher and whatnot canon from after the chronology of the anime or is it stuff you made up? Also, by "unique ability" are we meaning something like Maka's Majogari or Stein's ability to change his wavelength or are we talking more like things that anyone could theoretically learn like Star's ability to attack with his wavelength?

    Also, is this setting including the things in the Soul Eater NOT anime, or is that considered a non-canon side story? Given the change in animation style it's hard to tell if it's actually relevant or not.
  4. I'm applying the logic from our previous RP that died and is being rebooted and I don't think there were any major changes planned so I'll attempt to answer these.
    It is not canon. It is made up from the previous RP.

    I believe this got changed to 'identifiable ability' later on like so. In your example, these would be considered abilities like Star's. Pokes Jageroux to fix the CS once they're up

    I'm assuming you haven't followed NOT's anime/manga here; we did allow using certain school-life settings which appeared in NOT but not in Soul Eater, but as for the storyline it's not considered canon.

    in before jageroux punts me for jumping the gun QQ
  5. Aight, thanks. I'm guessing then most people are copying characters over from the old one, so what's the current meister - weapon split?
  6. tl;dr
    2 weps
    2 meisters
    1 undecided
    1 wep or meister since two characters but the new rules seem to state one character per person.

    Assuming everyone will move their characters here without any changes, we have two Death Weapons, two Meisters, one undecided and I'll have to go either Weapon or Meister since I had two characters up due to people becoming inactive, though I think the reboot limits us to one character per person until we need to fill up space.
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  7. Right. Guess I'll make plans for both and then post the one that fills whichever gap is needed for even numbers.
  8. Blair Croft
    Name: Blair Croft
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Species: Human/ Meister
    Nationality: Scottish ( he an accent but it's not thick)
    Weapon/Meister: TBD
    Appearance: image.jpg

    He's about 5"6 in height. His eyes are a dark brown around the edges but lighten up closer to his pupil. Blair has longish hair, that is a deep red color. It reaches as far as his chin in the front but is slightly shorter in the back ( so it doesn't look like he has bob). For attire he's semi-formal, that way he can get away with wearing his normal clothes pretty much to any event. On an average school day he'll probably be seen in a white button up under a sweater of any color(Usually darker or muted colors), along with either a pair of jeans or some other causal pant, he mainly has tennis shoes, and a couple other dressier ones. For more causal days a t-shirt and jeans or shorts suffice for him.

    Identifiable Ability: Concise- In words: he gives the desired information in the shortest way possible he doesn't believe in mincing words or beating around the bush. In action: he goes about assignments or objuctives in the way he perceives (or way proven to be) most effective

    Personality: Blair is a somewhat untrusting and solitary individual, he prefers staying out of others business and vice versa. He has few friends, but those he does he is extremely loyal to. He usually doesn't do unessecary things unless hit by one of his uncompromising bouts of curiosity, which has gotten him into trouble in the past. He usually needs to be bribed into being selfless, not because he's callous or anything, but just because he's lazy. Blair is very observant despite looking like he doesn't care about anything. Blair is quite a good problem solver/ listener and as such many come to him for advice, which he begrudgingly gives.

    History: Blair is an only child so you'd think he'd be spoiled right? Wrong, his father was an undependable type of person who often forgot things or was just plain didn't do them, he's a live in the moment type of person. That left Blair to do his half of the housework. His mother didn't believe in coddling so Blair was often treated as an adult by her from the get go. She didn't believe in unearned rewards so he had to work for anything he wanted. Though, his dad did slip him some cash on occasion, their little secret. Despite all that, they were a close-knit family that spent a lot of time together. It was his parents that encouraged him to go to DWMA as he didn't see the point. They said he should go out and experience the joys of youth (his father's words) and the trials and tribulations of life on his own ( mothers words).

    Just copied this from the other one.
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  9. Name: Kanzaki Shiori
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Homusexual
    Species: Human
    Nationality: Japanese
    Weapon/Meister: Weapon (Flambard - a two handed greatsword with an undulating edge [​IMG]
    . (This is a one handed sword, so Shiori would be considerably larger than this, and also has a matte black blade.)
    The undulated edge causes unpleasant vibrations in the foe's arms when it comes into contact with another blade, slowing their dexterity somewhat. With the right angle, these vibrations can shatter wooden poles such as in halberds, though this won't occur with metal shafts unless the alloy is incredibly impure.)

    Identifiable Ability: Shiori is quite a loud and abrasive person, and even the post patient of people can sometimes find it tiring to deal with her. This could be why her weapon form is of a similar nature.

    Personality: As mentioned above, Shiori is a very energetic person. Unfortunately, she's also quite intelligent and very good at pulling all-nighters. Because of this, her grades are fantastic even though her classwork is abysmal. She doesn't take anything seriously and loves to play jokes on people, but it's all in good faith. No genuine malevolence. She is quite easily affected by the Kishin's madness, but it can also be hard to tell whether she is actually being affected by it or whether she's just having a bit of fun.

    History: Shiori's childhood was very much human. No one even knew she was a weapon until several weeks ago. Her interests were rather heavily shaped by those of her parents and older sister, meaning that she's very fond of music, anime and food. It was a very laid back household, and no one really cared that Shiori didn't pay attention in school. Her intended career had always been in game design anyway, so all the important stuff she learnt in her own time.

    -_- the background is a slightly different shade of black to Iwaku, just enough to annoy me.
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  10. In my defense it was like 3 am in the morning and I spent like 3 hours playing League of Legends. No ragrets. But yeah, you addressed everything perfectly.
    You can have more than one character. I was just copy-pasting stuff, so not sure if I messed anything up. Now that I'm actually conscious, I'll go everything again to make sure it's all straight.


    Alright, the CS has been updated to correctly reflect how it should be.

    @Karakui you can go ahead and just use the corrected/new character sheet I put up and you'll be good to go.
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  11. Alright, I think I've finished now.
  12. Approved.

    Cast List has been updated.
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  13. Name: John Charon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Species: Human
    Nationality: Canada
    Weapon/Meister: Meister
    Partner: TBD
    Appearance: He's 5'11, weighing around 150 lbs, and has a slimmer-than-average athletic body build to him.
    Picture (open)

    Identifiable Ability: Endurance. Despite his initial appearance to some, he has a surprising amount of endurance. This allows him to do physical activities, such running, fighting, traveling on foot, etc, for longer periods of time than most people. Though this doesn't help him much in hot environments since he isn't used to the temperatures as much considering where he is from.

    Personality: John is as Canadian as you would expect him to be. He's kind towards his friends and usually takes the blame for stuff he didn't even do. He isn't the leader type so he wouldn't know what to do if he were to ever be put in such a position. He's more comfortable with someone leading him around and taking initiative. Another thing is that he doesn't really take things as seriously as he should. Making one unsure about if he is dedicated or not.

    History: (I will add to this when able to)
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  14. @Jageroux
    Hey, I'm sorry to say this, but I gotta drop out of this one. My life got really busy and I can't add another roleplay on top of it right now, but good luck to you all!
  15. Ibraham Name: Ibraham Deane
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Human
    Nationality: Indian
    Weapon/Meister: Weapon - Gunblade
    Identifiable Ability: Ibraham isn't fond of beating around the bush. He always cuts right to the heart of the matter as he understands it to be, often being startlingly brusque or insensitive.
    Personality: Dry yet teasing. Ibraham Is a pretty straightforward person, don't step to him unless you have something sensible to say, and always be ready to look at pictures of cute animals when you're in his presence.
    History: Dank.
    Appearance: He's six feet and two inches tall. With a severe hair cut and wide set shoulders. He has a powerful stature and presence. (Finding pictures of brown characters aint easy fam.)
    Weapon Appearance:
    Show Spoiler
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  16. Accepted


    Well, just know, you'll always have a spot.

  17. Lance Sinatra
    Death Weapon
    Registered Shibusen as:
    Lance Sinatra



    Boobaholic only interested in 'big' and elder women

    Weapon ~ Hammer-axe.

    For reference, the handle is just long enough to fit two hands gripped around it. With practise, Lance will eventually be able to extend or reduce the handle as well as enlarge or shrink the axe and the hammer bit.

    Korean and part-western-unknown-heritage
    [his father was an orphan with a foreign surname plus the fact that green is not a natural iris colour for Koreans]
    Has a slight Korean accent but it is unnoticeable unless he is flustered.



    • A little under five feet in height - around 147 cm.
    • Mid-length and generally messy, dead-brown hair; the left side-lock held in place by hair accessories.
    • Nonchalant lime iris.
    • Heavily pierced and decorated left ear, along with tattoos under his left eye [the words 'Be Mine'] and chest [of a skeletal right hand].
    • Attire consisting of his brother's hand-me-downs.
    • A sleeveless bleached shirt that is at least two sizes too big and a contrasting undershirt, also sleeveless.
    • Cyan straps pulling up his jeans.
    • Tight-fitting gloves of matching colour over bandaged wrist and hand.
    • Ankle socks tucked under a pair of Converse.
    Identifiable Ability:
    While Lance himself sees it as a curse as he is certain it is a turn-off for girls, it takes him more effort than normal to grow muscles - and even more effort to keep them. He has accepted that this is something in his genes and cannot really be fixed, though that doesn't stop him from his daily exercises. While he may not have much strength due to this stature, his endurance and stamina is at least that of a well-trained man.


    As a wannabe womanizer, Lance tries to have a 'cool' aura about him, regardless of his location. He believes in fateful encounters of all kinds and would try and make as many opportunities of such encounters happening, such as speeding as the hallway turns to a corner, barging into rooms without knocking or just about every 'shounen manga' cliché. In addition to this he performs a daily ritual of jogging in the morning to scout the population of girls living around him while exercising at the same time.

    As taught by his brother, Lance attempts to be interested in every topic of conversation such that he can readily join in any conversation and appeal his good points to the girls. Due to this he is able to converse rather easily - to guys and children, that is. Despite his supposedly extensive knowledge compared to an average twelve year-old, he finds himself having great difficulties talking with the opposite gender. He can barely meet the eyes of an older woman without showing noticeable signs of his uneasiness. Another instance when his emotions are transparent is when he is dealing with innuendos. Lance does not actively join in to such conversation, but rather stay silent and blushing or shuffle uncomfortably away.

    All in all Lance is still quite childish when it comes to interactions with those who he recognizes as the opposite gender and despite his desire to impress them, he does not know how to react if someone comes on to him aggressively. Rather, he is prone to forcefully distancing himself if anyone tries to get more intimate past being a 'friend'.

    When it comes to interactions within a group, Lance is definitely not one to push himself as the leader; he is not competitive by nature and enjoys the company of others. He does however have a tendency to actively seek out active places as he prefers to be with people rather than spend all his time alone. Note that he does not necessarily want to be in a conversation with others. It is more of a sense of uneasiness being alone from how he had always been together with someone up until he had been admitted as a student.

    Since an early age, Lance had seen and was involved in crimes by his charismatic brother. The manipulations Lance received permanently etched a mark in his sense of morality, especially when it comes to the value of living beings. As such Lance has trouble understanding why someone would cry or become depressed about their family member or friend dying, as well as the view on murder.

    Brief History

    • Lance's parents worked full-time. They met and were born in Korea but studied and settled in London.
    • Before becoming a student at DWMA, Lance only saw his parents in the evening after they were finished with work. the four of them [Lance's parents, his brother and himself] had a friendly relationship however, as they would always have dinner together.
    • Lance's brother Taylor is ten years older than him and was the hope of his family; he was always top of his class and eventually graduated from a prestigious university, landing a stable job. Due to how adult he was and how busy the parents were, the majority of the household responsibilities and taking care of Lance was Taylor's job.
    • Taylor was involved in crimes behind the backs of their parents as a way to vent his stress for all the expectations and work that was on his plate. He took Lance along initially due to time constraints but later hatched meticulous plans where he would be a bait or a partner in crime, as adults were on less alert if they were confronting children.
    • While most of the crimes were carefully planned by Taylor, there were times when they could not avoid a conflict. Lance grew up seeing how easily people would get knocked down by gas or baseball bats that his brother prepared beforehand.
    • When Lance found his ability to transform into a weapon and was sent to Death City, he was freed from Taylor's control. Even so, the years of coercions were not easy to dispel and many of them became deeply etched into him. He also did not even consider telling his parents of his brother's crimes since he was taught that it was as natural an activity as anyone playing games or reading a book to let off their stress. Instead, he faced his future with excitement and anticipation at the prospect of meeting new people.

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  18. We have a severe gap between quantity of weapons and quantity of meisters now :D
  19. Approved.
    Still waiting for someone from the previous RP to post their CS. They're gonna be a meister.
  20. Name: Alexei Stukov

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Species: Plain ol' 100% Human

    Nationality: Russian

    Weapon/Meister: Meister

    Identifiable Ability: -Fury- Alexei is typically perfectly reasonable and easy to get along with, on the surface. Just, don't push him too far, da? Thankfully for the general populace he is not on a hair trigger, and knows he has a rather legendary problem with his temper. However, once it ticks over, expect all hell to break loose, and don't expect him to remember much, of any, of the event later. As a general scale, the quieter and colder he is when he snaps, the worse the anger is. This doubles as making him more susceptible to Madness and gives him a Murderous Wavelength, with all the strengths, and weaknesses, of having such a wavelength of soul.

    Personality: On the surface, Alexei is fairly well adjusted, and fairly kind towards his peers, subordinates, and superiors. Despite being raised in Russia until the day he left for the Academy, his English is good enough for most native speakers to understand him, despite the noticeable accent, and he often times speaks fondly of his homeland. These facts, coupled with the apparently easily approachable and unoffendable front he puts up, typically makes most think of him as the stereotypical friendly Russian bear fellow, big, tall, but not a lick of ill intent or bad manners in him, plainly spoken but honest in what he says and means. Sadly, this is hardly true, by any extent. In general, he maintains the affable and simple appearance to foster a healthy amount of underestimation and disregard for the Russian in the eyes of those around him. After all, its far easier to overcome someone who is not expecting a complex or cunning outburst from a simple minded, friendly oaf. He has his wonderful family to thank for his mindset of trust no one, rely on no one, since he is the only one who is not involved with governmental or militaristic aspects of the country in some way, shape, or form. So add incrediebly distrustful to the list, even if he seems to act otherwise, and gladly feeds blatant lies to people to throw them off his trail, when needed. Or because he doesn't like them. Usually the latter. Almost always the latter, actually, since most people tend to end up on his distasteful list for some reason or another.

    History: I'll add this in later, just want to get the main part of the CS up now.


    • Stands at roughly 6ft even (Around 2m/200cm for the metric minded)
    • Just over 200lbs (About 91kg, again, for the metric folk, da?)
    • Typically wears the great coat and scarf regardless of weather, fails to be uncomfortable due to it
    • Has quite a few scars along arms and legs (broken bones, burns from getting too close to flames, no self inflicted)
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