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Meister or Weapon?

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  1. The Kishin fell around 15 years ago. Order and balance has been restored, for the most part. Shinigama City has been rebuilt, with Death the Kid now ruling. The Academy is accepting new students and it's your time to shine!

    Create your character here and jump into the In-Character thread as soon as you have a partner! You cannot play anyone who has a relation to any important character from the original series (e.g Maka and Soul's daughter) Apart from that, it's really up to you! If you have a friend that would be interested in being your partner then that would be ideal so you could both start immediately, however sometimes you may have to wait to find one.

    1. Don't join the IC until you have had both your character approved by Equinox or Parkpyro AND have found a partner to join up with in the IC
    2. Please try to post regularly or let people know when you will be away, this is just common courtesy as this can stall the RP massively
    3. No powerplaying, god-rping or introducing crazy plot twists
    4. Post reasonably, not just a line. Like, come on...
    5. Don't forget to enjoy it and not be TOO serious

    Character Sheets:
    Character sheets should use the template provided below

    Nickname or Alias:
    Physical Features:
    Sexual Preference:
    Special traits:
    Partner: (to be filled out later)

    Themetunes can be included to give people a better idea of what your character is like. Rumors are things that people's characters will automatically know about you, wheras they won't always know everything in your backstory.

    Thanks and have fun!
  2. Name: Gil Forsain
    Nickname or Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Physical Features: Short, spiked black hair, auburn eyes, 6'1, slender in stature, 17 years of age
    Sexual Preference: Straight
    Backstory: Gil was destined for greatness. He showed remarkable prowess at weapon transformation when he was only 8. The true problem emerged when he assumed his weapon form, strange armour. Although everyone had known his form would be strange, they never imagined it to end up like this. He was more of an exoskeleton than anything else, barely boosting the wearers defense and doing even less to their offense. He was useless in that aspect, unusable. However, the way in which he magnified soul wavelength was unheard of, surpassing that of Marie and Stien both early on. Unfortunately, the severe drawbacks of his unusable form prevented him from anything other than study and train until he met Lucifer, the Demon Soul. They quickly became partners, both relishing the opportunity to fight in the line of action thanks to each other. Gil has an acute personality disorder that makes it near impossible for him to bond with people and results in him being rather emotionally detached. For this reason, he found it easier to be around Lucifer, who's grasp of emotions leaves a fair bit to be desired. This makes Gil calculating and somewhat manipulative. Gil's parents are a topic he doesn't discuss to many. He is not however an orphan like half the people at the Academy are for no apparent reason. Man, there must be as many orphanages as hospitals nowdays.
    Themetune: Nightcore - Villain [HD]:
    1. Gil has never full transformed, his full transformation is a full armour suit
    2. Gil can tell what you're thinking by looking at your soul wavelength
    3. Gil's parents were scientists that experimented on him, which is why he's gifted and fucked up
    Form: A basic exoskeleton suit
    Special traits: Gil massively amplifies soul wavelengths, is incredibly analitical and can use Soul Perception to startling accuracy
    Photo:[​IMG]Partner: ParkPyro/ Lucifer
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  3. Name: Lucifer
    Nickname or Alias: Luc
    Gender: Male
    Physical Features:
    Sexual Preference: Straight
    Backstory: Lucifer was born an orphan and never met his parents. He lived a solitary life in an orphanage, but got into lots of fights each day. He taught himself how to fight, and soon became very good at hand to hand combat. The one thing that stands out about him is his incredible large soul wave length. Due to it's size and power he hasn't been able to use many weapons, as they can't handle it. After some incidents he was partnered with a boy called Gil. Lucifer doesn't really use Gil that much, but knows that he has to have a partner so sticks around with him
    1. He has killed a weapon, because of his large soul wavelength
    2. His skills rival the one called 'black star'
    3. He doesn't talk much to others
    Special traits: Large soul wavelength and capable of using it well. Good in hand to hand combat
    Photo: (without the wings)
    Partner: Gil
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  4. Name: Arnaud Yuri
    Nickname or Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Physical Features: Pale, alabaster skin, messy black hair, verdant eyes, 5'8", lean physical profile usually hidden in his outfit, threatening and unwelcome appearance, 16 years old
    Sexual Preference: Unknown (Possibly bisexual)
    Backstory: Ever since he was a little kid and was first introduced to other kids, he's been cold and threatening. It was extremely rare to see him smile. He wasn't a school bully, he was just introverted and antisocial. His parents, both foreigners from a European reclusive group, were worried about him, and had him undergo many tests of psychiatry. Doctors were stumped about why he was like this, speculating it was a birth disorder or oxygen deprivation to a certain part of the brain. Arnaud, however mean and cold, was always obedient to his elders and higher-ups, but almost never to his equals. These traits have only worsened with age, and his parents are concerned with how he will do in the DWMA, where he will have to be tolerant of another human being.

    When at peace

    When in combat
    (The lyrics to both of the songs are in his native language, unknown to common society.)
    1. Arnaud is always cold and threatening to others.
    2. Arnaud is actually extremely intelligent.
    3. Arnaud will always obey a superior, whether he likes it or not.
    Basic form
    Resonant form
    Special traits:
    In weapon form, he can change course when thrown, almost on a dime.
    Always results in a strong throw, regardless of the Meister's strength.
    When used in melee, can spin almost perpetually, almost like a saw blade.
    Partner: Mayumi Shura
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  5. Accepted, although we are waiting for more people before starting the IC
  6. Thank you, and alright.
    I'm excited to play!
  7. Do you know anyone who may be interested? It would be great to have more people here as soon as we could
  8. I may, let me ask around.
    Also, high five to Equinox for Durarara!!, and to parkpyro for Skillet.
    *Internet high-fives*
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  9. Name: Charley Gibbs
    Nickname or Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Physical Features: Charley has black hair, light brown eyes. and pale skin
    Sexual Preference: Straight
    Backstory: Charley was so excited when he got a letter from the DWMA saying that he accepted to his school. The first person he told was his father ,mostly because his mother died when Charley was 2, when Charley told his father that he got accepted his father quickly said no son of his will go to DWMA. Charley and his father quickly started to argue. after they were done fighting Charley left home. before Charley walked out the door his father said "You even last a day at that school." Those where the last words Charley heard from his father before going to death city.

    1. Killed a person
    2. He hates people
    3. Is smart person
    Special traits: The chain that's on the weapon wraps around the users arm. and the user can throw the weapon at their enemy and pull it back to them really fast.
    Weapon form:
    Partner: Catarina Myles
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  10. Accepted! Have you considered partnering with Arnaud yet?
  11. If he will have me. Then yes I would be more than happy to partner up with him.
  12. I'm waiting for someone special to join. Sorry, Darkstar. If they don't join up, we can partner up if you haven't found a Weapon yet.
  13. I am thinking of joining up :) It's pretty late here so I wouldn't be bale to give a CS my full but tomorrow I'll knock one up to see what people think.
  14. Ok cool, I look forward to it ^^
  15. Name: Mayumi Shura.
    Nickname or Alias: Yumi.
    Gender: Female.
    Physical Features: Petite frame/build, Dark brown eyes, look slightly red in some lights. Long black, slightly wavy hair.
    Sexual Preference: Unknown.
    Backstory: Mayumi had no real memory of her parents, she remembered what her mother smelled like and her fathers smile but other than that she had no real recollection of them. Her earliest memory was asking one of the ladies at the orphanage why they were there and the woman had smiled, patted her on the head and given her a cookie with no explanation. She remembered the orphanage to be a strict place so the cookie and the pat on the head were unusual, she assumed it was their way of comforting her at the time. Her next memory wash er first day at school, she remembered the 'Sisters' -as they wanted to be called- made a special fuss of them that day, making sure they were neat and tidy before they took a bus ride to the nearby school. It was the bus ride and not the school day that lingered, she looked out over the city, it looked so sad to her, not just because there was still rubble and ruin but the feeling the city itself seemed to contain was sadness. She had told the sisters this when she returned from school and they hugged her and told her she was a good girl.

    When she was not much older than eight a child in the orphanage began to transform, unaware of his heritage as a weapon the fear he felt made his transformation more erratic and the frightened crying of the children he'd been playing with amplified his own fear. The Sisters came quickly but were not sure what to do, herding the children away from him for fear his violent behavior might cause someone to get hurt. Yumi refused to abandon her 'friend', slipped under the arm of the sister and rushed over to the boy and wrapped her arms around him, a gentle golden aura enveloped them both and briefly lit the room. The boy's transformation stopped and he began to cry instead, the Sister's separated the two and took the boy away and Yumi didn't see him again.

    She was always considered gentle, to the point people found it odd, she always looks for the good in all people and goes out of her way to make sure people are never sad. This lead to some minor bullying at one point in her school life, though it seemed to stop rather quickly and she never questioned why. People have often viewed her as weak and defenseless but that is simply because she abhors violence, she startled many people when she declared she was joining the Academy and many expect her to flunk out.


    1. She has a part-time job at a local cafe as a waitress.
    2. She has a calming aura.
    3. She was raised in an orphanage.

    Special traits:
    She can use the healing wave length. (Not mastered)
    Has bonded with another weapon before Arnaud Yuri, possibly could again. (Isn't aware of this)


    Partner: Arnaud Yuri.​
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  16. Accepted!
  17. Yay! ^_^
    Thank you!
  18. So do we need 1 more person before we can start?
  19. Yeah at least
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