Soul Eater: Evil Incarnate

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  1. [​IMG]

    ::Notice:: I would like to firstly point out, that this RP wasn't originally my idea. The initiation all started with Over-senpai's "Welcome to the DWMA!" Roleplay. That said, while the general set-up might be similar I will be making some changes.

    1. What I say goes. Trust me. I don't do anything without a reason. Feel free to ask me why I'm making such a decision, but don't argue with me over it.
    2. Don't argue. If you have beef with someone, take it up elsewhere. This isn't a thread for arguing. It's for discussing the rp, and having fun.
    3. Do not godmod/auto-hit another player, or major character. Chances are, if I'm controlling the NPC (major), you can't harm it without asking me first.
    4. Your students can be advanced in their time at DWMA. But I will uphold my right to say no to anything too outlandish.
    5. Now that "class" Has begun, please only use the OOC to speak out of character.
    6. When you accept a mission, I'll make a thread and link you to it.
    7. About partnerships:

      • If your character uses paired weapons, then, the weapons should both be run by the same owner, unless I believe it's okay otherwise.
      • If you run a character with a weapon as a part of them, you do not need a partner, and will therefore not get one. You will have your own room to yourself, and no other character will share that room with you.

    ::School Rules::
    1.) Only Partners will share a room.

    2.)Rooms are co-ed, if there are any "problems", notify a professor.

    3.)Battles between students may only happen if there is a professor
    there to watch.

    4.)If you want to change the room layout (beyond a simple two bed, one bathroom and kitchen layout), ask a dorm professor.

    5.)Witches/evil humans may NOT be students.
    Certain missions have certain requirements. Mind them when you select a mission.


    I ask that character sheets be detailed. For example, even if you have a picture you'd like to use. Place AT LEAST a few sentences actually describing them.

    Class: (weapon/ meister you may only be one of those two. Nothing else.)
    Partner (character and it's player):
    Skills: (I will ask for a decent explanation as to why you have certain skills. Not everyone has weapon blood, the ability to be multiple weapons, to shoot soul waves, or see souls.)

    Class: (Weapon/Meister/Skilled Normal/Normal)
    Race: (Optional... this is just in case you are say... a zombie, or a stone golem or something.)
    Job: (If you are a teacher, list what you teach.)
    Partner: (In case you are a meister/weapon.)

    Mission (Missions will be handed out by me.)
    Target: (Evil human/etc. you don't have to make a full-blown sheet. just describe them, and their power.)
    Needed abilities: (if any, such as soul perception, soul wave shooting, etc.)

    You may also place character sheets for faculty members. Nurse. Professor. I weary about allowing anyone to play Death himself. But you can play a death scythe provided you play them right.


    The Story

    Soul Eater: Evil Incarnate will of course involve the DWMA and it's many various students and their lives not just on missions but their regular lives and how they interact with one another as well. Since students will be grouped together, their eventual rise in teamwork will be paramount not just for the missions but for rise of the next Kishin that comes from a very unexpected place. In the classroom.

    My character will start off as a protagonist. But because of the black blood in him, slowly evolves into the major antagonist. I am looking for, and hoping to making him come off as very likable, very reliable, etc. So that by the time he does become known as the major threat, it will be a hard fought battle not just physically because he's trained with these students, some of whom I hope become his friend and make it emotionally hard.

    I have nothing left to give

    I have found a perfect end
    You were made to make it hurt
    Disappear into the dirt

    Carry me to heaven's arms
    Light the way and let me go
    Take the time to take my breath
    I will end where I began

    And I will find the enemy within
    Because I can feel it crawl beneath my skin

    Dear agony, just let go of me
    Suffer slowly, is this the way it's got to be, dear agony?

    Suddenly the lights go out
    Let forever drag me down
    I will fight for one last breath
    I will fight until the end

    And I will find the enemy within
    'Cause I can feel it crawl beneath my skin

    Dear agony, just let go of me
    Suffer slowly, is this the way it's got to be?
    Don't bury me, faceless enemy
    I'm so sorry, is this the way it's got to be, dear agony?

    Leave me alone, God, let me go
    All blue and cold, black sky will burn
    Love, pull me down, hate, lift me up
    Just turn around, there's nothing left

    Somewhere far beyond this world
    I feel nothing anymore

    Dear agony, just let go of me
    Suffer slowly, is this the way it's got to be?
    Don't bury me faceless enemy
    I'm so sorry, is this the way it's got to be, Dear agony?
    I feel nothing anymore
    Breaking Benjamin ~ Dear Agony~
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  2. Name: Lelou (Lay-loo)

    Theme Song: Breaking Benjamin ~ What Lies Beneath~

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Class: Meister with black blood

    • Lelou:
    Lelou is recognized by two features; his deep blue vivid eyes that have an almost lambent nature to them, and his moderately, but cool disheveled look. He more often than not, wears button up shirts a tie that he keeps loosely fitted around his collar with the top couple of buttons left undone. He also wears gloves for not only gripping weapons, but for when he works out as well. Which he does extensively. Always pushing the envelope a little further. This leaves him quite trim as one can imagine. But if one were to think he was a 'bulky' or slow due to the muscle mass has another thing coming. The lean corded muscle that belies his true strength, allows him to be quick on his feet while still having the strength to pack a punch.
    Show Spoiler
    • Black blood released form:
    When Lelou's blood overtakes him, it makes him unrecognizable. His electric shock blue eyes turn into mesmerizing green spheres. His black cropped hair, seems to loose all color fading to an unforgettable silver hue. His black blood extends one large wing out from the left shoulder blade. A wing neither bat like or angelic. It even seems to alter his attire, making him out to be in knee high black boots, black slacks and a large black trench coat with many buckles with pouldrons on either shoulder.

    Show Spoiler

    • Lelou: Lelou isn't very laid back. He's not a prickler either to be sure--but he is soberingly calm. Few people can read Lelou, and though his eyes are something the girls are crazy for--they hide the the Machiavellian nature of a young heart jaded too soon. Incredibly bright, he usually is at the top of the class with the best of them, though, there are times when his own inner darkness interferes and his grades sorely plummet.

      Extremely protective of those he cares for, particularly the nurse, though he's matured to the point she's a big girl and can handle herself. Its his sense of loyalty and gratitude that he feels for her having watched after him when he truly had no one else. That said, he still expects the worst from everyone around him. To him its a 'only a matter of time' mentality, one where at any second anyone could show their vicious nature. This high distrust for others has even hindered his ability to ever fully enter a pact with a soul weapon. While physically hes more than capable, mentally and maybe even emotionally he struggles with the idea of placing his hopes, his dreams, and most importantly--his life in something other than his own two hands.
    • Blood Release: In his transformed state, is staggeringly cold, distant, and permeates the air with Madness. Particularly that of rage. His smile is not to be taken lightly, even though he seems do nothing but grin or smile. His smile belies his unpredictability. It's as though he lures those too weak of heart or mind too close with his venomous smile and as they falter and let their guard down he strikes in the blink of an eye.

      Always a dangerous man, he doesn't seem at all like the original Lelou. Even though Lelou was afraid of releasing his weapon to his fullest extent so instead trained his soul wavelength into a weapon as well--because the black blood has taken form it has no hesitation of releasing its weapon "Murasame", a lethal and inexplicably long, curved sword. But it can also tap into training its host has endured making his lethality all the more.
    Lelou has black blood in him. an artificially made blood cell invented by Medusa. She created Black Blood for acquiring Asura and to cause the evolution of a new world. The Black Blood, when infecting a person, fills the infected's soul with madness and imbues him/her with great power. It can solidify, heal wounds, and can be used as a weapon.

    Because of his black blood Lelou has become the second only known Demon Sword. A Demon Sword is a Dark Weapon whose power is equivalent to that of a Death scythe. They are extraordinarily rare, and there is currently only one known in existence, Ragnarok. Demon Swords are often affiliated to the responsibility behind the birth of Kishins. Lelou's Demon sword is called "Muramasa". It's initial form is a wickedly curved, infeasibly long blade. Which alone--Lelou can maneuver and strike just as quickly as if he had with just his bare hand.


    • Enhanced Defense: A Demon Sword has nearly, if not the same durability as a Death scythe. They are capable of blocking fierce attacks from such things as Giriko's Saw Foot, to advanced, Soul Resonance techniques like Witch Hunter.
    • Enhanced Strength: The level of strength remains on the same terms as the defense. A Demon Sword is powerful enough to make a normal Weapon bleed with a single blow from inflicting so much damage. However, it is not as easily done with more advanced opponents such as Death Scythes. A Demon Sword can use its strength to do things from effortlessly sending a Golem flying to dismembering a person as if their body shows no form of resistance.
    • Soul Devouring: Demon Swords take total carnage on Souls, devouring them in an instant. One moment, hundreds of Souls could be present, the next, eaten. They eat Souls by literally sucking them in all at once. A Demon Sword also has a heightened hunger for Souls than usual.
    • Madness: Demon Swords have fallen to Madness and even emit their own Madness Wavelength. Any Meister who can use Soul Perception can easily tell the wavelength of a Demon Sword, since a Demon Sword is usually the next in line to awaken into a Kishin. This is also dangerous for a Demon Sword's Meister, as their minds can become swallowed by the Weapon.
    In addition to this, Muramasa can force a soul resonance and completely take over. This happens mostly when he's unaware, such as when he's asleep or unconscious. However, it can also happen when Lelou's mind snaps from being distraught or disturbed. In this mental state he takes on very striking features as he transforms. His hair becomes longer and silver. His eyes glow an unearthly yet haunting green hue. Perhaps the most striking thing that comes to form as the Demon Sword begins to take full effect is it sprouting a large wing from one shoulder made of black blood. As it undulates. Even Lelous attire becomes entirely different and darker.

    In full body take over the soul of the weapon so overshadows his, it appears like a black and white glimmering sun. One that is exceptionally massive and one that can provoke fear at its sheer size. In this state Muramasa's true power comes to light. When he strikes something; be it a meister, a weapon, or a soul the long blade seems to create a vacuum that draws one in. This can be exceptionally dangerous as if one isn't too careful he may still land blows cutting anything too exposed. Even a sweeping motion barely inches away, while one would think they were safe the blades insidious power draws the target closer leaving slash marks where it barely passed by.

    Lelou is an advanced learner of soul wavelength in melee combat. Already having learned even Twin spears a variation of the attack Soul Menace that instead makes use of both hands, rather than just one. The attack works using the same principle as its one handed version; that by resonating with one's own soul, the user can drive their own soul wavelength directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike on them, causing strong direct and internal damage. However, due to the inclusion of an extra hand, the attack's power is greatly amplified and able to incapacitate even strong opponents.

    Lelou at an early age was abandoned by his parents. And no one took responsibility, so he wound up having to live any way he could. Robbery and thefts were often his MO, but the things he stole weren't items like jewelry of fancy watches--and it wasn't money of any kind. It was food. Feeling he had a right to live as everyone else did, but because of a circumstance he couldn't himself help--was denying him that right.
    Survival is always at the forefront of Lelou's mind. He became stronger so he could fight away the thugs. He became faster to avoid the authorities, and he became smarter in his attempts to retrieve simple necessities. Before he came to the Academy, he wore clothes until holes bore through them and grime was apparent because he had no way of washing them. His hair, although much cleaner and a bit less shorter now--was shaggy and covered his blue eyes from the world's view.

    Once he got in, it was a whole 'nother world to him. But also another fight to survive. Where he had come from, he had an abnormal amount of power. But where he went, so did other students and it manifested itself in many ways. At first...he was scared. Terrified even. He'd often panic and hid in closets, under tables or desks--even start crying. However, he would find a home in the DWMA and it wasn't because of a teacher but rather the nurse. From then on he became quite protective of her. Eventually, after some grooming and some time to let it set in, Lelou began to focus on what was in front of him. He became a very diligent worker. I would be almost as if he were showing those who left him crying that day that he would be stronger.

    It was on a mission however, he ran afoul of the witch of Muramasa Sengo who implanted black blood in him to make his 'masterpiece'. However when the demon sword awoke, its unrelenting desire to kill lead to the witches own destruction. However, when Lelou came to he had only fragments of what had happened. Many students thought he had died but when he stumbled back through the doors of the academy looking a little worse for wear he had told everyone he'd just killed a witch without a weapon.
    Naturally, he became the talk of the school. But Lelou was never the same after the incident. Hes becoming increasingly isolated, although he still tries.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Akuma Hashimoto " Kuma "
    Age: 30
    Gender: male
    Class: trained in the use of soul waves/ but can be a meister (
    if anyone wants to partner lol)
    Race: Human

    Personality: Kuma is a ordinary goofy guy who sometimes enjoys hard work, but not with to much pressure placed upon him. He can be talkative at times, and at other times silent as he suffers from a small bi-polar issue that does not go to severe. His personality does range at times but a main one he follows by is a friendly person who anyone could talk to and feel at least comfortable. When some ask of his past he does not mind explaining what he has gone through but at times he can become very lost and stop talking, sometimes he is forced to leave the area and recollect himself. It is not often that he acts like that, but on the occasion that he does it is best to let him alone and allow him to come back down to his regular personality.

    Job: Teacher
    Partner: Sayako

    Soul Palm: By resonating with one's own soul the user can drive their own soul wavelength directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike on them. The incompatible Wavelength can cause strong direct and internal damage, it is even capable of damaging someone who is being protected by black blood

    Soul palm; Double strike: This is a variation of the attack soul palm that instead makes use of both hands, rather than just one. The attack works using the same principle as its one handed version; that by resonating with one's own soul, the user can drive their own soul wavelength directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike on them, causing strong direct and internal damage. However, due to the inclusion of an extra hand, the attack's power is greatly amplified and able to incapacitate even strong opponents.

    History: Akuma grew up in a poor type of way, his life that of a mere poor to others. He could not afford alot of luxury yet he made it by in life with his simple will of survival, Ever since he was young his mother told him that he would grow up and make her proud and even do something amazing. And at the time he didn't believe that, but as he went along in his not so amazing life he started to believe her. Working almost any job he could he brought money in everyday keeping her alive and fed, Yet on her death bed she had told him that she was very proud of him. Living out the life his mother would of wanted for him, he moved up in life and had joined the DWMA at a young age. As he climbed through the ranks and aged, he believed he could never leave the school so instead of walking away. he took a job opening...yes as a history teacher but it was better than well...going back out into that weird world.
    (dunno if this char sheet is good enough, unless you want me to change it up)
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  4. @Akuma

    Certainly. I was just talking to Kitsune a.k.a Sayako your partner. xD

    But yes. You can still use your character from the other thread.

    Was wondering if I should have put that into context.
  5. Would this work? Or should I think of something else?


    Alexa "Alex" (left) and Lexis "Lexi" (right) Lyte



    Dual Weapons- Bladed Gauntlets

    Both twins have long dark hair; that if left down would end at the same spot mid-thigh on both girls. Both girls stand at average height with light creamy skin. The girls usually wear similar clothes, not finding the will to break the habit after all od these years. Neither girl has any marks on their bodies other than their birthmarks. Neither girl has an piercings.
    Alex has silver eyes and a moon birthmark on her right shoulder. Alex likes to keep her hair in low twin tails.
    As a weapon, Alex is a gauntlet with a large, circular saw shaped blade mounted at the wrist. This is most often used as a shield. However, when her fighting sprit spikes it will kick into action and the blade will begin to spin at a high velocity.
    Has golden eyes and a sun shaped birthmark on her left shoulder. Lexi prefers to keep her hair up in a high ponytail
    As a weapon, lexi is also a gauntlet, however her blade looks more as if a sword were welded into the steel that surrounds her mestiers hand. She is prominently used as, well, a sword. However, when her fighting sprit spikes, her blade can actually shoot out, much like a harpoon. It's attached the gauntlet by a strong wire.

    Both girls, after Alex feels comfortable with the company, will begin to talk energetically, both are rather curious and both are exceedingly polite, and if they get to into their conversation they'll start finishing each other's sentences without realizing. Both girls are a little naïve at times from being isolated.
    Alex is the quieter of the two twins, more often than not she'll just follow Lexi's lead. She also has a preference for softer things than her sister, putting more of her time in honing her defensive qualities. Alex startles easier than Lexi. She's also sweeter in nature. Alex is terrified of snakes. Alex loves art, she also enjoys reading. Alex is afraid of water after a near drowning incident when the girls were younger.
    Lexi is the bolder of the two sisters. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She spends more time honing her offensive qualities, a firm believer in the best defense is a better offense. Lexi is braver than Alex and won't tolerate anyone acting inappropriately to her sister. She also has a temper that's fairly easy to spike. Lexi is terrified of spiders. Lexi prefers to use her hands and likes to garden and cook. Lexi loves the water.

    Partner (character and it's player):
    Ayakashi Rin

    The only remarkable thing about the pair is that they're a set. They don't have any fancy combat skills.


    The two girls came from a privallged background. They're parents, both weapons, had decided not to become death scythes, instead they lived normal lives. They lived lucky normal lives, soon finding themselves in money. When the twins were born, they were expected to be weapons. But their parents didn't want them to be in danger so they pampered the girls, going out of their way to try and please the twins so that Alex and Lexi would never see a need to be anywhere but at home.

    However, one day Lexi heard of DWMA and she wanted to go. The girls had never seen another weapon outside of their parents. and the had never seen a meister. Alex, as she usually did, sided with Lexi and after years of arguing and persuading their parents, the two girls were allowed to go.​
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  6. Granted!
  7. Name: Erin Hawkins
    Age: 16
    Class: Weapon
    Human Appearance: Erin has silver hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, her eyes shines a orange red and her skin is tan. She is rather short and enjoys wearing warm clothing like sweaters and scarfs, and rarely wears skirts because they are too breezy. Somehow this tends to make people think that she's a boy. Due to some kind of birth defect one of her eyes has a black scelera, to hide this she wears an eyepatch since it seems to freak people out. After a few years she became annoyed with covering her other eye fully and made a compromise by modifying her eyepatch so it had a neat eye-hole.
    Weapon Appearance: A battle axe with rather large blades, she's pretty heavy to lift because of it. Because of how big the blades are, she can also be used like a shield.

    Personality: She has a hasty personality and is easily swayed by her feelings even though she tries her best to seem cool and collected. Erin has sort of a her-complex and always feels the need to help whenever someone's in trouble whether it be school work or battle. She is a bit of a crowd pleaser and loves receiving praise, and when things don't turn out the way she planned she become slightly depressed.
    Partner: Not sure yet
    Skills: N/A
    History: Erin comes from a well-known family of weapons, many of them partners to famous meisters. Because of her lineage, Erin felt that she needed to be up to the family standard and find a partner to make her an awesome weapon. Studying long and hard to impress her parents which made them happy enough to send her to DWMA.

  8. Accepted.
  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Haruko Hano
    Age: 18
    Class: Meister
    Job: Student
    Partner: (None yet .-.)

    Personality: Haruko seems like a serious person at first, but the more you get to know him and make him comfortable he is actually pleasant and sometimes makes a joke or two. He cares about his friends and would be willing to risk his life if he had to save them. He is quiet unless spoken too, he is always having troubles at starting a conversation but he isn't shy to speak his mind if you say an opinion or other thing that he doesn't like to his face.

    History: Haruko grew up in a small family, he was the only child and his mother was a Meister that came from the DWMA. She doesn't speak much of her past and fought with him about him joining the DWMA, eventually she finally allowed him to go and now he is going to experience why she won't share her tales with him. He didn't know his father and that might be one reason she doesn't ever speak of her past to him.

    At Age 5 is when Haruko decided to become a Meister at the DWMA, he was always fond of the idea of slaying 'evil' and collecting their souls to aid Death. He wanted to save the world from another Kishin and his mother understood his desires but still fought with him. As he got older, he began to train himself with a weapon (a fake one of course) and has been working at it ever since.

    At Age 12 is when his little brother and sister died of a disease that his family didn't have the money to pay for. He was devastated by the fact that has happened and is the main reason why he is so quiet, his mind is always on his family first and the evil that is out in the world. Once you get to know him and distract him from his thoughts is when he becomes someone who is talkative and nice. He doesn't want to make other people depressed with his own story.

    Skills: None that he knows of, he is physically strong and flexible, but he can't project his soul wave like some Meisters can.

    (Sorry that it is so short ^^)​
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  10. Name:



    Dual swords with a chain connecting the two. The blades are thin but sturdy with a light blue cloth hilt. The guard is shaped as a diamond, one sword hand guard having a dragon upon it, following its own tail with its wings spread while the other has a phoenix in a similar position. The chain can be disconnected for any purpose but its taxing upon Sayako but she has trained to a point it can last a while. The dragon is usually used to defend while the phoenix is used for offensive purposes either at the same time or not. The 'Dragon half' of her form has a stronger blade for its use while the 'Phoenix half' of her form is sharper and can cause more damage.


    [​IMG](Her outfit while working-Mission-)

    Sayako is quiet, mostly since she is always indulging in paperwork and looking over new medical techniques. Having graduated from the academy she was asked to take the position. Due to this she takes it seriously and is constantly trying her best although those words are never said. She is over protective over the students of the school along with her meister. In reality, Sayako is often only loyal to Death himself and whoever at the time is her Meister, finding no reason to take orders from anyone else. Despite her lack of speech seems to appear as a mother figure, subtly showing that she cares for people through small actions, occasionally even saying so. Rarely the last one though. She is not afraid of any missions if she is given one since it is her job, however she becomes concerned if children are involved.



    Energy given to her can be used to create large slicing type attacks. The energy increases properties of the blade or will build up until released in a large slashing motion. On the Dragon blade if not used for the slashing attack it will increase the defensive capabilities. As for the Phoenix blade it will increase the sharpness of the blade. If uses by a skill meister these are possible, if not this is highly doubted. If skilled enough, it could be used to elongate the chain and then the weapon form can be used to trap the enemy by binding around the targets form and the blades dug into the ground.
    Can only be used if the Meister has a strong enough wavelength or can manipulate it.

    Sayako was born into a rich family. So, to say the least she spent her child lift in a comfortable environment, surrounded by anything she wanted. A lot of her time she was either being tutored or was at events in hopes of succeeding her parents in her later years. To be honest, she was content with that life. There was not large obstacles to face, nor was there any issues that would plague her for life or years to come. When it was discovered that she had inherited the ability to transform into a weapon it was shocking, mostly since it had been years since someone within the family had inherited the ability. However, at this point none, not even herself believed that she would go to the Academy. Two more years after the discovery she continued with her routine set out life and still, her mind had not been changed. She was ignored her ability. This changed when she had gone out onto the streets later on in her life and watched other people. They were happy and content. Curious she gained a happy of watching people to see why. She found their lives interesting, not restrictions nor expectations and so she would often escape to join in within these scenes. When she was at the age she could enter the academy she did only since the rarely speaking girl could have a chance at making normal friends. She did. Sayako eventually she discovered that her family, despite loving them, were basically cruel and cold hearted. Disliking their choices and how they treated certain people she dropped her family name with permission and continued her life at the academy. When she graduated, Sayako was asked to take a role in the school and since she rarely spoke she did not believe that her teaching would be the best and so asked to become the school nurse after intense study. Still, she goes on missions but otherwise she is seen with the other faculty or in the nurses office/infirmary.​
  11. Name:
    Azashi Nakamura





    Class: (Weapon/Meister/Skilled Normal/Normal)

    Weapon - Katana

    Race: (Optional... this is just in case you are say... a zombie, or a stone golem or something.)




    Azashi is normally always seem as calm, mostly since he uses a facade to face others. He is observant, watching people with or without their knowledge and recording the information later. In his own room he has books, hundreds of notes on things he has observed. Why he does this he cannot explain but he does. He is optimistic, seeing everything in a good light. Azashi was a protective streak for the students and the school, meaning he will do anything to make sure its okay. He does have a strange occasional streak of ignorance due to his sheltered upbringing, meaning despite all his studying there is a lot of things that he fails to understands and will grow comically irritated when he cant work out what they mean.


    Teacher - Physical Education



    Soul Perception


    Older brother to Sayako, Azashi is the heir to their family and fortune. Not that he likes that title. He did not discover his weapon blood until a few years after Sayako did which was why her escaping the families grasp was not such a huge deal to the elder generation of their family members. Of course, he was forced to embrace it and was given any books and notes written by their ancestors who did have the weapon blood. So, only when the family deemed him strong enough to have this known was he sent to the academy. Strangely, during this time he rarely encountered Sayako but he often passed it off to his quiet sister studying or taking on missions. Knowing this he did the same thing and graduated a year after Sayako did and just to rebel even slightly he took the job as a teacher just to have some break from his duties and give him something to do.​
  12. @Aka~Kitsune
    "Race: (Optional... this is just in case you are say... a zombie, or a stone golem or something.)"

    I totally had Sid/Stein Moment. XD "Oh, totally fun scaring you."


    @Hattori Hanzo

    I will accept your character under one stipulation--that you do fill his profile a bit more. Most of those that have already gathered had produced sizeable insight innto their characters---I expect the same from you in all fairness.

    Also, and this has nothing to do with your posted character but your avatar.

    • He died at 55 years old, December 23, 1596 in Edo (Tokyo) and was born 1542 as Hattori Yasunaga, to a minor samurai in the clan Matsudaira which later became Tokugawa.

    • Fought his first battle at night at Udo Castle (Kumamoto Prefecture). The battle was between the Tokugawa and Toyatomi forces. He as 16 at the time.

    • Early on earned the moniker Oni no Hanzō (鬼の半蔵) "Devil Hanzō"--this was because he was known to be fearless in his employment of his strategies. However, it also distinguished him from another notable Hanzō. A man named Yari no Hanzō (槍の半蔵) "Spear Hanzō".

    • He was part of the Iga clan of the Mikawa province.

    • His most valuable contribution came in 1582 following Oda Nobunaga's death, when he led the future shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu to safety in Mikawa Province across Iga territory with the help of remnants of the local Iga ninja clans as well as their one-time rivals in Koga. According to some sources, Hanzō also helped in rescuing the captured family of Ieyasu.

    • A lot of people think he was a master swordsman, or depict him with a Kama such as the on in your Samurai Warriors picture. While proficient in swordsmanship, as he was considered a samurai as well as a shinobi--he was a master spear wielder. My guess the Naginata because a yari is more of a pike to stop cavalry and were to bulky.

    • This was definitely noted when he became a monk by the name of Sainen and built the temple Sainenji--not after himself, but to commemorate Tokugawa's elder son Nobuyasu and when he told Tokugawa he couldn't bring himself to harm one of the family he so protected. Tokugawa replied "Even a demon sheds tears."
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  13. Yo Immortal, still got room for others? More specificaly, evil characters?
  14. @Deshwiat

    Sorry Deshi, I'm gonna be the main bad guy in this one. However you can play the evil souls in quests or witches that need to be collected.

    Was talking to Aka actually a, about of of them hurting her(Hea's reall protective of her, kinda in a son perspective), which sets off the Kishin in him and he strans forms right in fron of her because of the black blood.
  15. Sorry Deshi, I'm going to be the main antagonist of the story. He will become the next Kishin. However you can be evil souls, witches, etc.

    @Aka~Kitsune and I were discussing that at some point she could get hurt by a character of those sorts and trigger his first blsck blood body take over. So if you wanna do that, then that's fine. I have a nother Meister that may work with Silvers weaponry to comedic results.
  16. No problem at all!
  17. I think our first mission will be against 'Buffalo Bill'. But everytime I tthink about that particular evil soul I get this image in my head of the No.1 in Afro samurai. The gun guy that has like three arms. xD

    Im not telling you how to make him, I'm just saying he's that gun toting psychopath that cuts peoples heads off.

    Also, there can be no correlation of course between evil souls and Lelou. He's actually a meister in the school. His black blood named Muramasa is based of the ancient Japanese legend:

    There is a legend of a Masamune blade and a Muramasa blade being put into a river strewn with lotus leaves. The leaves swirled around the Masamune blade untouched, but the Muramasa blade would seemingly draw them to the blade and cut them.

    Incidentally, Tsubaki, BlackStar's weapon from the anime, has a brother named "Masamune Nakatsukasa" who is named after the opposite swordsmith to Muramasa.
  18. Oh, did this RP start? -Has only just got her computer back..-
  19. No, not yet sweety. ^^;
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