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    "Great beyond the stars and light,
    Darkness roam in ever sight.
    Rocks and fire, matter alike,
    With planets born and meteor strike.
    Giver of life and snatcher of death,
    Barren worlds or sustainable breath.
    The colors were there, with hate or love,
    To those that stare the stars above."

    It is six years after the events of the battle that had caused the whole world trouble. The Kishin Asura is defeated but in his wake he has left a world that course with the wrath that he had unleashed upon it. It is in this time that the DWMA and Death City have finished their repairs. Lord Death himself has overseen the repairs to his precious city and to his own soul. Those that had defeated the Kishin Asura have passed on into the legends of the academy but have also passed into the unknown. All communication with them has gone dark. The light in the world is going dark.

    This madness wave has caused the awakening of the dark parts of the world. Those things that go bump in the night have been finally brought into the darkness. Their rise has given way to monstrosity’s of nature that without being taken care of will without a doubt consume the world. It is in this darkest time that those at the academy rise up to take the new mantel of leadership.

    The people that have made the DWMA rise are no longer present. As with those that had defeated the most pressing threat of their time. With the Kishin dead it is now in the time of reclamation. The DWMA has not had the resources to deal with the darkness spiraling dangerous out of control. It is with the final completion of the DWMA and the final completion of Death City that they can move out and take up the burden of restoring the world.

    Even in this, humanities darkest hour. Light breaks through the perpetual dark clouds and casts even the tiniest particles of light down on the ground. In this little bastion of light it will begin. The reclamation force will stride out into the world and reclaim all that was once lost. It is in this world of darkness that they will make their names known. It is in this world of darkness that it will be no longer to Dark to Reach the light.


    The first day of the new semester of the DWMA's school year has just entered full swing. As usual for the DWMA a meeting is being held for those that have just recently arrived at the academy or for those who were not allowed to have a partner by Lord Deaths Decree. One of these individuals is Delynnaria Alimester... a girl who was barred from having a Meister until now. Things out in the world have reached a point where Lord Death himself must put things precious to the academy at risk.....

    One Day Earlier-

    Delynnaria stood in the center of the death room as she nervously played with her long white hair. Lord Death turned and looked at her. His old mask was gone and it was replaced with one that she had only scene in drawings. She stared up at him and she shook her head "I-I know what you said before... I need to do this.. I can handel myself!" She cried out to him. Lord Death got closer "You my dear, You are something unique that this academy has never had before. You are being hunted outside of these walls by your own kind. They will take you back to the reformed coven. They need your strength... You are a witch." He said without any joking tone in his voice.

    Delynnaria lowered her head "I can handle myself.." She repeated then took a long breath "I can do this... I have been working... When its night I lower the Soul Protect that you had Medusa teach me while she was imprisoned here.. No one knows.. I can control myself." She said then finally looked up to look in straight in the face. Her green eyes seemed to glow with a fire that could not be put out by death itself. Lord Death shook his head "If you must... I have to give you my permission. Be warned.. After the events of the last six years.. Witch's are looked at with greater hate than ever before. You will be at risk.. but forever will you find protection within my city. You came to me as a child and I molded you to be a strong girl. Please.. be careful." He said slowly.

    Delynnaria's face lit up and she smiled "Oh, Thank you!" She cried out loudly. Lord Death raised one of his massive hands. "Not so fast kiddo... Tomorrow is a meeting for new Meisters and Partners.. I know of the rumors that have been spread around about you. No doubt your popularity will only increase the moment people see you enter that room. Please.. do not get all fuzzy like you normally do when you get shut into closed spaces." Lord Death said before turning. "Go, Tomorrow I expect you there. I will be there myself." He said in a light hearten voice.

    Delynnaria felt like she was about to explode but turned and left quickly from the Death Room. She ran into the Main hallway and looked around before sprinting down the hall and out the doors. She stopped at the steps and gazed out across the finished Death City. The city seemed much darker then she remembered. It was walls were stronger and it was evident that the attack of Asura had left its impact on the city. But to her.. it was still home...

    The Next Day-The Party

    The next day Delynnaria woke early and quickly took a shower. She got out and made her white hair up nice before putting on black jeans and a silk purple shirt. She took a look at herself in the mirror and smiled. She turned and quickly began out of her dorm room and up the main street to the stairs of the academy. She sprinted up them and burst through the front door. People waved at her as she went and when she reached the junction in the main hall she turned and went into the Ball/Dining room of the academy.

    When she entered she was immediately met by Lord Death who nodded ever so slightly to her. She nodded back and wrote her name down on a clip board at the entrance. She walked out and began to see what people were within. The room was filled and she immediately seemed to be attracting attention. She blinked then gazed back at Lord Death who she could in her mind hear him laughing ever so slightly.

    The groups around her seemed to be swarming her with questions. It was no secret that she wasn't allowed to be paired with anyone but he sudden appearance combined with the fact that Lord Death not telling her to leave made people begin to wonder. "Delynnaria! Are you finally allowed to take a partner!" One of them cried out. Delynnaria nodded slowly "Uhm... Uh... Yeah.." She mumbled as she began to slowly begin to feel claustrophobic.

    Weapons (open)

    Delynnaria Alimester (open)

    Name: Delynnaria Alimester
    Age: 17
    Nickname: Lynn
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Weapon or Meister: Soul predominantly witch (90%) but with strong Weapon Abilities.
    Personality: Delynnaria is a observant person. She loves to find out how things work and always finds herself in trouble from doing so. She is compassionate and loving to all those around her but in any type of competition she seems to change and turn into a ruthless fighter. She suffers from mood swings and a form of Depression. Hard to keep still due to ADHD

    Due to her predominantly witch soul she reacts to the Madness levels in the world faster than others. How this effects her is very random. She may start crying or lash out suddenly with a new found power of hers. If she is pushed and pushed she is likely in crack and snap on someone or something. To some it may seem like a lapse of mania but to those who know who she is they know it is because of the Madness waves.

    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Weapon form:
    History: (To Explain why..)
    Delynnaria was born a hybrid to a Weapon father and a witch mother. She grew up with her mother and father for four years before an event occurred within the family. Her father fled from her mother with her.....

    13 Years ago...

    Steinman stood outside the gate of Death city and waited patiently for the contact to arrive. He looked out into the distance and sighed 'So much for this...' he said and was about to turn to go back into the city. Far in the distance the cry of a child echoed across the expanse. Steinman turned suddenly and narrowed his eyes. The form of a staggering man in the distance could be seen carrying a young child. The man put the child down before falling to his knees in the sand. Steinman yelled out "Alexander!" as he began to run the distance between them.

    When Steinman reached Alexander it was evident that he had been through a fight of some sort. His body was cut up and he had dried blood covering many of the cuts not bleeding. The young girl next to him seemed unaware of what was going on as she balled her eyes out. Steinman looked at the child and felt the disturbance within the girls soul. He could see she was far from normal and that her soul was different from any he had seen yet. Alexander looked up at him as he labored to breath "Take her.. Keep her from her mother... Adraste will have the witch's looking for her! She used me as a god damned experiment! Shes crazy, but brilliant.... Please.. hide Delynnaria.. Death will understand.." he trailed off with his last breaths as he accomplished his final task. Delynnaria clung to her fathers side as she cried as if sensing what was happening to her father.

    Steinman stared at the Limp form of Alexander before taking a deep breath 'So... This is her..' He thought to himself as he took out a radio. "Alexander was the contact.. Death would want to see this.." He said into the radio as the girl ran over and clung to his Leg. He knelt down and looked into the little girls eyes. Her eyes were a Emerald green but he felt a cold radiating from her. "Alexander is dead.. Get a team out here to collect his body.." He said before picking the child up and heading back into the city.

    Steinman quickly made his way to the death room and walked into the large empty expanse of the room. During the trip to the academy itself Delynnaria had fallen asleep in Steinman's arms. Death could be seen standing in the center in front of his large mirror. Sensing the two souls enter he turned but not because they were there but because child's soul "So... Its been done hasn't it.." Death said suddenly. Steinman nodded "Alexander confirmed it before he passed.. Her name is Delynnaria and.. Sir.. Shes a witch." He said to Death. Death nodded "She is a weapon and a witch Stein... No doubt.". Stein nodded slowly "He said the witch Adraste is looking for her.. And that the other witch's will be looking as well..". Death turned and looked into his large mirror "If that is so.. she will be kept here at the academy... Her soul is different but no one will understand until the day comes that she realizes who she truly is. She is a weapon and will be treated like one... Fairly like all the others." He said and steinman nodded before leaving with the child. Lord death called out "No one will know of this.."

    Habits: Playing with her hair, Tapping her feet, Humming music, Looking around aimlessly,

    Animal taken after: Snow Leopard.

    Skills: Very Methodical, Strategic, Plays the guitar, Humorous and a very good singer. Can use soul projection to force her Soul wavelength on others. (Due to her having a 90% witch soul it pushes a pulse of her souls natural madness wave into them.)

    Likes: Music, The Company of others, Feeling wanted, The Cold, Winter Time, Trying new things, Being complimented, Cats, Singing, People and Cooking.

    Dislikes: The Summer, The Heat, Being Rejected, Being Alone, Being Confined, Being Insulted and Dogs.

    Joshua Mortain (open)

    Name: Joshua Mortain
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weapon/Meister: Weapon
    Weapon Form: Large Greatsword [​IMG]
    Personality: Kind, helpful and always supportive of his friends and future meister
    Talents: art, cooking and a quick reader and learning musician in his own time.
    Likes: reading, drawing, listening to music, supporting and helping when needed. Josh was never the one to break rules or make his own unless needed.
    Dislikes: seeing others hurt, discrimination, general trouble making. Seeing rules broken as well as disobeyed will be quite the tick to Josh and will intervene when needed.
    Bio: As a resident of death City, Josh had heard and was at the Center as he witnessed many of the events of the battles that took place those years ago but without a meister he could t do much to protect the people besides helping them to safety.When the battle had finished and the evil dispersed he continued a regular life in death city as a well as reading more to broaden his future skills. As the news hit, Josh was one of the first to hear the DWMA was accepting new meisters and weapons once more. He decided enough was enough and enrolled with post haste. He had stood on the sidelines for far too long, now he could put himself to good use as a weapon. With the recent awakening of new evil and witches, Josh sees this as his best and only option to help fight and protect the innocenct in death City. There he hopes to find a partner, test himself and his partner and lend his part in the fight and take on whatever comes his way protecting others even if it means sacrificing his own life to save another innocent soul in the world. "With a world like this we need to do our part to protect the innocent and bring those who have strayed from the path of humanity into the light.

    Jason Miles (open)
    Name: Jason Miles
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Appearance: [​IMG]Weapon/Meister: weapon
    Weapon Form: [​IMG]Personality: Jason is a loyal and strong willed individual whose sense of right and wrong is almost as strong as the loyalty he has to his friends. He's calm and collected but if you mess with one of his friends things will get deadly.
    Talents: quick thinker, can take a leadership role, works well under pressure.
    Likes: reading, peace, quiet, spending time with friends, having fun, and learning at DWMA
    Dislikes: evil, those who hurt others, those who look down on others, those who hurt his friends, people who can't get serious when they need to
    Bio: Jason had been traveling the world with his parents when the kishin Asura had reawakened. So he hadn't known of the events that happened until he returned home. When he came home to find so many of his friends and family dead and his home destroyed he became determined to become a weapon worthy of death one day so he could help cleanse the world of evil so his friends and family could live in peace.

    Meisters (open)

    Rock Star (open)
    Name: Rock Star (Rockelle*White)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: (My Art.)
    Weapon/Meister: Meister
    Personality: Rockelle* is extremely outgoing and hardworking. She's always trying to better herself and be someone she can be proud of. She cares deeply for her friends and hates for them to be hurt. Despite her bad temper she always tries be nice to everyone, though sometimes she can go overboard.
    Talents: Kick boxing.
    Likes: Fighting. Eating. Watching television. Playing video games.
    Dislikes: Baths. Vegetables. Homework. People hurting her friends.
    Bio: Since the destruction of the Star clan long ago, many of the few survivors were scattered but Rockelle was lucky enough to grow up in the same dojo as Akane*Hoshi and learn the fighting technique of the Star Clan. When the Kishin attacked and the madness started spreading she left home to find her fellow clan mate, Akane and then enrolled in the school to keep the madness at bay. Despite finding another of the Star clan member by the name of Black Star, who gave her her nick name, and being compared to him her only desire is to defeat the madness.

    Kiari Cross (open)
    Name: Kiari Cross
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: BI
    Weapon/Meister: Meister
    Weapon Form: 2 Pistols Has to be unconscious to active. Hasnt unlocked the ability to transform yet.

    Personality: Kiari can be a bit rebellious and stubborn, especially when she sets her mind on something. Though shes naturally quiet and shy, she'll speak when spoken to, but not often does she voice her opinion unless she feels strongly enough about it. Shes kind and strong, always willing to help other. She tends to be protective of those she cares for so when their threatened her natural calm demeanor changes to a fiery hellion willing to do nearly anything to protect them.

    Expert Swordsmen
    Expert Duelist (2 weapons at a time)

    Helping others
    Lord Death

    Judgmental People
    Being put in the spotlight

    Bio: Kiari is the daughter of a Meister and a Weapon, similar to Maka but instead of only transforming parts of her body into a weapon she can completely transform into one. But only when unconscious, she has yet to unlock this ability though. During the battle between DWMA and the Kishin Asura and his forces. Kiari's parents kept her hidden from the madness and fighting by sending her away from Death City. But they stayed behind and ended up dieing in the line of duty.

    Now Kiari has returned to Death City. Determined to become strong, strong enough to never have to feel the pain of losing someone she loves again, she enrolls in DWMA as a Meister. Already having been trained somewhat by her parents she has exceptional skill with weapons, especially swords.

    Lex Ragnarok (open)

    Name: Lex Ragnarok

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Weapon/Meister: Meister

    Weapon Form: N/A

    Personality: Quiet, perceptive, stubborn, strong, smart, fearless, unpredictable, reliable, protective.

    Playing the Violin
    Expert in multiple Weaponry
    Master in Mixed Martial Arts
    Animal Whisperer
    Hawk Eye


    Being useless
    Failing to protect a comrade/innocent

    Bio: Cousin to Soul, the legendary scythe weapon wielded by Maka, Lex's family has always had....High expectations for him. From the age of 8 Lex was put through rigorous training to become a Meister and surpass his cousin Soul so their family could be on top. Lex didnt mind the training so much as the way his parents, his dad a Meister himself, acted. He didnt care if he was "on top" or anything, he just wanted to be strong. From a young age Lex showed considerable skill with weaponry, developing a talent for hand-to-hand combat as well.

    When Lex was 12 his dad went on a mission to investigate rumors of a Witch causing trouble nearby. His dad never came back, a few days later they found his lifeless body in an ally in the town he was suppose to investigate, there was signs of Witchcraft used on him. Lex has despised Witches ever since, thinking all of them were evil. He entered DWMA a year ago at the persistent urging of his mother, though he didnt need to be pushed, he was more than eager to show his strength and become even stronger. But his wavelength was too intense, too....Feral as they called it, for any of the weapons that year. Making him have to wait another year before he could try again for DWMA.

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  2. As the sun rose upon death city, the day was looking to be a good one already. The city was lined with people going about their business, selling their goods on the market and some just admiring how the city had been rebuilt from the battle all those years ago. But with new evil rising in the outside world, there would need to be people to stop it and today was a very special day.

    "Alright Josh'll be fine. You've been waiting for this day for a long time" Josh said to himself as he washed up in the bathroom of his residence. He quickly dressed himself wearing a dark blue shirt underneath a black jacket. He slipped on some jeans before heading to the door "today...I find a Meister" he smiled before being met with the sunlight of the morning.

    Walking through the streets and seeing how much the city had changed was a common thought to josh while also a reminder of the events those years ago. He soon found himself at the steps of the academy as he took his time walking up the steps before heading into the ball room where new students were told to report to. He headed inside amongst the crowds of people before signing his name on the board and putting on the tag labelling him as a weapon.
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  3. Jason woke up bright and early the morning of the ceremony at DWMA but it wasn't with vigor by far. Jason was always a bit of a slug in the morning which was why he had to set his alarm almost an hour ahead of the time he was supposed to get up. He slowly but surely showered, got dressed and ate breakfast. He was in the process of brushing his teeth when he realized how late he was. SHIT!! He thought to himself as he finished getting ready. He threw on his shoes and was out the door in a matter of seconds.

    As he ran through the streets heading towards the academy he smiled at the people he had known for most of his life. Normal every day folk who were content with setting up their shops early every morning, who never complained and were happy with their role in life even with the darkness that was slowly closing in on the land. Well Jason was going to change that. He loved these people dearly and he was going to protect them no matter the cost. He and his meister would find a way to destroy the madness and allow the people of death city to continue to live in their peace.

    He quickly climbed the steps to the academy and looked around quickly as he tried to remember which way it was to the ballroom. Growling he made up his mind and went left which lucky for him was the right choice. In a matter of minutes he was at the doorway to the ballroom. Sighing he quickly composed himself and opened the door and looked around "whoa...takes my breath away every time.." Shaking his head he turned his attention to the task at hand and went to sign his name into the clipboard before he would go and enter the crowd of people "time to mingle I suppose"
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  4. Seeing more and more people arrive wasn't all that much of a surprise to josh right now. Sign ups at the academy were always a big event for future weapons and Meisters alike. Josh made his way to the side of the room watching others mingle, chat and try to find partners on the same wavelength.

    Josh had always felt his abilities were not put to the right use and without a Meister in the past he couldn't do much by himself, especially when the darkness rose again and threatened death City as well as the outside world. With this opportunity he can finally put himself to use for the academy and the city he resides in.

    "Lord death you've done it again" Josh chuckled and thought to himself resting back on the wall as his eyes spotted death chatting with people as well as the faculty staff. This was going to be a long day that no doubt everyone was going to enjoy and bring on new futures for all future weapon and Meister partners.
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  5. "Oops."

    Les glanced down at his watch, not as all nearly worried as he ought to have been, considering, before looking back up at the hallway before him. The meister and weapon meeting day - or has his sister liked to call it, 'kitchen sink casserole'. Either one of the best, or worst, days of one's DWMA career. Or so she had said. But yes; Les knew all about it, and was, in fact rather excited to be here. Which was precisely why he had come early.

    But of course, sitting around had gotten boring, so he had gone off through the halls to remedy that. Which led to now, in which his watch quite pointedly showed him a time much too late for his liking. Les grinned sheepishly, as though apologizing to the statue (he was still trying to figure out exactly what it was. A gargoyle? A sheep? A demon? The illegitimate child of the three? Who could say) before taking off again in the opposite direction.

    He has glad, that this day had finally come around. One could only sit around in an empty house for so long. Especially at a time like this. One could practically cut the tension with a knife - that is, the tension of the darkness, creeping closer and closer. Of the people who held their breaths even as they acted oblivious. And everyone knows that when something under enough pressure is cut, the whiplash that results is no laughing matter. One day, it could all come crashing down. And then?

    Les skidded to a halt, now in the main hall. Truly, he wasn't so fond of such pessimism and doubt. Everything happened, after all. Mostly, he just wanted to meet everyone.

    For a moment, he stood in front of the door, catching his breath. It wouldn't do to be breathing heavy, after all. But a few seconds, and he kind of wandered in, and almost walked right past the sign-in board without noticing it. His name on the sheet, he picked up the badge, quite adamantly stating "Meister", and pinned it rather haphazardly to his shirt.

    Now, to find the refreshments.
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  6. Delynnaria looked at all the people crowding around her and squeaked slightly. She looked over at Lord Death who seemed to give her a glare to control her claustrophobic tendencies. She closed her eyes and took a long breath before exhaling and pictured herself sprawled out in the snow. She opened her eyes and felt better before they all began to bombard her with questions "Delynnaria! Are you allowed to take a Partner!" They asked again. Delynnaria looked at them all and nodded "Yes... I am.." She said slowly but that seemed to send them into a frenzy.

    It was no secret that there was something keeping the girl that spent most of her life in the academy from taking a partner. The thought of just learning that secret and the popularity around them girl drove people crazy. She was one of the people that were knew by name and appearance like the word Apple was associated with the lovely fruit. Delynnaria shook her head slightly as another question came her way "Is it true about the rumors...? I mean are you really Lord Death's daughter." One of the called out. Delynnaria couldn't help but giggle "No, I am not Lord Death's daughter. Though for all he has done for me I consider him to be a father to me.." She said as she thought back to what little she remembered of her real dad.

    She then saw more people coming and thought of just relaxing while seeing what all was happening. She escaped the crowd by promising to return later as she walked over to Lord Death. Delynnaria wasn't a short girl by any standards. She was taller than the average male at standing above 5'10". She looked up at Lord Death and before she could even speak he cut her off "My daughter? Well, Kid was enough.. I do not need another." He said with his goofy voice. Delynnaria giggled "Well, You and Stein did raise me basically... I mean I don't remember much but I remember you two specifically. That counts for something... doesn't it?" She said to him. Lord Death didn't respond for several seconds "That it does kiddo... That it does... Now, Go find someone that can handle that insane wavelength you carry within you. It wont be easy.. I hope no on gets hurt." He said while mumbling at the end.

    Delynnaria nodded to him and she pushed away from the table and walked out into the groupings of people. She gazed out across most of them with being able to see over most heads in the room. She didn't feel anything between anyone just yet. It didn't surprise her at all. Lord Death kept her from having a partner not only because of her Witch Soul but because of the witch and weapon soul combination. It made resonance with someone difficult and her own soul would over power the other instead of being in harmony. It would take someone with a soul stubborn enough to fight against Lynn's to bond with her.
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  7. As the morning went on, Josh spotted the crowds of people making a fuss over a girl in the Center. What could be up that causes that much attention ? He shrugs and pays no mind to it as he saw death and the girl talk near the front. Never had he seen so much attention around a single person but with how the girl stayed around Lord death he could see why it was happening. Lord death has a reputation to uphold as the leader of the academy as well as his own son to care for. The list goes on and on.

    Josh moved into the crowd as he moved to the refreshments table. He looked around seeing all the people chatting and seeing some discussing their soul wavelengths together. He takes a drink and leans against the nearby wall again taking occasional sips of his beverage here and there enjoying the atmosphere somewhat which caused him to smile softly with a relaxed sigh.
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  8. "Gain way!"

    In the village surrounding Death City, screams and curses could be heard as a short, white haired girl sped through the winding cobble streets on a motorbike. Nearing the DWMA, she poured on the gas and sped up the steps leading to the academy.

    "In coming!" She yelled as she sped through the crowd of students and skid into a circle. Yanking off her helmet and tossing it onto her poor, abused bike, she ran inside.

    "'Scuse me. Pardon me! Comin' through!" Rocky was obviously chipper and in a good mood as this was her second chance at choosing a partner. She tried when she first arrived but her soul was so dynamic that most couldn't keep up or burned out during resonance. This was attempt number two and she was determined to make it work.

    Running into the gym she looked around at her peers, most of which were giving her strange looks. Her long hair was unkempt and the DWMA uniform she wore was cut short to show off her obvious clan mark. A big star surrounding her naval. She had faced the hatred people felt for her clan many times and has since learned to not care. She herself was not the one who did horrible things but she felt no desire to hide her heritage. After Black*Star helped to save the world, people of the clan began to have a bit more respect, but only a bit.

    After writing her name on the board and pinning a "Meister" badge on herself she looked around. Unlike her kin, Black*Star, she was not cocky or presumptuous. She did not demand attention even though she got it anyway. Regardless she still gave happy smiles and waves to anyone who caught her eye.
  9. Jason looked over at the girl that was at the front of the room with curiosity he had heard of a girl that had been taken in by lord Death and raised by him but he had never thought that the rumor might actually be true. He didn't know what to expect from her but then again he didn't know what to expect from anyone in the room at that moment. that was until another girl come running into the room shouting at people to move.

    He looked over at her and noticed the star on her naval and sighed and covered his eyes in an exasperated way. "Oh jeez...another Black Star..that's just what this town needs.." He had nothing against Black Star. In fact he respected him for being one of the three meisters that had helped destroy the Kishin however..his crazy I'm the best at everything attitude was something he did not enjoy. Shaking his head he looked at this new girl with some interest, only time would tell if she was completely different or just as crazy as Black Star had been if not more so.
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  10. As the crowd turned towards the sounds coming from outside, Josh looked himself before seeing a White haired girl rush through the door and quickly making Her way to the sign up table. Josh let out a small chuckle seeing the swiftness yet excitement in this girl's soul. He smiled setting down his drink and decided to move over to her through the crowd.

    Josh took his time moving through the crowd of bustling people before reaching the side of the room where all students signed up at the table "quite the energetic one, miss" Josh smiles politely to her "Apologies for the suddenness as you've only just arrived here but I see you're a meister" Josh said with a smile and looking to her badge before Sticking out his hand in a friendly handshake gesture "I'm Joshua mortain. Pleased to meet you" he smiles kindly at the White haired girl.
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  11. Rocky* turned toward the sound of a voice behind and smiled. Her smiled held the openness and sincerity of a child but the readiness of a pro wrestler. She was self assure and cautious at the same time.

    "Hello there." She replied as she shifted her weight. She was definitely short but her body held nothing but toned muscle and the only fat on her body was the baby fat on her cheeks. On those cheeks was a plain white bandaid under her left eye.

    "Yeah I'm excited. It's choosing day of course. Aren't you excited?"
  12. Delynnaria looked around at all the people and began to giggle. The mass of people seemed to swarm around her again but they were all different this time. It was now that Lord Death himself stepped in to break it up at sensing Delynnaria's claustrophobic freak out was about to spill over. Delynnaria looked up at him and sighed "Thanks.. You felt it didn't you." She said to him. Lord Death didn't move his head "I did, It is obvious to me. You have the same signs as Kid. He starts to shake then he coughs up blood and then her normally passes out." Lord death said with a goofy tint in his voice.

    Delynnaria looked at her hands "Do we know where they all went... We haven't heard from them in months." Delynnaria said knowing full well she tread on a touchy topic. Lord Death shook his head "No, We do not know at all. Black Star, Maka, Soul, Tsu, Liz, Patty and of course Kid. They are all out somewhere.. They are alive no doubt." He said but she could feel the heartbreak in his voice. Delynnaria nudged him "Well, you have me around still." She said with a mischievous grin. Lord Death stared "Well... I cant possibly hug you like I did when I was a kid. That would be Embarrassing to you wouldn't it." He continued on before suddenly having a large hand materialize out of the side of the black void like body. Delynnaria's eyes went wide.

    She tried walking away subtle but the hand wrapped around her and she felt herself being hugged by him. "Now.. If you don't keep yourself together I will do it again.." He said before floating away. Delynnaria cringed at the thought "I am to young to die..." She mumbled in fear. She took a deep breath and put on a strong face. She turned around and realized that people weren't swarming her any more but were watching her from a distance. Little by little people came to talk to her but glares from Lord Death kept people from swarming around her.
  13. Josh nods and smiles "of course! It's all new for Meisters and weapons alike. Everyone should find their potential partners here" he smiles and stands beside her looking out over more and more people that moved into the room. The place was packed and that was a good thing!

    "May I ask your name ? You look like a meister that can handle any weapon she can come across" Josh smiles looking to her again. Josh knew of the star clan but after black star showed the academy what he intended to do unlike his previous clan, it showed everyone that there was more good than there was evil in the clans future. This girl being a member of that clan was a surprise though he did have to admit but he smiled and intended to show her a warm welcome.
  14. "I'm Rockelle*White. But you can call me Rock*Star or Rocky." She said with a chipper grin, rocking on her heels. When he mentioned that she could have any weapon she wanted, she felt a tad sheepish. After last year's incident of soul resonance gone wrong and practically firing her old partner across the gym, she was a tad apprehensive, but she had gotten better at suppressing herself since then.

    "Well I dunno about all that." She scratched the back of her head and chuckled. "If I can just find one good one, that's enough for me." She gave a habitual tug on the lock of hair that split her face in two. "What about you? You seem like the type to get a long with just about anyone."
  15. "Rockelle ? Lovely name" he chuckles and smiles softly rubbing the back of his head. She had a smile in her step and a great attitude too! Things were looking good for first impressions on the two. He smiles and rests on the wall as they talked more.

    As the subject of weapons came up, Josh smiled and nodded "People have called me the adaptable type of person as well as the same for my weapon too" he smiles and chuckles. "From what I'm feeling you're a powerful meister and in a way, it's what all weapons are looking for" Josh smiles kindly and looks to her again "if you'd like of course we could test how our souls resonate" he says holding out his hand "of course if you'd like to talk more before doing so that's fine too" he smiles politely still holding out his hand to her as he saw quite the potential in her as a meister and a partner.
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  16. Jason looked around slowly and sighed. He knew he should be mingking with people and trying to find a few meisters to attempt soul resonance with but he wasnt..the best at making friends since he was a little quiet at first. It wasn't to say that he didn't have friends or like to laugh and hang out with them he just always felt awkward during introductions so it mad him nervous to approach new people. He sighed again and rubbed his eyes. Great time to get cold feet he thought to himself
  17. Delynnaria finally began to look around at others when a girl came in making a decent bit of noise. The girl seemed to attract her attention as she saw another person coming over to talk to the girl. She decided to go on with it anyway. She saw Lord Death watching her and couldn't help but smirk. She didn't pay the old man any attention as she reached the grouping. She heard the boy talking about resonance already but decided to continue talking anyway. She looked at them both "Hello.. I am Delynnaria." She said to them both. She could feel the aura's pouring off them but her own seemed to be over powering them both. She blinked and sighed. Luckily she knew they couldn't feel it. "Uhm... Actually.. I don't think.. Oh, Darn." She said.
  18. Josh heard the voice behind him as he stood to the side turning around before being met by the girl everyone was creating noise over. He smiles and nods to her "hello delynnaria. I'm Joshua but just call me Josh for short" he smiles looking over her before resting back against the wall.

    "So from what I've heard in the crowds you're looking for a partner amongst all these people ?" He smiles politely to her "I was just asking Rockelle here if she was willing to be my meister" he smiles to delynnaria before looking back to rockelle
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  19. Meister, purple
    'Late late late!!!' Ki shouted mentally to herself as she sprinted up the infamously, and annoyingly, long stairs to DWMA at breakneck speed. She'd slept in thanks to her alarm deciding to keel over, on her first day of course. 'Hope Lord Death isnt angry...' Her breath was coming in short puffs as she finally made it up the stairs only to burst through the Academy doors aiming for the ballroom.

    Keeping her hand on her skater cap to keep it from flying off she skids to a stop in front of the ballroom doors. Hunched over with her hands on her knees she pants trying to catch her breath. After a minute she takes her cap off running her fingers through her purple hair before sliding it back on. After adjusting her clothes a bit she takes a deep breath 'Here goes...' opening the doors she goes to the clipboard writing her name down before entering the room filled with Meisters and Weapons along with Lord Death himself.

    Unsure of how to approach anyone she kinda drifts off to the corner, nervously fiddling with her bracelet
  20. Jason saw the new girl who was incredibly late walk in and immediately move to the corner. He swallowed hard and slowly made his way to her through the crowd mumbling apologies when he bumped someone or stepped on their foot. Before he knew it he was right in front of her.

    He swallowed hard and extended his hand out to her " names Jason I'm a weapon..I just happened to notice you when you walked in and thought I'd introduce myself. Since we'll be class mates."

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