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  1. A new year at the DWMA is starting and with that comes the pair matching among new weapons and mesiters coming the the academy. Lord Death himself is attending this year's ceremony in honor of his Granddaughter coming to the academy as a student. Inside the room the party has already started and people are moving about as more students come into the room. Music is playing and there is a lot of talking amongst groups of people.

    Delynnaria walked into the room and looked around at all the gathered people. This was the first time she was being allowed to actually attend one of these gatherings and the first time she was being allowed to actually find a meister. Lord Death looked over at her and even with that mask on she felt that he was smiling at her. She nodded slowly to Lord Death before going to the sign in sheet and signing it. She took another look around before seeing another group of new students running towards her. She looked around and sighed. Lord Death began to laugh and didn't try to help her.

    Her story at DWMA is filled with rumors as to why only now she was being allowed a mesiter. People say it was because of Lord Death but others are saying because she is different in many more ways than one. Whatever the rumors were they gave her alot of attention and most of it if not all of it was unwanted. She looked at all of the people surrounding her and sighed. She shook her head then looked back at Lord Death. Lord Death met her stare and simply turned away. Delynnaria grumbled and she sword she could hear Lord Death's chuckling.
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  2. Reaper Girl took her time arriving to the party. Why wouldn't she? Her grandfather seemed to love embarassing her in public. She loved the man dearly but one can only take being call "Snuggle Wuggle Kins" a handful of times. She glared at people who got to close to her on impulse, since she was use to frightening off kids, and snapped at anyone who asked her stupid questions like "where's the bathroom?" They should know by now. But, she did hear the whispers of admiration and envy since the students knew who she was. Even her anger towards them only made them think she was "oh so cool and badass" which she glared at the people for saying. First day here and she already had a group of annoying fans.

    Turning into the room she paused and looked around at all the kinds of meisters and weapons. She searched the crowd for her friend, the only person she actually enjoyed as company other than her family and mentors, only to get nearly knocked over by a huge group of boys. "Watch it, pea brains!" She snapped at them with a sneer.

    "Hey, youre that Shinigami kid right? Dude, look! It's the Shinigami..! But.. I thought Kid-sama had a boy..? At least it sounded like that from the rumors. All cold and badass and--" The boy said but cutoff when he realized Reaper was giving him a death glare. "Uh.. lets go..!" He said and the boys ran off.
  3. Delynnaria looked around and began to notice more people swarming all around her. She shook her head but couldn't keep from smiling. They all began to call out to her asking if they could be her meister but she simply and respectfully declined all of them. Even with that they still stayed around her waiting to see what she would do. It was then that she heard a minor commotion going on near the entrance and she saw a slightly short girl wall in. She instantly recognized her "Reaper!" She called out loudly. The group around her turned to see what she was calling out to and Lord Death as well turned and began to get into his goofy self st the entrance of his granddaughter. Delynnaria began to push her way through the group and began to make her way towards the girl. She saw a flash and Lord Death was in front of her and moving towards Reaper Girl at a slightly alarming rate.
  4. Reaper Girl dusted herself off, muttering until she heard her name called and looked up. She looked relieved at the sight of Delynnaria at first, but then her eyes widened when she saw her Grandfather rush towards her. "Oh no.." She muttered to herself and instantly took a few steps back. Turning, she rushes into a crowd. She can't let him get to her..! IT was bad enough that they thought she was badass, but then they'll think shes a total fake If she lets her grandfather call her embarrassing nicknames in public..! As if her weird obsession with anything cute wasn't bad enough! But Reaper Girl didn't get far before she tripped and fell down. She stood up, dusting herself off, and looks at her Grandfather who had no problem catching up to her. She sighs. Might as well face it with a brave face right? She smiles at Lord Death. "Hello Grandfather Death."
  5. Delynnaria continued running through the clouds when she saw Reaper Girl begin to run away. She saw Lord Death running 'Hovering' past her as directly at Reaper. She couldn't help but Giggle but she suddenly stopped her Reaper Girl Fell. She Saw Lord Death Increase his speed and she began to run faster as well. She eventually caught up and just as Reaper Girl said "Hello, GrandFather Death" Delynnaria Slammed into Lord Death's side sending him backwards a good bit.

    Delynnaria Dove on top of Reaper Girl so they would once again blend into the crowd. But with their unique hair colors they wouldn't stay hidden for long. The two lay on the ground with Delynnaria on top of Reaper Girl. Delynnaria smiled "Hey Reaper... I saw you grandfather doing a B-Line towards you.. He does the same thing to me.. Im like a Granddaughter to him as well... I just have to deal with it daily." She continued before rolling off her and onto the floor next to her. "Its been awhile! You've grown." She said then turned towards her again with a smile.
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