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  1. Post CS in here Mirai

    Name: Delynnaria Alimester
    Age: 17
    Nickname: (Once people know of her witch side) - Frost
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Weapon or Meister: Soul predominantly witch (90%) but with strong Weapon Abilities.
    Personality: Delynnaria is a observant person. She loves to find out how things work and always finds herself in trouble from doing so. She is compassionate and loving to all those around her but in any type of competition she seems to change and turn into a ruthless fighter. She suffers from mood swings and a form of Depression. Hard to keep still due to ADHD
    Due to her predominantly witch soul she reacts to the Madness levels in the world faster than others. How this effects her is very random. She may start crying or lash out suddenly with a newfound power of hers. If she is pushed and pushed she is likely in crack and snap on someone or somthing. To some it may seem like a lapse of mania but to those who know who she is they know it is because of the Madness waves.
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Weapon Forms, Can change between the two.

    History: (To Explain why..)
    Delynnaria was born a hybrid to a Weapon father and a witch mother. She grew up with her mother and father for four years before an event occurred within the family. Her father fled from her mother with her.....

    13 Years ago...

    Steinman stood outside the gate of Death city and waited patiently for the contact to arrive. He looked out into the distance and sighed 'So much for this...' he said and was about to turn to go back into the city. Far in the distance the cry of a child echoed across the expanse. Steinman turned suddenly and narrowed his eyes. The form of a staggering man in the distance could be seen carrying a young child. The man put the child down before falling to his knees in the sand. Steinman yelled out "Alexander!" as he began to run the distance between them.

    When Steinman reached Alexander it was evident that he had been through a fight of some sort. His body was cut up and he had dried blood covering many of the cuts not bleeding. The young girl next to him seemed unaware of what was going on as she balled her eyes out. Steinman looked at the child and felt the disturbance within the girls soul. He could see she was far from normal and that her soul was different from any he had seen yet. Alexander looked up at him as he labored to breath "Take her.. Keep her from her mother... Adraste will have the witch's looking for her! She used me as a god damned experiment! Shes crazy, but brilliant.... Please.. hide Delynnaria.. Death will understand.." he trailed off with his last breaths as he accomplished his final task. Delynnaria clung to her fathers side as she cried as if sensing what was happening to her father.

    Steinman stared at the Limp form of Alexander before taking a deep breath 'So... This is her..' He thought to himself as he took out a radio. "Alexander was the contact.. Death would want to see this.." He said into the radio as the girl ran over and clung to his Leg. He knelt down and looked into the little girls eyes. Her eyes were a Emerald green but he felt a cold radiating from her. "Alexander is dead.. Get a team out here to collect his body.." He said before picking the child up and heading back into the city.

    Steinman quickly made his way to the death room and walked into the large empty expanse of the room. During the trip to the academy itself Delynnaria had fallen asleep in Steinman's arms. Death could be seen standing in the center in front of his large mirror. Sensing the two souls enter he turned but not because they were there but because child's soul "So... Its been done hasn't it.." Death said suddenly. Steinman nodded "Alexander confirmed it before he passed.. Her name is Delynnaria and.. Sir.. Shes a witch." He said to Death. Death nodded "She is a Weapon and a witch Stein... No doubt.". Stein nodded slowly "He said the witch Adraste is looking for her.. And that the other witch's will be looking as well..". Death turned and looked into his large mirror "If that is so.. she will be kept here at the academy... Her soul is different but no one will understand until the day comes that she realizes who she truly is. She is a Weapon and will be treated like one... Fairly like all the others." He said and steinman nodded before leaving with the child. Lord death called out "No one will know of this.."

    Habits: Playing with her hair, Tapping her feet, Humming music, Looking around aimlessly,
    Powers: (Will make as they come active. The first will be early in the Rp. She is snow Based.)

    Heal: Using her hands she has the ability to use her ice magic to heal those that may be wounded.

    1st- Ice Storm- While moving her steps turn into ice leaving a trail around her. Using these markers she can create a funnel effect like an area of effect weapon. Within this area the wind picks up and begins to drop rapidly in tempature making the water vapor in the air turn into shards of ice.

    Animal taken after: Snow Leopard.
    Talents: Very Methodical, Strategic, Plays the guitar, Humorous and a very good singer. Can use soul projection to force her Soul wavelength on others. (Due to her having a 90% witch soul it pushes a pulse of her souls natural madness wave into them.)
    Likes: Music, The Company of others, Feeling wanted, The Cold, Winter Time, Trying new things, Being complimented, Cats, Singing, People and Cooking.
    Dislikes: The Summer, The Heat, Being Rejected, Being Alone, Being Confined, Being Insulted and Dogs.

    Partner already found! Using this to post Cs's.
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  2. [​IMG]


    Reaper Girl
    Reaper, but only friends call her that.
    Weapon or Meister:
    She's very quiet and prefers either being by herself or with whoever her weapon partner is. She always has a harsh look in her facial features which makes it difficult for her to make friends. When angred, depending on what the other person does she will either give them a cold shoulder or all out attack them. She has a dark aura and personality to her, but whoever ends up being either her friend or weapon partner has gained someone who will be amazingly loyal until the end. She has a secret soft spot for anything sugary, cute, or small animals.

    Inside, she keeps it well hidden, but she has large amounts of madness in her soul. if shes under a lot of stress, she lets her madness slip in temper tantroms where she destroys anything she can. When in battle, if she needs to, she can release her madness to make her attacks far more powerful, especcially if she has a partner that can resonate with the madness part of her soul. She makes no effort in trying to get rid of her madness. In fact, she loves the power it gives her. She just tries not to let the madness consume her and instead she tries to consume and control it.

    When she's quiet or thinking, she frowns without realizing it. In fact, she frowns almost all the time. When she's impatient she drums her fingers or bounces her knee. Though she wont admit it, she has an obsession with making things look cute and balanced. She'll never admit her obsession though.
    She is amazingly talented on the violin, cello, and piano. She enjoys playing and when she is, it is almost the only time her features will soften and she begins looking approachable. Another talent of hers is she's an amazing actoress and has a great poker face. She has trained in martial arts almost all her life and even travels to compatitions when she can.
    The quiet
    The dark


    Loud people
    Being told what to do and when
    People who try to make her look weak
    People making fun of how short she is
    Overly happy people
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