Soul Eater craving [1x1] [FxM]

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  1. Soul Eater craving [1x1] [FxM]

    I have a massive craving for a Soul Eater roleplay. It's so bad I
    find myself googling through the night to find this. I've tried to
    create a whole RP for this, but it's moving slowly (thought we have
    new members!). I hope I can get it filled. I actually even have a
    story idea behind this, and in this one case I am not open to change
    on the story ( I know, I suck) but it's been a story I've wanted for
    a few years and having waited that long I hope someone, somewhere
    might take an interest.

    China Mark was not the best Miester. Her parents had been good,
    mother even making it to the status of DeathScyth. A weapon for death
    himself. Her father had dropped out shortly after his partnership
    with her mother had ended, though there were rumors that he'd been
    able to synch with any weapon. Even the most difficult to handle were
    done easily by him. Which did nothing to explain why China herself
    had so many issues.

    China was repeating her last year at the academy. For the third
    time. It had reached the point that if she didn't past this time, she
    would be expelled. It was no credit to her plight that she was
    rumored to b toe a 'princess' and difficult handle even at the best
    of times. She couldn't manage to synch with a single weapon, using
    most of them causing her massive headaches or even wounds. But Death
    had a final plan, and he would call China and one of the other
    students to his office. Two people he thought might be able to handle
    each other. The princess and the rouge who was not going to be

    ”Character picture of China” (open)


    Story break down:

    Yes, the male who plays with me is going to play the weapon. I
    don't care what type of weapon you play, that's all up to you. You
    can pick you appearance and everything else. The end goal to this
    story is going to be that China eventually learns to use your
    character as a weapon on a plot that I will reveal through the play
    of the story as I NPC Death and the bad guys we will be up against.

    I'm hoping for this to have some story behind it, so yes, smut
    will make it's appearance, but I expect a lot of story to happen
    before the pair get that far.

    This is also something I'd like to play on a chatzy, which saves
    old posts a lot like a thread and can even be pasted out in public so
    others can watch. Main reason for this is I can log on to forums at
    home, but not on my phone, chatzy, however, I can post to from
    anywhere and provide you with /much/ faster responses. If you'd like
    to play send me a PM. And please, be up to date with the Soul Eater
    terms and have watched a few episodes of the show for feel.
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