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  1. Izuru ...
    Shibusen Demon Weapon | Front Lobby

    The young male was on the very top of the steps for some while now. A crowd was behold to him, but he had been here long before the crowd had arrived. His dull red eyes surveyed the people talking to each other, or still searching... He stood out like a sore thumb; formally dressed with a black suit and tie, rather tall, and having oddly long black hair for a male. He supposed that was why so many people were avoiding him, they didn't quite want to speak such an oddity as him. No one had even walked within three feet of him, so he had been standing, still as a statue for several hours.

    Hana Yukimura
    Shibusen Demon Weapon | Stairs

    "HO. LEE. CRAAPPP." She panted, crawling up the steps. Why the hell were there so many? The picture made it seem like a hop, skip, and a jump! Curse you dimensions and angles! She was so going to be late... She'd have to come back the next day for a partner at this rate! Seven thirty in the morning and they expect people to wake up at five thirty in the morning just to be on time... Crazy... Crazy... Insane...
  2. Hotaru | Meister | Front Lobby

    Quick-stepping in a bit tardy that day, Hotaru's eyes darted amongst the mingling crowd, hoping that she wasn't too late with finding a partner. She fiddled with the lavender sweater she wore, trying to not worry herself over the way she looked. Everyone was dressed in relatively casual attire and, they all seemed rather default to her. The wall seemed to beckon to her as she had lost herself in thought, leaning up against the support. "Oh.." she sighed in curiosity, finding herself with knitted eyebrows over an impressively dressed individual. "Nice tux," Hotaru had said after making her way over to the male. A small nod came about her head and a small smile tugged at her lips, "I'm Hotaru, a meister," she stated, sticking a firm hand out in front of him to shake.
  3. Kaito Harashima | Front Lobby

    Kaito had spent all night playing games, so it was normal for him to fall asleep only he drank a lot of coffee. Feeling calm, he casually walks around looking for potential partners. Walking over to a girl wearing a lavender sweater and a guy wearing a tux " I don't believe we have met before" smiling a wide grin " I'm Kaito" apparently he just noticed he interrupted their conversation. "nice tux bro" remarking the guy's tux.
  4. Luca Baum | Weapon | Front Lobby

    Luca sat by the stairs, legs crossed, eyes half open in a sleepy daze as she watched the surrounding people mingle with one another. The young german had stayed up the past night reading and memorizing the map of this crazy pile of multi-cultural buildings that was called Death City. Because of this, she decided at four in the morning to not dress up, and instead wear her usual long loose-fitted black top and dark jeans. It would be best if her partner first met her in her most natural state after all, that is if she even finds one. As she realized this oh-so-positive thought, her mind drifted off to wondering if her partner would think she was a guy, as well. Not that it mattered much, but still, the fact that she considered herself even the slightest bit concerned about that worried her. It wasn't her fault that her frame was much too similar to that of a male's, so why be bothered about it?
  5. Izuru ...
    Shibusen Demon Weapon | Front Lobby

    Izuru was hardly surprised with the arrival of two people greeting him. He appeared eerily unphased from suddenly being met with people after hours of standing and doing nothing. His red gaze passed from one, to the other, leaving them both in a moment of silence before bowing.
    "Izuru. Salutations to you both and wishing to be of acquaintance." He spoke in a formal tone, before returning to his position, making the moment all the more awkward.
    "Are you both, perhaps, meisters?" Even his questions sounded as bland as tap water.

    Hana Yukimura
    Shibusen Demon Weapon | Front Lobby

    The girl was dripping with sweat as her hand hit the cobblestone lobby floor, her panting like a dying dog.
    "I... Have finally... Made... It..." She coughed, taking a rest as her body laid sprawled across three steps. She was as good as art as she was as poor at atheltics. She looked up, seeing almost everyone paired up. Oh thank Death she still has a chance!
  6. Hotaru | Meister | Front Lobby

    "Oh, hello, it's nice to meet you," smiled the red head, deciding that a friendly wave to the new face would suffice. She wondered if either of the boys in front of her were weapons or meisters like herself. Just as this thought passed her mind, the more quiet male in front of her had popped the question, "I'm a meister," she says, smiling once more and slipping her hands into the back pockets of her washed out denim jeans. "What about you?" Hotaru asks, looking over at the other person in the semi-circle.
  7. Alexei Stukov | Meister | Front Lobby

    Alexei was ascending the stairs, hands jammed in his pockets as he ascended the unnecessarily long flight of stairs. Couldn't have installed an escalator or, Death forbid, an elevator. No, had to go with the old fashioned 'climb this long flight of stairs to prove your determination to reach the top' or some nonsense like that. All he knew was that today was when a new batch of Weapons and Meisters would be meeting up, partners would be made, and school would begin for a new generation of the two. Hopefully he would be able to find a partner, or the trip over here from Russia would have been for naught. He still had the accent, far less intense than it once was, but that had taken some speech classes so his English was as good as his Russian was. He wasn't even dressed to impress, a torn up old shirt, the goggles still looped around his neck, and suspender slacks. Hope they weren't sticklers on appearances.

    Either way, once he reached the top of the stairs past the one all but passed out on them, he sat down and linked his hands behind his head, happening right next to some, well, either really feminine looking guy, or she was really unfortunate in how she got her looks. Either way, he introduced himself, the accent still very clear despite his better efforts. "Mornin', see quite a few folks made it up the steps in one piece, wouldn't you agree?"
  8. "I'm a weapon" responding rather dully as his eyes start to close. Dang I need more cofee . "I'm a armblade" Transforming in his weapon form to show two blades that had straps which were meant for the hands.
  9. Ellen Hirsch | Weapon | Front Lobby

    Ellen rushed into the lobby, sucking on a lollipop. She hoped to catch the eye of a potential partners with her brightly colored, pink sweater covered in sparkly strawberries. She was happy to see so many people. She was bound to find a meister here! She walked around for a while, talking to everyone she could. Unfortunately, no one she could get her hands on seemed interesting. Forlorned, she stuck her hands in her shorts' pocket. Spotting a girl in a lavender sweater talk to a bunch of others, Ellen decided maybe she could cheer herself up with their shared fashion scene. "Hi, my name's Ellen! I like your sweater!"
  10. Darrus Vlunder | Weapon | Front Lobby

    Darrus ran up the long flight of stairs to the academy, screaming internally at himself how much of an idiot he was. How in the hell did his little sister wake up earlier than him when she had been the one to stay up late reading dumb books about socializing for pete's sake!? And now he was late for the first day because he just had to get her coffee. Darrus continuously chastised himself as he ran up the stairs almost three at a time, thinking how bad it would look for him to meet people all sweaty in the nice clothes he wore. When he reached the top, he nearly tripped over a girl sprawled on the top three steps who was panting as hard, if not harder, than he was at the moment. He blinked, leaning on the edge of his toes as to not fall on top of her, holding his coffee cup up and away from her to lessen any damage that could happen, though a few drops of the scalding hot liquid fell on her already. "Ay wey!" He exclaimed in spanish, "I am sorry, ma'am! I didn't see you! Oh boy!" Darrus immediately put the cup down and dug around in his pockets for a napkin or anything to wipe away the coffee drops on the other girl. Not being successful in his search, he extended a hand to help her up. "I am so so sorry! I should've been watching where I was going instead of...ah jeez" Darrus had a slight spanish accent if someone listened well when he talked, which probably gave away his origins though he didn't care at the moment. All he did was shake his head at his own clumsiness. What a way to introduce yourself to the first person you see, huh, Darrus? He thought to himself, combing his long hair back, right before he saw his sister walk up already yelling at him. Oh great.

    Renee "Ren" Vlunder | Meister | Front Lobby

    A young girl stood among the crowd, her green eyes scanning around with forced energy. Ren looked and felt tired as all hell as she had stayed up late the night before studying on how to be social and make friends on the first day of classes. The young meister desperately wished she had picked up some coffee on her way there, as she had been one of the first students to arrive. Now she stood in the crowd of mingling, nervous students, trying to make friends without any luck. She thought of how easily her brother could make friends and felt envious of his talents, as per usual. Where is he anyway? Jeez..couldn't even wake up early.. She thought silently.

    As she continued walking through the crowd, she spotted him offering a hand to a girl who lay sprawled across the last three steps leading to the academy. So he's finally getting a partner! I guess he got rid of the stupid idea of being partners huh? Good! Now I can look for a partner without feeling guilty! But first, maybe I should make sure I'm right.. And with that thought, she approached her brother and the girl with a friendly smile towards the girl. "Hello there! Are you okay? Darrus! What did you do??"
  11. John Charon I Meister I Front Lobby

    With his hands in his pockets, John started to walk up the insanely large set of stairs to the academy. He did enjoy the view while walking up there. Though, the heat is a bit hotter than what he is used compared to back at home. The walk up there wasn't as hard for him as for some of the other students John saw when he was heading up the stairs. He did feel bad for the poor souls. It isn't really that easy of a task to do, especially for someone who isn't used to such things. All he could do really for them is say a few words of encouragement. A smile appeared on his face when he saw that it worked for the ones that heard him. After waving at them and wishing them good luck on the rest of the stairs, John started jogging up the stairs. The energy he felt is a bit too much for something like the set of stairs to beat him. He was too excited to start the day anyways.

    John reached the top of the stairs fairly quickly; with quite the amount of energy left as well. He saw the crowd of people and couldn't help but grin at the sight of it. Today's the day! John spoke to himself before heading into the crowd. He better start socializing and getting to know people around here. Just smile and make a good first impression, Johnny boy. You can do this. It is just like the beginning of Highschool all over again! John said some words to himself to boost his confidence so he wouldn't really feel as nervous.
  12. Sebastian | Meister | Front Lobby

    "This architecture is bullshit." He stated astutely as he climbed up the last step of the obnoxious stairs. Pausing at the top, he looked back before raising a middle finger to the steps. He didn't know who designed the layout of the academy but he hated them. Dusting his pants off, he looked around at the gathered crowd and buried his hands in his pockets for their safety.

    'Idle hands are the devil's playground.' He recounted the line his grandmother would say to him whenever he got caught stealing something - which was quite rare. Shuffling through the crowd, he did his best to not stand out, though his fiery orange hair and eyepatch awarded him quite a few stares. 'Just keep movin' on.' Scratching the back of his head, he took a pause when he realized he didn't know where to go. Looking around with a sigh, he rubbed his face rolling his eye, carelessly flopping down on the ground.

    Sitting silently, he scratched at the ground. He didn't know where the hell to go, so he'd just follow the crowd whenever they moved. That would, of course, be the only logical course of action.
  13. Asphyx

    Around the time when Asphyx was starting to have difficulty seeing the ugly sun due to the number of people gathering around the lobby, she raised herself with a big stretch. She was sitting there for a fair while, though she wasn't really one of the first to reach the Academy. It wasn't because of oversleeping, but rather due to taking her time walking up the stairs. As embarrassing it is for her to admit, she was looking forward to the life of being a student that she had gone to bed early, and thanks to her strict mother's training she usually had trouble sleeping for more than seven hours a day.

    The stretching took her black hoodie down, revealing her face to the others. If they caught her face in their line of vision, they would have seen her condescending look clearly etched to her otherwise-likable face. Her hair was well-brushed and the hair clips of matching amber of her eyes were holding her fringe at bay. She knew the majority of the people here were older than her as she heard the age requirement of becoming a student, but her height was not something anyone can overlook. It is probably difficult to top a girl who reached six-foot-seven even if they were older than her.

    Asphyx did not bother looking around; she had her targets already marked in her mind. The time spent sitting, veiled by her hood as black as a popular carbonized drink with lime and tangerine highlights, had built her heckler-meter to max.

    With confident steps she approached the group that had just arrived and panting at the stairs, her thigh-length skirt swaying with each step of her sneakered and socked feet. In some ways the crowd parted as she progressed, though that could have just been her imagination. Regardless, her gaze was on the exhausted and those who were nearby and had started up a conversation to them like a bird of prey waiting for a chance to go for the kill.

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  14. Luca Baum | Weapon | Front Lobby

    Luca opened her eyes a bit more to the sound of a Russian-accent, her brain processing the fact that somebody was talking to her, and then moving on to what they actually said. Needless to say, it did take her about twelve seconds before she responded. "Mmhmm, these people seem to at least have some stamina in them, considering what time it is." The young german cringed inwardly at her own voice. While she did try and practice English, her accent was still very noticable, but luckily not strong enough to make her second language incomprehensible. Looking up, she noticed that she was not the only one who didn't dress up nice today. Though she only looked for about the span of half a second before looking back down at her fingers, she didn't need to give him a reason to be rude.
  15. Alexei Stukov | Meister | Front Lobby

    Alexei smiled easily at the German accented young woman he had fallen into conversation with. The glance that was afforded to him by the young lady got an amused chuckle out of the Russian, since it seemed neither of them had bothered to dress up all nice and pretty for the first day of school. Her accent also afforded the comfort that he was also not the only person here that did not speak English as a native language. Good to know, since that meant he would not be the only one out of place, that much was for indeed certain, and he would mention as much as he relaxed, not moving from his original position as he had arrived, all sorts of relaxed. "Well, good to hear I am not only one who is not speaking English as first language, da? Name is Alexei Stukov, a pleasure to meet you." He would at least introduce himself, be polite, all that fun business that was considered necessary in how folks interacted.
  16. Izuru ...
    Shibusen Demon Weapon | Front Lobby

    Izuru stared at the two blades that were once a young man with bizzare hair.
    "Interesting that you can split your mental functions to two different blades, though that would be a little inconvienent to change directly into your weapon form mid-conversation." He commented, raising his hand.
    "Example." With a quick action of a shine and morph, only his sleeved hand turned into the dark blade he could change into. His hand changed back in an instant, "My name is Izuru, my last name has been lost."
    "So miss Hotaru," He looked back at her, "Would you like to partner with me?" He had his hand out, as if positioned for a formal handshake.

    Hana Yukimura
    Shibusen Demon Weapon | Front Lobby

    Hana was almost there to composing herself, until she felt several droplets of hot liquid on her.
    "AAYYYEEEEE!" She squealed at the top of her lungs, though her reaction was a little delayed. Turning and looking at the male who had spilled coffee on her, who was offering a hand in apology. She let out a breath of relief and grabbed his hand, being pulled up easily.
    "Sorry sorry... I really should have moved..." She did the signature Japanese 'apology bow' on the stable lobby floor. She then got up, looking at the rather similar looking male and female.
    "Hey... Are you related?" She asked, pointing between the two.
  17. Hotaru | Meister | Front Lobby

    Hotaru was definitely a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people talking, though in reality, it was only three people. "Ah, hello," she smiles and waves to yet another new face. The compliment towards her sweater gave a small blush across the apples of her cheeks, "Oh thank you," Hotaru nods before having her attention caught once more, by the encounter between the two males.

    Her interest had been peaked by the shape in which Izuru had taken, even if it were a mere part of his body. The question that had broken the focus of her stare on the shiny blade in front of her. Hotaru took the hand in front of her and shook it firmly, a determined and sly grin on her face, showing a bit of teeth. "Yeah," she nods once more, shaking hands with Izuru once more, "Yeah, I'd like that,"
  18. Luca Baum | Weapon | Front Lobby

    Luca smiled, actually it was more like a small uplift in her facial expression that most people didn't bother to notice. It was nice to know that the young man standing beside her didn't mind her accent, or the way she dressed. "Yeah, that's very reassuring. My name's Luca Baum, nice to meet you too." Suddenly something clicked in her mind, was this guy a weapon or meister? Deciding to voice her opinion, the young german asked as politely as she could. "Ah, out of curiosity are you a weapon or meister?"
  19. Ellen Hirsch | Weapon | Front Lobby

    Ellen's eye's lit up. Maybe she had finally found someone to be friends with. They may not be partners but friends are always great. She was about to say something else when she spotted a very tall figure out of the corner of her eye. A new friend! Turning to greet this new person, Ellen gave them a wide smile and a wave. Her long braid bounced with her

    "Hi there! My name's Ellen. I'm a weapon. I like sweaters and sparkles. Nice to meet you!" Ellen said, bouncing on the balls of her feet. She extended a hand to the very tall person. "What's your name?"
  20. Darrus & Renee Vlunder | Weapon & Meister | Front Lobby

    Darrus' golden eyes widened as the other girl bowed in apology. Ren smacked his arm softly, mouthing at him to apologize again, in which Darrus jumped a bit and shook his hands at the girl. "Oh gosh!! Ma'am it's completely my fault I should've watched where I was going! Perdóname. Forgive me." "Yes, forgive him indeed. He's a huge clutz" Ren said reassuringly.Darrus then bent down to pick up the coffee cup he'd brought and looked at his sister, who was smiling at the girl reassuringly. "Ah Ren, I just spilled a tiny bit of coffee on her, so I don't think it's all gone. This is for you." Darrus gave Ren the coffee before turning back to the girl, offering a bright smile. Ren silently rejoiced in being given the coffee, drinking some of it immediately.

    When the girl asked them if they were related, Darrus smiled sheepishly this time, running a hand through his hair. "Ah, yeah. We are. I'm Darrus, and this is Renee, or Ren, my little sister." "Sadly, we're siblings indeed." Ren sighed and shrugged. Darrus then pat Ren's head, who simmered at the action, making him chuckle. Ren moved away from the hand and smoothed the hair he ruffled up, sipping her coffee again as Darrus continued. "We're actually partners too. I'm a weapon, she's a meister." "Well...we're thinking about being partners. We're open to looking, right Darrus?" She looked up at her brother with a hard look, who matched her gaze with a stern look. The two siblings glared at each other, a silent mental battle between the two. It was Ren who seemingly lost after almost a minute, as she broke her stare and sighed, smiling politely at the poor girl who had to witness their silent battle. "Sorry, we're being rude. So what's your name? Looking for a weapon or a meister?"
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