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    Welcome to the Soul Eater Roleplay!
    I guarentee a fun experience to all of my members!


    Welcome to Shibusen! We hope you survive the experience!

    All about Shibusen

    Before Shibusen & Founding
    Eight hundred years ago, the kishin, Asura defected from the legendary Eight Warlocks cause and started consuming innocent human souls and even three of his comrades. After succeeding in becoming a Kishin, he and Death fought to a gruesome end. Pushed to the brink, Death skinned Asura alive and used it as a seal to kept his madness locked away from the world. The process however, also anchored Death to what would later be known as "Death City", now unable to leave the area in which Asura is sealed. He then founded the academy.

    Death City
    (Also referred to as Death Vegas)
    • Appearance
      From a distance, Death City appears dark and gloomy, like a pile of numerous identical buildings with white walls and red roofs in the middle of the deserts of Nevada. While the buildings resemble those of European origin from the 1800's, from within, the city is actually rather lively, rich in atmosphere and culture.
      The cobbled streets are long and winding and often maze-like, with lots of stairs, twists and turns. The occasional Shinigami mask structure is shown above the buildings. Right at the top of the 'pile' of buildings is the Death Weapon Meister Academy. A single long highway leads out of the city. Unlike the real world, The Sun and The Moon that appear over the city (and in the rest of the world in fact) have faces and can usually be seen grinning or chuckling. Although invisible to most, Shinigami's soul is seen surrounding the city like a forcefield. Overall, it is a strange-looking city. However, it is also the place where many of the main characters call their home.
      Businesses in Death City tend to have supernatural themes, including a cabaret club called Chupa<3Cabra's, a reference to the supernatural creature of the same name. Most businesses have the word 'Death' incorporated in them, such as Deathbucks Coffee, the parody of the real coffee shop, Starbucks. They also have their own newspaper, known as the Death Times. Maybe businesses offer part-time work for Shibusen students in need of money. It can be assumed that many of Death City's inhabitants are Shibusen students. They are quite famous among the locals living in the city.

      Locations in Death City are as follows:
      Death Bucks (Parody on Starbucks) [Hires students]
      Death Robins (Parody on Baskin Robins) [Hires students]
      Uncle Bob's Rumba Coffee
      Deathsteraunt [Hires students]
      Additional Cafes and Restaurants [Hires students]
      Death Shipping Delivery Service [Hires students]
      Death Records [Hires students]
      Drugstore [Hires students]
      Flower Shop [Hires students]
      Basketball Court
      Pool [Hires students]
      Death Pain Square
      Death Festival Arenas
      Square of Liberty
    Shibusen (Schooling)


    Shibusen, while being that of a military organization, also functions as its own seperate school with a unique system. Part of the academy's purpose is to teach and supervise young meisters and demon weapons to prevent the uprising of another kishin.

    Shibusen serves a multitude of purposes. It exists to teach individuals from when they're young, as well as supervise them, to ensure the prevention of another Kishin rising, an individual who excretes a Madness Wavelength at a godly level. and maintain world order. In addition, it is to teach Demon Weapons to control their power in an effort to prevent their power from accidentally hurting others as well as for them to properly integrate into society.

    In the Academy, there is but one curriculum, because of the incident that happened 17 years ago.

    The EAT Class
    The curriculum, standing for Especially Advantaged Talent, which is the curriculum that involves the student to use their power to fight against evil. The last 10% of the student body make up and follow this curriculum.

    In recent years, Shibusen decided to divide both Curriculum's classes into advanced, or normal, based on the student's preformance in a little test on their first day.
    This test is meant to divide those who need work, out of those who can excell. It's a simple preformance test.
    Once the meister has chosen a partner, they're taken to the fitness room, where everyone lines up and shows off their skills.
    If their skills are good, and can do excellent in battle, they'll be placed in advanced classes; it's a nonbiased system Sid Barret runs.
    If both succeed, both go to the class.
    If both fail, they're stuck in a normal class, it being harder to raise in the ranks, people are normally 1 Stars for good in this class.
    If one fails and the other succeeds, a simple Soul Resonance (See below) test is conducted to see how evenly their soul wavelengths mingle.

    There seems to be some sort of age requirement for joining Shibusen, though special exceptions may arise, and youthful children could be allowed in. It seems that the those even in middle school in grade are eligible to join Shibusen. Individuals even as young as twelve years old may join the academy normally.

    The students meet outside the school in front of the doors, and do their partner choosing there. They have limited time.
    In addition, the student, if they have difficulty picking a Weapon or Meister, can visit various social events are held such as a "Feeling Partner" game to further assist them in finding a partner.

    Housing and Living Expenses
    While not in lessons, students live either in rented apartments or school dormitories (first year students are required to stay in dormitories as part of their joining the school). Each student receives a "weekly allowance" of $200. However, if for some reason, they spend all of it, they will not be able to get any more money until the next week. Because of the large amount of students that end up penniless, many shops in Death City cater for students wanting to work part-time to earn money.

    Death City has various part-time job shifts available for students, especially those who have spent all their weekly allowances from Shibusen. Jobs offered to Shibusen students are paid by the day due to the high job demand of penniless students seeking employment. Students seeking part-time work must submit an employment form to Shibusen.
    Jobs include waitress at Deathbucks Cafe, delivery at Death Shipping, cleaning the city's community pool, and working at other positions at Death Records, Restaurant Munehisa, and drugstores.

    Shibusen is an academy in which has no set uniform. However, there are a variety of preset uniforms one can choose from, and one can match any top with any bottom. While a student within the academy can select the uniforms and switch around match to their liking, they're also allowed to wear their own clothes. Students have additional uniforms specific to certain tasks, whether related to schooling, such as for physical education classes, dojo training, and extracurricular work at the Reception, or related to military missions. Students working in Reception wear dark knee-length pants, light-colored high-length socks and light-colored shoes, checkerboard vests with ties held by skull brooches, and pill hats. These Reception vests also include skull-shaped belts on the back to provide a slimmer figure and curves to female employees. Dojo uniforms include a gii with dark pants, shoes if desired, and headbands if desired with skull logos. Physical education uniforms are similar for both male and female students. Students wear sleeveless shirts and gym shorts, with a zipped-up warm-up jacket featuring a skull logo on the breast and on the jacket's back.

    Stage Names
    In addition, Shibusen is a rather special school in that students may actually change their names upon entering into a stage name. Once a student has changed their name, they are stuck with the same name for a minimum of two years.

    Staff and Faculty


    Not much is known about the job and responsibilities of the headmaster, though it can be assumed the headmaster has the highest ranking in the schooling system. The headmaster seems to be the one to determine If someone can take Remedial Classess and supervises the students within the EAT Class and their progress. He also advises the teachers on the various lessons/courses for the EAT Class to take.
    In addition, the Headmaster is able to make exceptions when needed and assign missions to students. He's even able to be contacted freely If needed by a student by calling "42-42-564" on a mirror and get status updates from the students themselves and/or if a student wishes to ask him something. He can also be contacted in the Death Room.

    In the academy, it seems that all individuals who teach classes, especially those who teach within the EAT Curriculum, are known as three-star meisters/weapons and are highly ranked. They're responsible for teaching the class the subject in question and have a variety of responsibilities.
    Teachers seem to have a responsibility of taking attendances though may skip doing so. However, when taking attendance, there's also a grade in which they can input depending on how a student behaves (their "Evaluation"). The lowest grade for this is "E", in which means "Evil". They're also responsible for teaching the class and are able to do so however they see fit. However, when urged by the headmaster, they abide by his wishes.
    Teachers are allowed to formally discipline the students, whether it be physical or giving them a chore to do.
    Currently, these are the teachers/supervisors of Shibusen:
    Soul Evans DS HRW
    Maka Albarn HRM
    Franken Stein HRM
    Sid Barret HRM
    Marie Mjolnir HRW DS
    Mira Naigus HRW
    ( HRW = High Ranking Weapon HRM = High Ranking Meister DS = Death Scythe)

    Other Staff Faculty
    There's other various jobs in the school, inculuding the Receptionist, who gives out quests to students, individuals who gives out food during lunch, the academy's interim nurse and doctors, and Dorm Superintendent.
    The people a part of this group are as follows:
    Misery - Dorm Superintendent
    Clarissa - Receptionist
    Mira Naigus - Nurse
    Franken Stein - Doctor
    Librarian - Librarian
    Lunch Servers - Lunch Servers

    Per being a school, there's various rules to the school:
    If two meisters are dueling on school grounds, at least one of the faculty members must be present to witness.
    Taking souls not on Shinigami's List is forbidden.
    Taking too many souls is forbidden.
    Keep an eye on your pet, especially the supernatural ones.
    Rule #118: In the event of an emergency, students are allowed to walk into the Death Room without permission.


    EAT Class

    Students and staff members that also participate/involved in various in E.A.T course curriculum are ranked in a one to three star system. Demon Weapons are ranked alongside their Meisters. One-Star and Two-Stars is the ranking in which the students are able to receive. Three-Stars are the highest ranking and associated with with professors who teach the E.A.T curriculum classes such as Sid Barret.
    There's an addition special ranking for Death Scythes and select high ranking members. One ranking that's unique is the Death's Family rank, which only select members of Death's family can possess. They are seen as a sort of "VIP" and can access information equal to that of a Death Scythe.

    Top-Ranking Students
    The E.A.T class has a known ranking in which some student's exemplary skills are renown throughout Shibusen, whether it be academically or physically. Most students whom are physically known as some of the best in Shibusen are not only known throughout the academy but are also popular among the school.

    In the academy, there are various classes students partake in the Shibusen.

    Soul Studies
    The class lessons are based around on the subject of 'Soul Studies' as knowledge of souls are important for the students.

    Battle Arts
    In addition to Soul Studies, lessons can pertain to that of battle, such as lesson on Soul Wavelength Synchronization. Lessons pertaining to battle and fighting are called Battle Arts.

    Among other courses is Gym, in which focuses on enhancing the physicality of a individual. It is more intense then that of a regular gym.

    Other Courses
    Many other lessons are taught in classes such as science and lessons pertaining to history.

    Remedial Class
    Remedial Classes are lessons in which failing students take If in an event, they've have not collected any souls and/or haven't complete their quests. These lessons seem to be orchestrated by the Headmaster and some of the staff.

    All about the Witch Order


    The organization of witches who meet secretly in another realm. They scorn Shibusen and seek for it's downfall.

    Much like the DWMA, the Witch Order exists to establish order for the Witches to prevent potential extinction at the hands of enemies such as the Kishin and the DWMA. During the Witch Trial, Witches within the order are not allowed to side with the DWMA or have intimate relationships with death weapons. Punishments for these crimes range easily to the death sentence. Because of the nature of witches, they are sentenced to death multiple times. Crimes such as stealing the eye of Maba and escaping custody ranges to 500 death sentences. For immortals, however, they receive executions.
    It seems that the older witches are individuals who hold deep hatred for the DWMA and do not allow the younger generation the chance of attempting to coexist.

    All about the Kishin

    Kishins are beings created as the final result of consuming an unimaginable amount of pure souls.
    The process of becoming a kishin seems to revolve around the over-hunting and consumption of pure human souls. Only Demon Weapons, however, can consume souls, requiring meisters to find a way in harnessing the Demon Weapon's capability as their own. Those who undergo this process lose their sanity in their progress.
    It's also very well possible that depending on a person's traits and characteristics, those who become a Kishin embody their own type of madness.

    Madness itself refers to the spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns, also taking the form of a force, able to influence an individual in a plethora of ways mentally or even physically.

    Every being in the world of has a bit of Madness within them, however small that it might be, within the souls. Due to the nature of the Madness Wavelength, those who emit a particular type of Madness can sway the Madness within an individual. In addition, Madness itself is contagious and is able to spread itself through even the world. Madness itself, if left unchecked, can take a hold of even the general populace of the entire world, possibly arousing the evil within an individual or boosting its hold over them

    Types of Madness

    The story so far...
    15 years have passed since the death of the first Kishin.
    The academy's acceptance of students were cut off during this time.
    The new Shinigami soon allowed it once more, though secretly inviting more students to attend the academy based on their rumored skills.
    The new children are coming this morning...
    Though unaware of the danger that looms both afar, but within...

    Species: (Either Human or Demon Weapon)
    Nationality: (Shibusen students come from everywhere, so you can be as broad as you want!)
    Appearance: (Preferably anime, please!)

    Follow these rules. If you decide to play asshole and cause too much trouble, you're out.

    No, you absolutely cannot be...
    Related to Shinigami
    Related to a witch
    Be an animal
    Be an alien
    Be an anthromorph
    Pretty much anything besides human or a demon weapon, you can't be.

    You can, but only with permission...
    Have a strong unique ability
    Have more than one weapon/meister
    Have a pet (Supernatural or not, just ask me!)
    Be an age exception (Though you can only be as young as 8.)
    Any questions? Just ask me, I don't bite!

    These traits should NOT apply to your character...
    100% immune to Madness
    Unable to be injured
    Can't die
    Being over 18 years (The academy invited an age group of 11 to 18, so be in that area and you're fine.)
    Be some crazy weapon (No tanks. No super lasers, or any of the sort. Weapons are only able to be to the size you can wield in your hand.)
    Be able to connect almost instantly (Unless you're related, you're bound to have some hiccups, considering everyone's new.)
    Be a two or three star (EVERYONE is a one star to start off.)

    What is NOT okay while rping...
    Godmod (If you don't know what this is, I don't know what to tell you.)
    Short sentences (We have a minimum of 4 COMPLETE sentences per post, unless you have nearly nothing much to post. Be fair and try to chalk up to that much. This rule applies to everyone.)

    What is NOT okay in the Skype Group chat/ OOC...
    Bossing others around
    Leaving people out of conversations (If it's something that should be between only a select few people, either make your own chat and settle it there, or take it to private chat/ PM. EVERY conversation in the chat, everyone is included, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. NO LEAVING OUT ANYONE. ACKNOWLEDGE EVERYONE'S EXISTENCE.)
    Spamming (Especially while others are talking. It doesn't matter how excited you are, don't do it.)
    Being an overall dick
    Bring IC matters to OOC/OOC matters to IC. No, just no.

    What is NOT okay while rping...
    Godmod (If you don't know what this is, I don't know what to tell you.)
    Short sentences (We have a minimum of 4 COMPLETE sentences per post, unless you have nearly nothing much to post. Be fair and try to chalk up to that much. This rule applies to everyone.)
    Metagaming. This is so annoying... Don't apply OOC knowledge to IC, please. Keep it fair. And if I tell you to stop once, I expect you to never do it again.

    Ellen Hirsch (Played by Dragon Rebellion)
    Hana Yukimura (Played by LibratheScales)
    Izuru ??? (Played by LibratheScales)
    Kaito Harashima (Played by Maximus)
    Luca Baum (Played by Raven Haruka)

    Alexei Stukov (Played by Rax Rosetta)
    Hotaru (Played by slyredx)
    John Charon (Played by Kobal)
    Sebastian Devraux (Played by Jageroux)
    Asphyx (Played by Uuko)
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