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To start im a nub so lets just get that out the way. but you can role play an existing character or a new one just set your description up the same as i have. Then we can come up with the story bases i have a few ideas but once we have some more characters we can brainstorm.

Okami Jigoku
Homunculus:· Werewolf heart
· Vampire blood
· Eye of Ra
· Calefact dragon scale skin
Bio: After experimentation Dr. Stein creates a body for a homunculus at Lord Deaths request to house the soul of a hellhound for a new tech. With the doctors mad tendencies he pieced the body together to be nearly indestructible. First skin made up of Calefact dragon scales able to withstand intense heat and even rivals the solidity of Coronas black blood. Second is the heart of a werewolf for increased senses and physical abilities. Next is vampire's blood for regeneration and eternal life. Lastly an artifact locked away in a secret room found under the pyramid of Anubis ruble, the eye of Ra giving the wielder the power to copy and adapt its opponent's abilities.
Weapons: Katana
· Maou Chi
Bio: A sword forged by with the blood of Satan from when he fell to earth after being cast out of heaven within its blade and its scabbard is crafted with every seal known to mankind to suppress the evil wile seethed.
· Muramasa
Bio: Muramasa Sengo was a most skillful smith but a violent and ill-balanced mind verging on madness that was supposed to have passed into his blades. Popularly believed to hunger for blood and to impel their warrior to commit murder or suicide.
· Kogitsune Maru
Bio: Blacksmith Munechika helped by a fox spirit, forging the blade.
Artifact: Eye of Ra
Ok, so do we need to pick one of the above Homunculi and weapon, or come up with our own? Also, I assume this is based off the anime/manga, correct?
Ok, The name caught my attention.
But this is a bit vague, which makes it a bit hard to pic a character to use.

Could you share a bit of your ideas, So there is something to work from.

and another question, Most of my existing character bio's are a bit more in depth than what you have up... Would it really be an issue if I just left them they way they are.
I'm a big Soul Eater fan (if that wasn't already obvious) and I have so many characters for Soul Eater...mainly because I'm a part of a Soul Eater Rp site where we use our own OCs and make up mini plots in the SE universe. So yes, I'm going to join. But I feel that you need more information on this for a better rp.