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  1. I'm looking for someone to roleplay with me. People interested in Soul Eater would most likely understand/get a long with my character the best but those who don't know what Soul Eater is are still welcomed!
  2. Hi sorren I'm also looking for an rp partner and although I am not an expert I do love soul eater especially death and maka they're my favorites. How are you?
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  3. Hi, Alice. I'm glad to hear that you too are looking for a partner and love Soul Eater. My personal favorites would be Stein and, of course, Maka, just like you. I am well, though going through my first semester at school. Ah, school... and your large campuses.. *rubs my aching feet tenderly* So, would you be interested in rping with me? I have a male and female character for Soul Eater, just so you know.... Let you feel a bit more comfortable with two options.
  4. I would love to join a soul eater rp too! If, of course, you want more than one rp at a time.
  5. I'm sure we can work something out. Would you two like to rp with each other or do a rp separately with me? Either way is fine on my behalf. We could even just start the rp here if need be. ^^
  6. I don't mind either way. ^_^ I've only gotten about half way through the series of soul eater so far, but really enjoy the world it is set in.
  7. Same here you decide sorren i just want to write
  8. Soul Eater *o* Can I join .-. It's OK if you don't want me to ^^"
  9. hey can i join im new but if you dont want me to i get it
  10. same here when you're tortured its like being able to hide who you actually are
  11. Seems like there are a lot of people interested. Why not do this as a fandom RP?
  12. That's a great idea AngelLass. Everyone is free to join as long as you keep things appropriate and flowing. I'll see what I can do about creating the fandom rping forum for us all. I'll post a link once I've established it. Until then, feel free to chat amongst each other here ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.